Janice Smylie, P.


EFT Practitioner & Trainer


Calgary, AB

Organizer since:

November 27, 2011

Have you used EFT before? If so, how did you learn about EFT?

I was living in England thirteen years ago when I found EFT. EFT is simple to learn, and it's so easy to use that it was hard for me to believe the amazing effects it brought into my life. I had been seriously damaged in an auto accident at age 28, hit by a drunk driver. Multiple broken bones & 3 yrs. of physio. I healed and I could walk. Depression developed after 11 years of chronic pain. My life was challenging on a daily basis. Finding EFT was a 'life changing' event for me! I lived for 19 years with chronic pain. So when EFT cleared core issues for me, lifting both the pain AND the depression, it seemed unreal - like magic. It couldn't be true, but it was. EFT came, like the wind of change thirteen years ago, and I have never looked back. Sometimes we forget to use our natural healing resources, but EFT is an amazing healing tool which YOU can direct for yourself. I love sharing it. Come see what EFT can do for you.

Being mindful of your privacy, can you share with the Meetup group what you hope to gain through using EFT?

EFT is now being used around the world. I've attended four conferences with Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. EFT is simple to learn - it's how you use it that gets results! I'm able to show you how to use Tapping to connect really effectively with the way you naturally think. Out of all the training I have (including NLP) I've found that the left brain (logical, practical, analytical) likes and cooperates well, with Tapping. Releasing the impact of your painful stories frees you! EFT consistently has brought my clients their best, fastest results! I LOVE EFT - Ready to make an easy change into a happier life, on your own? Come to a Building Happiness Habits workshop! See how easy it is!

Are you more interested in a "How To Use EFT" Evening Class, a Weekly EFT tapping group, or a Weekend Workshop for Mastering EFT?

In this world of 'too busy', full schedules, and Stressed to Overwhelmed - Do you tell yourself - Who has time to attend classes? (Classes are a gift you give yourself!) You might be one of the people who plans to do something happy, creative, or wonderful for yourself – ‘One Day’! Maybe in reality, your plans for yourself keeps sliding to the bottom of a list that never reaches reward for you? If that sounds like you, you'll soon be able to access both Tapping and inner support for you. It's 15 to 20 minutes every day that will reach both your conscious and subconscious minds - building new neural pathways – getting you into alignment for happier days! Releasing resistance and unhappily unresolved issues - while building your internal resources - creates living your best and happiest life. Look for classes or workshops to suit your schedule. If you have questions... please feel welcome to call or email me! [masked]

Which weekday evening or evenings would be most convenient for you to attend a class or workshop? For a weekend program is Saturday or Sunday most convenient?

I regularly change the content of Tapping classes that I offer, so stay a part of the group if you'd like to keep up with what is being offered.

EFT can resolve issues. When you clear your internal ‘static’ (stress, weight, and physical or emotional pain) you'll feel lighter and happier. What issues or topics would you like to see offered for tapping?

EFT CAN TURN OFF PAIN SIGNALS - even for chronic issues like Arthritis or degenerative disc disease. I am happy to work with Senior/Senior's Centres. I worked with Seniors at the Gwinnett County Senior's Centre in Atlanta, GA. when I lived there. The baby boomer generation are active as we are coming into retirement age - and some are dealing with aches and pains! EFT helps people creatively and proactively move toward better health, happiness and well-being.


Hi! I'm an EFT Trainer and Practitioner (12 yrs!). I love how EFT gets great results! Freedom from the past, physical pain, emotional challenges, old programming, getting happy or achieving your dreams - using EFT effectively can change your life!

What Janice Smylie, P. is saying about this Meetup Group

In Kathleen’s LEFT knee replacement operation, her Dr. hit a spinal nerve in epidural, turning on RIGHT leg pain. The pain, a sharp "10" when anything touched her skin from Rt knee to toes! After Q&A, 10 minutes of tapping turned this pain off. But, Kathleen felt disappointed! Why? Kathleen hoped the LEFT knee replacement would stop a longstanding fiery LEFT knee/calf pain, but it hadn't. We tapped through 'story' details/ fears of the operation. We tapped while visualizing cooling water (using L & R brain hemispheres). In 15 minutes we turned off a pain that had been present for five years. Neither of these pains returned. - This is common with tapping! Your body usually responds cooperatively for your well-being in reducing/turning off pain. - Said recently of 'Intro to EFT' Classes: "It was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion." – I do love EFT! “Thanks for kind words! I'm trained in many modalities... I just LOVE meridian tapping rapid results, best!”

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