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Creatively-titled introduction

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Hi everyone,

My name is Russell, a fellow freethinker and atheist. I'm a 24 year old programmer, and I'm pretty new to Fort Worth. I've been told to look for local groups of like-minded individuals, and I was surprised to see an active one right here in Fort Worth!

It's hard to say how long I've been an atheist. I was raised in a Christian family, but it was never too feverent or enforced. I was never made to read the bible or go to weekly services, but as a family we'd still go to church on holidays, and say prayers before big holiday meals and stuff like that. Still, regarding the "big" questions in life, my family and peers were never big on discussing these things openly, and as I got older my interest and understanding in the sciences grew.

I think that in my teenage years I just stopped thinking about religion and only focused on my immediate interest at the time. I went to college and studied a lot of sciences, and found it difficult to go back and discuss my pursuits with my family. Reading articles and watching youtube videos, I was surprised to see how many Americans "don't believe" in several scientific principles in biology, chemistry, and physics, that have been proven and are well accepted in modern science. It just blew my mind how absurd that was, especially after seeing people turn to absurd alternative pseudo-theories, like creationism, and in an overwhelming representation of our population.

Several months ago, I stumbled upon's r/atheism forum, and realized that this was pretty much who I was, and have been for quite some time. Now I'm kind of talking about it more, and find it comforting to share my thoughts. The "atheist" label has such a negative connotation associated with it, almost being taboo in our society. While I was probably an atheist years ago, I would have never worn the label because of its relatively unaccepted status in the US. But why shouldn't I wear that label and be open about it? It's status needs to be challenged, and the more people that speak up intelligently about it, the more likely it will be to gain positive reputation in the public. I mean, I encounter so many people toting around religious symbols on a daily basis, it just feels wrong that we should just hush up about our own thoughts.

Anyways, that rant ended up longer than I expected, but thanks for letting me share. I'll try to make one of the meetup with you all in the coming weeks, it would be nice to meet some others. Plus I need some more friends in the area!

Dallas, TX
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Hi Russell,

Sorry I missed your introduction! It's great to have you in the group and I hope you get to come to one of our events!
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