Lets make this group happen, a few questions to find out whats next...

From: Jeremy
Sent on: Thursday, February 23, 2012 11:04 AM

Hey Everybody,

I recently stepped in as organizer of this group. A little bit about me, I am young and I have new age approach to network marketing. This isnt a hobby or lottery ticket. To me this is a profession. Most people spend four years in college for a degree, I expect 3-5 years of learning and participating from my team members to get a good idea of whats required to be successful in this business. If you watch a professional sporting event you will see the players, talking and hugging before or after the games. Sportsmanship? How about friendship. They are there to play, they are on opposite teams to push eachother to do better. We are all in the same industry, our competition should only be to push eachother to do better and be successful on the team we have chosen. There is not one company that is bullet proof. You never know when you are going to end up on the same team with other members in this group. Treat eachother from the begginning as if we were aleady on the same team and lets push eachother to excel.

A few questions to ask yourself.

(These are for you to self evaluate where you are at in your business, however if you are willing to send the replies it would help me as an organizer to get an idea of what this group needs.Thanks)

-Whats going good with your business? What are you excited about?

-What isn't working so well with your business right now?

-What are some real opportunities for you?(I am not talking about a different companies "opportunity" but rather an event, a networking group, a training webinar, motivational quotes, personal development books or seminars. What would specificaly help you to progress in your business?)

-What is stopping you from taking advantage of those opportunities?

-What keeps you up at night?


Keep in touch,




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