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Richard M.
user 12843267
Group Organizer
Leybourne, GB
Hi All,

A belated Happy New Year to you.

We had a break from meetings over the freezing, gloomy Xmas/Jan period and I am now looking at where Drupal Kent is to go next after ticking along for almost a year.

Many of you have joined and yet not attended (around 2/3rd's have not attended one meetup) and I am sending this shout out to promote a conversation amongst us all about how we can get more of us to attend meetings, after it's the name of the game!

We have a respectable number of members at 26 yet getting a critical mass to attend each meeting has proved tricky.

Kent brings has it's own logistical reasons for this of course, however, my aim for 2013 is to increase the number of regulars attending up from 3-4 (or sometimes 1!) up to around 10.

I asking for your help and feedback on how we might do this, after all, this group is the sum of it's members, I just started it. :-)

Some thoughts and questions:

  • Lot of you have joined and not attended, why? Maybe something needs to change?
    Reason for not attending? If you have joined yet not attended and why?
  • Location. I originally picked Maidstone as a location as it's central in the county. I am not sure there is a better alternative that would suit us all bearing in mind we are spread all over Kent.
    What are your thoughts on the general location? Is Maidstone an issue in you attending?
  • Venue. I picked the venue as it is in the town centre, pretty quiet and accessible by public transport. Is access by public transport a requirement? If not then it opens up the scope to hotels by motorways etc. which maybe more suitable and easier for parking. Personally I would prefer not to be in town centre.
    What do you all think of venue and accessibility requirements? Will you drive or not?
  • Format. For me, the social/networking aspect is the reason I started the group. It's a way for Drupal folk (or those just curious) to meet and chat, something which is a key facet of Drupal in general.
    What do you want from the meetings? Informal chat, presentations, food, beer, whatever! etc.
  • Timings and date. Pretty arbitrary but I think no more than once a month but maybe bi-monthly. Week nights is the only real option I suspect but this has it's issues wrt getting home, dinner etc.
    Are dates, times and frquency good for you or not?

If you all feed back on the above, it'll be really helpful to see where we go next.

The next meeting is scheduled for the first tuesday in the month 5th March and I will be sending an invite separately for this. Before this I'm going to promote the meetings some too.

I would love to get Drupal Kent up and running properly this year but it needs more of us to attend meetings to really kick it off properly.

I look forward to your thoughts,


Rob R.
London, GB
Post #: 4
I tried to respond to the email but it wouldn't let me - only group organisers can post to that address.

I am one of the few that promised to attend but didn't. My only reasons are family and work commitments and last minute changes of plan. The joys of being self employed!

I do still want to attend a meetup and soon. I'm based in Kent (currently near Bluewater but selling up) and gradually getting more Drupal work so it makes sense!
Richard M.
user 12843267
Group Organizer
Leybourne, GB
Post #: 3
Thanks for the feedback Rob, apologies for delay in replying, I didn't see post till just now! Need to spend a little time playing with meetup account notification settings mewthinks!
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