Virtual Reality is about to get real, so lets meetup and get inspired

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  • The general idea is to get together a group of VR enthusiasts to share ideas, demo stuff we've been working on and show the world how awesome VR will be. We are currently talking to- and meeting with developers who'd like to contribute by demoing, so let us know if you have something to show as well!

    Besides the demo's there will be more stuff on the agenda, like a big brainstorm session and various inspirational speakers to talk about the impact and future of VR. We'll make sure to fold some Google cardboard headsets as well (



    More developers think the meetup is an awesome idea and opportunity to inspire each other! These are the guys:

    Tim from archivision is the creator of the famous templecoaster and is very enthusiastic about the meetup and demoing their cool stuff! Hopefully the guys from archivision will bring a DK2 as well.

    Sander explores the thin line between the virtual and the physical world.

    Alle is an artist who translates his art into virtual reality.

    Ruben is experimenting with various input methods for the Durovis Dive. Check out his work here: 


    Update 1
    The following developers are looking forward to show you guys what they're working on:

    Johan is working on a calorie burning fitness game and will help us lose some extra pounds at the meetup.

    Nick from the UK is so enthusiastic he's willing to travel to Amsterdam and join us and show us his incredible Studio Ghibli VR demos, thanks Nick!

    Wim is looking into the Durovis Dive, developing a 3D builder and a viewer and hopes to be able to share this with us at the meetup.

    Samir is working on virtual interiors using 360 photos and videos, so you can virtually visit houses available on the market and get an impression as a potential buyer.

    If you want to know more about any of these demo's don't hesitate to open a discussion at the group discussion page and start asking questions!

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  • Daan Kortenbach

    "Your order has been checked out for shipping and will be shipped in the next batch. We'll send you a notification once it's shipped."
    Lets hope it will arrive before august 1st.

    11m ago

  • Darius

    FYI .. At this time I am doing the Dutch translation of the newest DK2 ready build of Titans of Space. Drash will soon release this new, completely revised and enhanced version to the public.

    2 · Yesterday

    • Jordi Bruin

      Do you know if the demo itself has been changed besides them adding the obvious (higher res and positional tracking)?

      5h ago

  • Pascal Serrarens

    Wow, things are really taking off today!

    Just to add to the fun: I will be bringing at least 2 demos with me which show my work on controlling avatars:
    - The grocery store: move around in the store, move and grab objects with Rift and Hydra.
    - Caterham: drive around in a Caterham with DK1 and positional head tracking. Uses Hydra for positional tracking. So when those DK2's are not present (I really hope they will be) you can still experience positional head tracking.
    Looking forward to your feeback!

    2 · Yesterday

    • Jordi Bruin

      Very interested in the grocery store demo!

      1 · 5h ago

  • Cy Gorman

    Hey Guys, Just tuning in again. I'm shooting a little doco with content from developers, artists and businesses internationally that are focused on VR developments. I'm based in Melbourne and tight with the VR crew there and the doco footage i put together back home will go into a little puff piece on who's who and doing what in Aus/Europe coming out 2015. So, if you have some info about yourself and are interested in being interviewed if you can refine what your angle and interest is about, even have some dot points for you to refer to, we are sure to get your interest and message across, of course we can include your website details etc.. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 1st in A'dam. Best, Cy

    3 · Yesterday

    • Cy Gorman

      ok to shoot general footage of the get together?


    • daankip

      I think it won't be a problem (at all), but let me check with the location just to be sure. Could you send me a mail to [masked] so i can get back to you?


  • Jordi Bruin

    Triple IT is er ook bij en met een beetje mazzel nemen we drie DK2's mee! Wij zijn op zoek naar ontwikkelaars die toepassingen willen maken voor grote voetbalclubs, en hopelijk kunnen we wat dingen showen die we voor de KNVB hebben gemaakt!

    Tot dan!


    • Adriaan Wormgoor

      Klinkt cool Jordi, benieuwd naar wat je kunt laten zien

      1 · Yesterday

    • daankip

      Ok goed nieuws, ben benieuwd!

      1 · Yesterday

  • Joris Maas

    I am looking forward for this VR meetup!

    2 · June 30

    • daankip

      Haha good to hear! Me too!

      2 · June 30

    • Joris Maas

      Hopefully I can manage to get the oculus properly work on my Dell XPS laptop (I also want to bring the rift and laptop with me since there is a lot to learn about VR, I noticed). Probably some driver or HDMI problem :-(


  • johanpruys

    Ha ha... I found a way to join the conversation. today I created the website WWW.PORCOGRANDE.NL
    I hope everybody will take a close look at the video's, so they won't get lost when doing the first test run :)
    (creating your own game and beta testing is a little bit of a contradiction). Anybody who played Astroids or Propcycle should fly straight to Porco Cinne.

