Ethical Philosophy this Sunday, 10:30 AM...Dealing With Our Primitive Urges

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Reasoning Beneath Reason
Ethical Philosophy Meetup on April 22, 2012

Although we claim (and may even believe) our world views are based upon 21st Century scientific knowledge, they are obviously only skin deep.
Beneath them are primitive impulses from our earliest hominid past. These ideas, archetype, feelings, urges, logical deductions were imprinted in our brains by evolution. (Maybe by God if he is even stranger than he otherwise appears.)

Some obvious examples are:
1. Anthropomorphized Invisible Forces - gods, goddesses, demons, spirits, angels, devils, jinn’s, saints, poltergeists, things-that-go-bump-in-the-night, etc. There is not one scintilla of supporting evidence for any of them. Still, 75 % of Americans believe. Many of my closest friends do. People I respect do (and I am fine with them.)

Egyptian Anubis, Indian Vishnu and Hebrew Yahweh

Last weekend I heard a local physician / surgeon assure us that the earth is 10,000 years old and God created everything as it is right now. He steps into the physical world to do things and intervenes in human affairs. What’s more, he wants us to believe in him…although he studiously keeps his presence undetectable.

2. Human Sacrifice – sanctifying (making something very valuable) or striking a bargain with a god; by killing a beautiful/pure/valuable victim. Today we use soldiers but earlier it was done by killing a pretty child or someone from a neighboring tribe.

Up through the Middle Ages, children were routinely buried alive in the cornerstones of new buildings in England. Even today Christians proudly eat the flesh and drink the blood of their god to gain his powers. He was (in keeping with our earliest urges) fathered by a god and mothered by a human. He was killed as a sacrifice and later resurrected. By eating his body we gain his powers and will also be resurrected.

The Etruscan God Adonis died and is resurrected, so is Jesus.

The Germanic God Wotan died on a tree to gain knowledge. It’s not just a particular culture, it’s hardwired in us.
These days we use sacrifice to sanctify (make holy) nationalism. But it has been used for kingdoms, dukedoms, Roman Catholicism, the Shogun, The Third Reich, you name it. (No war can be abandoned because “our fallen heroes would have died in vain.”

Propaganda poster and the Memorial at the Battleship Missouri

3. Fertility Rituals, Virgins and Temptresses – Virgin Mary, Miss America, etc.

Modern American Zumba Lessons
(The right hand gesture means “look at my fertility”, the left hands means “not yet.” You must first pass my test, then we go “boom, boom, boom.” Those are the literal English words expressed in the music being played. Everyone smiles but no one talks about it.)

The Karo Tribe’s Fertility Dance and Modern Jamaican Samba

This stuff is often all mixed up together; death and rebirth, human sacrifice, fertility, supernatural powers and contracts made with supernatural powers.

This ideas and urges have been rattling around in most people's heads... always. We can say that with certainty because we have recorded history of human events going back 5,000 years. Those events are exactly like events in the 20th Century. Also in this morning's news.
Today we emphatically deny them, until they are used by governments, etc. to serve the ruling elite. Then most people jump on board, just like they did 5,000 years ago and have ever since.
So, what would be the best way to deal with this stuff?
Since that are, always have been and apparently always will be HUGH forces in society, what should we do with them?
Should we deny them in ourselves or take them out and express them, even if they are wrong, nutty or self destructive?
Are such impulses more or less destructive if they are acknowledged?
Instead of war, how about a virgin sacrifice on the Washington mall?

Susie Smith of Akron Ohio died for our freedoms.
I just wanna know what you think.

The Anonymous Philosopher
2012 April 19, 2012

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