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Any interest in a January hike?

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Heya, Just to let you know, Erin and I are definitely going to be joining you. We'll keep our eyes open for you guys at the mall! see you then!
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I am also for sure joining on sunday i will be in a purple sunfire covered in stickers i will watch for the rest of you guys. i am very excited about this walk i cannot wait.
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I'm hoping to be there too. Looking forward to meeting everyone! I'll be driving a blue Yaris.
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i'll be in a grey jeep grand cherokee with california plates
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A small update. My son's girlfriend is joining us. Because this is her first hike, I don't want to scare her off too much [an easier one in January means longer ones in June!] so here is our planned route.

We are going to do the Shoreline Trail, south of Astotin Lake. Putting in at Sandy Beach, we look to pick up the trail possibly as far as the south tip of Long Island. From there we'll either return along the trail or cut onto the lake [this is dependent upon ice conditions]. Estimated length is 7KM.

A bit wimpy I know but then I consider this to be a tune up hike for my son and I. Also, multiply winter trials by a factor of 1.5 means the distance will feel like ~10KM. If we get back early, we may check out the Amisk Wuche trail across the road [2.5KM round trip].

If you want to try something a bit more beefy, Moss Lake looks interesting but at 13KM would be too much for a first time hiker [and definitely an old one like me as well]. At any rate, you can decide when we meet up Saturday AM.

The weather forecast has improved/deteriorated in the last couple of days (warmer but with the chance of snow/rain); so that may be the determining factor for our hike length at any rate.

See you tomorrow!
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Sorry guys, I'm not going to be able to make it afterall. My realtor has some showings set up for me. Hope you have a good time!
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Date: 07-Jan-2007
Starting Point: Sandy Beach Road
Weather Cool (~ -3C), moderate south wind
Route: Sandy Beach [1115h] > Elk Island > Long Island > Return [1500h] 5.7 KM
Map Ref.: Environment Canada; Elk Island National Park; 1:35,000

This was a nice half day walk as a tune up for summer and a way to burn up those Christmas Calories. The group was Heather, Brian (Not a Brick), myself and son.

We followed the #10, Shoreline Trail along the south side of Lake Astotin until reaching the Isthmus of Elk Island. We walked unto the island and then cross the lake directly to Long Island. We lunched on the south point of Long Island and then walked due south, across the lake, and picked up the trail again walking directly out.

Distance was ~5.7KM giving an average rested speed of ~ 1.5KM/h. The trail itself was snow packed. Snow depth off trail ranged from 18 to 24 inches and was soft and granular.

Lessons learned:
a. 1.5KM/h, rested pace is a reasonable estimated speed for a group more interested in enjoying the walk then the distance.
b. 15KM would be an absolute upper limit for a day hiking distance assuming similar snow conditions, a faster pace and an earlier start.
c. Snow shoes would have been of marginal benefit due to the snow pack and the general wind swept nature of the lake.

Wildlife spotted: 1 porcupine (feeding/salting on side of the road), 1 elk on the lake itself spotted at a distance of about 1,000 metres.
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Hi All
I meant to write something about this hike - just because we didn't see you guys. We did go to the mall but didn't see you all - we kept driving up to people that looked like they were waiting but I think we were just scaring them. Were you parked near the Smitys? Anyway, I am glad to know that the rest of you didn't mess up and got out for the hike. Sounds like you had fun! Hope to make the next one! Was it terribly cold??
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We were at the north most part of the parkinglot in a corner. I drove around the lot like three times before I found the group. Next time we meet up we will need to try to be more obvious, or give out a contact phone number or something.
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