Ethical Philosophy Meetup....THAT YANKEE SCALAWAG LINCOLN!!!

From: Richard M.
Sent on: Sunday, September 25, 2011 10:18 PM


Really, he killed 600,000 Americans trying to make free people stay inside a union that they did not want.  He is a mass murder of Americans...for HIS idea of union.


Really?  NOBODY cared about the slaves.  They wrote about it very clearly, Lincoln did too.  We only claim concern today to make ourselves feel noble, but neither side cared about black people at the time.  The Southern elite cared about THEIR MONEY, which slaves also represented, but like elite everywhere, it was THEIR MONEY that matters to them.   (The terrible truth is that nobody cares about black people today, except black ethical philosophers.) 


Then for 200 years the bitter Southerners have blocked every progressive, modernizing, intelligent proposition.  Today we see the bitter racism of the Southern/Midwestern Republican Party willing to destroy America to get that BLACK guy out of the WHITE house.


Why do we honor Lincoln?  What a twit!


Really, if the South / Texas hadn't held us back for a century, blocking all intelligent and human legislation, we would be a sane society today.  Which by the way, we are definitely not.


So, which ethical philosophy or psychological level of moral thinking supports Lincoln, other than screaming irrational nationalistm? 


See you in October.







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