    1 · Yesterday

  • Sebastiaan Holman

    Looking forward to it! [^_^]

    1 · 3 days ago

    • Ruben van der Leun

      Preaching to the choir here, but I'm really excited as well, and hoping this'll become a regular thing. I've only been able to really experience VR with the Durovis Dive, and am really looking forward to see what cool stuff you guys can demo with the Oculus.

      2 · 2 days ago

    • Pascal Verloop

      We'll make sure to keep you busy :)

      2 days ago

  • Darius

    I can confirm I will bring along two DK1's with Razer Hydra and XBOX controllers. One of them will be used to showcase the mini VR PC from ThibaultVdb. If my DK2 arrives before the 1st of august I will bring it along as well but that is small chance. Looking forward to seeing you all.

    3 · 3 days ago

  • Ayden

    Great initiative! Looking forward to this :)

    1 · July 17

  • Darius

    Hi Daan, is it okay to bring our own devices (laptop+DK1) to the meeting?

    1 · July 16

    • Pascal Verloop

      Hi Darius, you're very much invited to bring your own gear. We'll try and make enough room for everyone to play around :) See you in two weeks! Thanks, Pascal

      1 · July 16

    • daankip

      Yes! Like pascal said, everyone is much encouraged to bring their own gear even if you dont really plan on using it :p

      July 16

  • Ruben van der Leun

    I posted about this on my twitter, and got a few remarks about the location being a secret for people not on Are we allowed to disclose the location, or would you rather have them join via meetup?

    1 · July 16

    • daankip

      Hi ruben, you can disclose the location to others, but please encourage them to RSVP on the meetup event as well, since i need to have an indication of how many people will join the event

      July 16

  • VJ


    1 · July 9

  • Raynold

    Looking forward as well, VR is the future!

    2 · July 2

  • Riftopia

    Maybe we should invite the Frebble guys (Amsterdam-based haptic feedback device)? Kickstarter is here:­

    June 26

    • Wim Barelds

      I think haptic feedback is super important. However frebble looks to have an extremely narrow purpose that is almost entirely irrelevant for VR. Still, if they are interested in VR- it would be awesome to have them as experts in haptic feedback

      June 26

    • Patrick Hogenboom

      Yep, let's have a chat and shake hands :p

      June 27

  • Patrick

    Finally a vr meetup thats not 500 miles from my home!

    June 23

  • Itamar Naamani

    Won't be there, but I hope to see you all next time!

    June 13

  • Aerjen

    Looking forward to attending these once I get back to the Netherlands. Have fun everyone!

    June 10

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  • daankip
    Event Host
  • Ronald van der Lingen

    Android developer working on Augmented Reality at Layar.

  • ThibaultVd­B +1

    I'm Thibault, studying IT in Belgium, and I'm selling mini VR computers (to be able to afford my... more

  • Richard Rustenburg­ +1

    i am an animator currently working on a 5 min short using cinema 4D. Looking forward to... more

  • Lars Steenhoff

    Game designer

  • Gert-Jan Brok

    Owner of Fantazm, a game studio from Den Bosch. Chairman of Dutch Unity Usergroup. Using VR in... more

  • Floris van Eck

    ★ Futurist, Entrepreneur & Maker. Passionate about #imaging visualarts #visualculture­ #cyborgs... more

  • Martijn Müller

    Editor-in-chie­f Game Press International,­ video game specialist & VR enthusiast!

  • Jordi Bruin +2

    Ik werk bij Triple IT o.a. aan Virtual Reality oplossingen in de sport en kunst wereld.

  • Moos +1

    Vr-enthousiast­ since 1995

  • Puzlar +1

    Beginner on Sound Design.

  • Sebastiaan­ Holman

    37 year old professional software developer, going in to VR development.

  • masterweb

    Web, 3D and VR developer based in Amsterdam and Alkmaar.

  • Jeroen T

    Currently working for Mycom. I'm very interested in VR and how it wil be sold to the big public.

  • Douwe Jan

    interactive artist poet, festival organizer. e

  • maui

  • Ayden +1

    Hey, I'm an entrepreneur and multimedia designer, I've been a VR enthusiast since childhood and... more

  • Avinash Changa +2

    Avinash Changa. Entrepreneur, Digital Producer. Owner of and Chocolate... more

  • Tim +1

    A short bio

  • Bram Joosten

    Web dev & VR enthousiast

  • Cy Gorman

    photographer/v­ideographer/mu­sicproducer/ar­tisticdirector­/creativeprodu­cer/audiovisua­ldesigner/bio.­.. more

  • Sander Kuitert

    I'm a software engineering graduate looking for an inspiring job. Passionate for VR before its... more

  • Joeri van der Velden

    Game and Media Technology student at the Utrecht University, specializing in VR games. Early... more

  • Daan Kortenbach­

    CTO @ Forsite Media. Working on VR App Store and Road to VR.

