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Manifesting & Venus Project, in two days:- Thurs 11/7 (always 6:30-8:30pm, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday/mo)

From: Rheana J.
Sent on: Tuesday, November 5, 2013 8:11 PM

Hi Group,

This Thursday, along with time spent on our manifestations we'll also spend time discussing the new cultural movement lead by the Venus Project.  Started by a gentleman named Jacque Fresco in Venus, Florida.  He is in his 90's now and very alive and active in designing and spreading a vision for a new way to live, with a new cultural environment that operates with no money by using the earth's resources (solar, tidal, wind, geothermal power) to meet all human needs.  He has envisioned and begun to build a new way to live in harmony  with the earth and it's resources, for all humans to have  their  basic human needs met.

A way for Everyone  to have  free food, water, shelter, and health care. Every human on the planet.  Also without using money at all.   Completely doing away with money or bartering by creating distribution centers like library-style.  You use it and return it when you are done. Jacque Fresco is a master engineer and designer.  He has designed entire cities, homes, undersea observatories, and self-run, automated hydroponic food production buildings that build themselves by use of memory wire (metal that can store memory of it's original shape, when heated to certain temperature- will reshape itself. If you get a bend in your bumper you just reshape it. The designs are all fire-proof, self-run in any way it can be automated by technology and take over repetitive jobs completely freeing humans to pursue other pursuits.Enabling expanded consciousness.

In our current currency-based system , there is always a person left out (like in the game 'musical chairs'). The interest on all the loans the Fed loans out, and the continual raises in prices (inflation) and the manipulation of control by not allowing the patents of sustainable products out to the public (just like we all know there is a tire and a light bulb designed that will last forever but they actually deny these sustainable patents. They control it by planned obsolescence- making the products shut down within a certain timeframe, so we have to buy replacements...computers, phones, etc, etc.  All of this driven to capitalize on money no matter how destructive it is to humanity.  Did you know they even destroy diamonds to make sure the supply is not too high, so the demand for diamonds keeps the costs high to the public. A way to control it and jack up high price tags on them.

There is such a deeply disturbing aspect to all of this when you clearly see how the currency-based system we operate under hurts people across our world, (literally leaving people to die of starvation, keeping the masses enslaved to work, (to pay for the increased taxes and inflation due to Federal Banks printing more currency then they can back).  Which they claim has value but is backed by nothing, just printed out of thin air, then they take our tax money and bail out those that are not slowing/stopping the increased printing of currency, and not balancing the currency and re-paid loans with value, then these people are turning and paying themselves exorbitant amounts as bonuses with our borrowed tax money (that we are slaving to earn every day, missing time with our families and exploring our dreams).

It's quite outrageous what is occurring, and it is being highlighted and unearthed clearly for the masses to see clearly. It can be changed. There is no reason for anyone on the planet to starve, no reason for the terrible social issues that come from basic human needs not being met, and the resulting  violence, substance abuse,  and breakdown of trust that ensues. (If someone has a storefront selling a DVD player, but the store two blocks down the road is selling a better one, he/she won't tell the customer because he/she needs that money. We don't know now-a-days if we truly need surgery and our appendix taken out or if that Dr is just trying to pay off his yacht.  We have lost trust in our fellow human brothers and sisters as a result of living under this currency-based system.  It can be different and The Venus Project is an alternative.

Imagine switching from our currency-based economy to a resource-based economy.

What is a resource-based economy?

To learn more about these topics, check out these sites:

watch venus project videos on

zeitgeist documentary movies can be seen on Netflix -track the design and flaw in our currency system.

Mike Maloney videos on -track the history of currency vs. money and the collapse of other currency systems in history.


In a new resource-based system, we will take care of our earth, our fellow humans, and our expanded consciousness into a new way of living that is aligned with integrity, sustainablity, trust, and love for all.  We can come together to measure all earth-resources, track them, and use them towards the betterment of the whole world.

We all can see the fact that many countries around our world are faced with the realization that their economy is on the edge of collapse. Many countries across our globe face this threat of their economy collapsing currently.  We globally have printed too much currency with no value backing it.  It has been printed out of thin air, there is no longer gold or silver or resource to back the value of the money, it is what they call "fiat" (fake) currency (it only has value because the federal bank reserve has decreed it has value). But it is reaching the breaking point.

What happens when a economy collapses?  History shows, every fiat currency system WILL collapse and every time in history the society starts back over with bartering and silver and gold.  Just like in Greece. Empires around the world have economically collapsed to do it all over again, we have an opportunity to try something never tried before- create a resource based economy and do away with money and all the inherent corruption and human devastation, starvation, work enslavement it brings to the masses.  Only One Percent of the world truly benefits from this current currency-based system, and even they can't feel alignment in their being knowing others across the globe less fortunate are suffering doing without.

Jamie Johnson (grandson of Johnson and Johnson Company) made a fabulous documentary named "The One Percent" (also available on Netflix).  It highlights the huge gap in financial status of the billionaires and the extreme poor.  I was struck by the pain I could sense from not only Jamie as he secretly exposes this painful fact, but by his father's emotional struggle with this truth along with others in their inner circle that struggle with it,  but none of them  having an alternative idea about how it can be rather than to the 'way it is.'

Maybe if they were introduced to the alternate view that the Venus Project presents, they may take steps towards changing the way it is too.  Jamie Johnson seems to be an example of the youth daring enough to expose the imbalance and be in search of a new way (even when seemingly having the world as his oyster, he doesn't feel the peace in his soul that can exist knowing all humans have their basic needs met and are not suffering while he is living off the fat of the land as they say).

Bring your curiosity, bring questions, bring ideas....let's all explore the betterment of humankind.

With Love and Light,

Rheana Jackson  (and John Pollock)- your friendly manifesting organizers


See ya at Stella's coffee haus on S. Pearl.  (Full Address on the home page).


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