Apache/Mongrel configuration

From: Jon S.
Sent on: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 9:41 AM

Is anyone here a Linux/Apache/Mongrel setup guru with a little time?  I’m moving away from Windows (as much as I can; my clients all use Windows) and so decided to setup a Linux machine on my office network to provide an internal Rails server environment for an application that I want available on all my machines. In addition, I have to use Linux to support a hosted Rails website so I figured this was a good learning opportunity.  I now have Kubuntu 7.04, Samba, Apache 2.2, Mongrel, Ruby, Rails (1.2.6), subversion, and Capistrano up and running, but can’t quite connect the pieces so it’s recently turned into a hair-pulling opportunity.


The main problem is that I cannot get Apache to connect to the Mongrel cluster that I defined… (application name is edplist).


From the Linux box:

http://edplist è”Forbidden… don’t have access to “/”

http://edplist:9000 è my Rails application


From one of my Windows boxes:

http://edplist è Apache2 default site

http://edplist:9000 è “Can’t establish a connection”


(obviously there are also some Samba? Issues, but I can get to that later…)


I started off following the ariejan.net script – quite good (http://ariejan.net/2007/06/20/rails-production-server-setup-and-deployment-on-ubuntudebian/) and I have recently been reviewing Coda Hale’s excellent article (http://blog.codahale.com/2006/06/19/time-for-a-grown-up-server-rails-mongrel-apache-capistrano-and-you/ )


Unfortunately, Coda’s approach requires a complete restructuring of the apache config files and I’m loathe to start up a whole new approach when I have to believe that I’m only one or two config changes away from a working system.


I won’t post all my config files and potentially clutter up the group – I can do that separately as needed; if anyone has some time and can offer some help, I would greatly appreciate it!


Oh… and if anyone has 4 sticks of 256MB PC100 or PC133 memory available, I’d love to get my hands on them: a friend has offered me a Mac Tower (G3) to setup as a server and all I need now is the RAM.


Thanks very much…jon

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