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As a newbie Doctor Who fan over the last few months, I found this article to be a really good guide:­

3 points from the article:
1. "Doctor Who is closing in on its 50th anniversary in just a few years." According to Wikipedia, that'll be 11/23/2013 if you want to start planning now, Crystal :-)
2. "By some weird coincidence, the Doctor looks like one of us, despite being from the planet Gallifrey." I liked that Matt Smith pointed out that Time Lords came first, so technically we humans look like them.
3. "The Doctor can 'die' and be reborn with a new face, up to 12 times, before he runs out of bodies. So he has two bodies left, after his current incarnation." Seriously? I can't imagine they'll stick to this...

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Time Lord can regenerate up to 13 times (What about the Master? How many times has he???). Which brings us to 11 regenerations ( the Doctor isn't exactly sure how many times he has regenerated). So, what happens after final 13th?

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I know you guys are down South but anyone going up North to http://www.chicagotar...­
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Thanks for the post, Robert! As a fellow newbie, I learned something new! :) -- Melissa
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I actually have question about the regenerate 13 times thing. I remember that being said in the movie with Paul McGann, but my husband who's watched the show much longer doesn't remember there being a number given before that. They've ignored the part from the Paul McGann movie where he said he was half human on his mother's side, maybe they can ignore the number too? I dunno. it's late and I could be remembering things wrong. it happens all the time this time of day
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The first story line about regenerating


Time Lords also have the ability to regenerate their bodies when their current body is mortally wounded. This process results in their body undergoing a transformation, gaining a new physical form.

Regenerations can be traumatic events. In Castrovalva,[48] the Doctor requires the use of a Zero Room, a chamber shielded from the outside universe that provides an area of calm for him to recuperate. He comments that there is an excellent polygonal zero room beneath the junior senate block on Gallifrey. The Time Lord's personality also sometimes goes through a period of instability following a regeneration.[25]

It was first stated in The Deadly Assassin[34] that a Time Lord can regenerate twelve times before dying (thirteen incarnations in all). There were exceptions to this rule, however: when the Master reached the end of his regenerative cycle, he took possession of the body of another person to continue living. The Master was also offered a new cycle of regenerations by the High Council to save the Doctor from the Death Zone, which may indicate that there are methods to circumvent the 12 regeneration limit. The Master says in "The Sound of Drums" that the Time Lords "resurrected" him to fight in the Time War, which appears to support this. It was revealed in "The Brain of Morbius" that the Time Lords also use the Elixir of Life in extreme cases, where regeneration is not possible. This may be the reason for additional regeneration cycles being granted.

... I think if they need to extent the Doctor life they will just like when Spock died... In Star Trek 3 aka Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - Nothing in Sci-Fi is final, Comics or even Fantasy. tongue
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I just watched Destiny of the Daleks (Baker). Romana, the Doctors companion and another Time Lord choose to regenerate without having been mortally wounded or sick. She came out four different times in four different bodies. She even said the arms were a little long and she could take them in.

Even more unusual, the body she choose was a copy of Princess Astra, who was a character in The Armageddon Factor, which was the previous 6 part story.


Maybe it's a girl thing.
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I think that when crunch time comes (hopefully not for a long while as the Eleventh Doctor is one of my favorites), they'll bust a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey (because hopefully Steven Moffat will last longer than JNT) and do some Time War snaz (after all, the Time Lords did give the Master another full set of regenerations) and we'll be like "What? 13 more Doctors? Woohoo! Century anniversary here we go!"

Or something. It's what I'd do.

(And as for Romana, K'anpo/Cho'je projected a future version of himself which could interact with himself--not the same as Multi-Doctor meetings, either--so perhaps Romana was doing that?)
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LOL nice try Mira , but now Romana did infact regenerate 3 times in that episode. The actual producer has even stated that i think on the actual DVD. As for the time war I've read alot of articles from Doctor Who magazine and from Big Finish Magazine (the company that does the audios in case the new fans don't know) they said that the time war is such a broad subject that they don't want to dwelve into it and leave it to the imagination thats probably why Davies only skimmed a bit of it in " the End of Time" both are subjects i could debate about it for hours on end but in all honesty i say leave it to the imagination makes it interesting :-) !
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