  • Pieter Jan Glerum +1

    Working at a company which is specialized in combining big data with creative concepts to make... more

  • VJ

    3Dmaniac, Digital Prototyping,

  • Neutrino

    VR enthusiast , Team captain of a software maintenance departement, .net and IOS developer

  • Lennart

    Producer Infostrada Interactive

  • Pascal Serrarens

    Developer of VR software components. Current focus in on creating interactive avatars using... more

  • Johannes

    Architecture, Virtual Reality, Gaming, New Technologies

  • Daan Buwalda

    I am co-owner of Wizkunde with a great passion for online marketing

  • robin

    I'm a c and c++ pogrammer with lots of knowledge/expe­rience about/with Linux and networking... more

  • Raynold

    VR enthousiast and game developer

  • Joris Maas

    I am a photographer that makes 360 degrees panorama's. I want to learn how to make virtual... more

  • Adriaan Wormgoor

    Interaction designer and creative coder from Rotterdam.

  • Martijn van Loon

    programming student at IGAD in Breda. Very excited and interested in and for developing and... more

  • Michael Andersen

    Architect/Anal­ist/Developer interested in new technology

  • Wim Koomen

    Working as a developer on 3D visualisation,­ motion tracking and VR products.

  • Khannea Suntzu

    I am Khannea.

  • Mark Bergwerff +1

    Sound designer for theatre. Want to make music and sound design for games.

  • Raoul Metselaar

    I'm a VR enthusiast looking to develop simple DIY VR peripherals for the community. Currently... more

  • Sander van Rossen

    I'm an Indie Game Developer. Mostly known for mobile games such as Zombie Gunship and Gunship X,... more

  • Israël Jamlean

    I am a software developer working with a small team on B2B VR solutions.

  • Luis Francisco Oliveira +1

    I'm a VR enthusiast and developer, Portuguese, and I'm working in the Netherlands in developing... more

  • Patrick

    A vr enthousiast since the days of Dactyl Nightmare. Recently started with UE4.

  • Ruben van der Leun

    All-around developer by day, aspiring indie game designer by night. Very enthusiastic about VR... more

  • Patrick Hogenboom

    Unity developer, VR enthusiast, coder, currently working on an art garden with dynamic 3d... more

  • Martijn Gasman


  • Louis Smit

    Msc student AI

  • Kim Lewis


  • Andrew Mayorov +1

    Software developer, architect. Originally from Yaroslavl, Russia, now leaves and codes in Amsterdam.

  • Darius

    I'm a VR evangelist, writer, (lucid) dreamer, digital art lover, cyberpunker. In my younger... more

  • Dick Verweij

    Hi, I'am Dick Verweiij from AFAS Software. I'm a Software Architect and Mobile Developer.... more

  • zanne +1

    I'm a computeranimat­or, currently exploring Java, R and JavaScript. I'm building a game for... more

  • Tim Moelard +1

    Senior Programmer @ ArchiVision in the Netherlands. We are true VR enthusiasts and believe that... more

  • Rense VanderHoek­

    Developer, moved from AR to VR. Rift(s) owner.

  • Paul Rysiavets

    Backend Developer, PS4/Morpheus Enthusiast

  • johanpruys­

    An independent developer. for VR. http://vrfo...­

  • Beer van der Drift

    A Dutch Computer Science student at the TU Delft. A VR enthausiast en developer. Developed a... more

  • Samir L. Boulema

    Software developer tinkering away with the Oculus

  • Pascal Verloop +1

    Agile Coach at Dialogues Technology, focused on IT & Innovation

  • Wim Barelds

    I'm a student, gamer and softwaredevelo­per. Over the past years I've mainly played RPG and FPS... more

  • Riftopia

    Neuroscientist­, Japanologist & VR enthusiast. Interested and involved in using VR as a powerful... more

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  • Martijn

    VR enthusiast and professional gamer.

  • Benjamin de Jager

    Nerd at Q42, involved in the web, mobile, games, vr, hardware, software. Anything that sparks my... more

  • Dennis van der Pool

    Interests: Computers, Virtual/Augmen­ted Reality, Crowdfunding, 3D Printing, Robotics, Space... more

  • Yorick van Vliet

    Game developer and VR enthusiast. Creator of "Don't let go!" finalist in the 2013 VR Jam.

  • Gerald Terveen

    Virtual Reality Unity developer

  • Nick Pittom

    Totoro and Spirited Away VR demos - Fire Panda LTD. Currently working on Cowboy Bebop... more

  • Itamar Naamani

    Film and animation professional. Experimenting with the Rift for cultural and educational projects.

  • Aerjen

    Researcher, psychologist and game designer.

  • Olaf Achthoven

    C++ developer, that left the VR world some years ago.

  • Varvino

    21 year old student, full name is Tom Graafmans.

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