Deerfield Beach, FL

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February 2, 2012

Do you think atheists groups can alter public opinions of non-theism?

I would certainly hope so. We certainly need public opinion in this country to improve its views toward atheism. I would be willing to help in any way possible that would serve to promote a more positive message of atheists to the general public.

What do you hope to find in a group of freethinkers?

I hope to find some folks with similar views as myself. I do have a few atheist friends, but I could always use more!

Are you open with your atheism and how did your family and friends respond when you told them?

I am open with my atheism in general and also with my friends. As far as my family goes I tend to operate with a more "don't ask, don't tell" policy. I don't bring it up and they typically don't ask. However, my father absolutely knows as we have openly discussed it (and he is as understanding as his faith allows), and several other family members know although we don't often speak of it. My mother is in denial (I think)... we definitely do not speak of it because I know it bothers her, but she certainly knows I am not religious at all.

When did you realize you were atheist?

Hard to say. I was born and raised a Christian and certainly did believe in the Christian God in my early teenage years. However, I vacillated between Christianity and agnosticism/atheism in my mid-to-late teens. When I was in college my religious ideals took a backseat to my need to party and have fun, but in my early twenties I began to again look objectively at Christianity and religion in general. Soon thereafter I came to the realization I was a non-believer. However, I did not start calling myself an atheist until a few years ago. Growing up I was taught atheism was a four-letter-word and something to be feared. Because of this effective brainwashing it took some time before I felt comfortable in my own skin calling myself an atheist.


Hello! My name is Mike and I am a native Floridian who currently lives in Boynton Beach. I'm 35 years old, (recently) married and have a 6 year old daughter. I was raised Baptist by my parents, good God-fearing people. However, I am an atheist.

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