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LA Foodies and Asian Foodies Newsletter 11-3

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LA Foodies and Asian Foodies Newsletter 11-3

Hello Foodies!

Thanksgiving Event Host Wanted In my poker group, we often have an Orphan Thanksgiving and/or Orphan Christmas Potluck Dinner event. Here in LA, many members cannot go home to share a holiday dinner with their family and folks and so it's always a wonderful event when someone hosts one of these events. Obviously my poker group plays poker before/after dinner and our foodies group could also combine this event with a games night where people bring their favorite board or card game such as Uno, Risk, Monopoly, Chess/checkers, Backgammon, Mah jong, Wii or whatever. When we do these events, I always either smoke/roast a turkey or ham as my potluck contribution and we always get a great turnout.

Deal Of The Day - Dinner for Two @ SimonLA! BloomSpot - $60 for $100 value! That's $30/person and a true deal! This is one restaurant that I've been wanting to try for a couple of years!If we get one more member to grab this deal, and we'll host an event here. If you buy this deal, please email me to let me know and I'll pick a date that works for all the members who grabs this deal. Click here to check out Chef Kerry Simon's Creds
Sample Seasonal Menu:

* Starter: Lobster Pot Pie, Tuna Tartar, Colassal Crabcake (Choice of one per person)
* Salad: Raw Kale, Grilled Radicchio, Roasted Young Beets (Choice of one per person)
* Entree: Braised Prime Beef Short Ribs, Barramundi, Roasted Salmon, Brick Roasted Organic Chicken (Choice of one per person)
* Dessert: Chef’s Choice

20% Off Sur La Table - Yumi R. emailed me this discount coupon for Sur La Table which is a great retail home cook/gourmet kitchen supply store. Go to the LA Foodies websites file section (hidden in the "MORE" tab or click here. Read fine print. Thank you Yumi!

Book Signing with Michael Chiarello - He will be signing copies of his new cookbook, Bottega: Bold Italian Flavors from the Heart of California’s Wine Country. Wed. 11/10 Noon. Williams-Sonoma Beverly Hills; 339 N Beverly Drive; Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

Click Here to go to LA Foodies Amazon.com Store for a 35% discount, no tax, Free Shipping

Book Signing with Ina Garten - She will be signing copies of her new cookbook, Barefoot Contessa: How Easy Is That? Fabulous Recipes & Easy Tips. Thurs. 11/11, 1:00pm-3:00pm
Williams-Sonoma Santa Monica; 1600 Montana Avenue; Santa Monica, CA 90403

Casting Call For MasterChef - This is for Gordon Ramsey's show. A Casting Producer for the show emailed me so I thought there's a few of you that might be interested. If you are interested, the details I posted on our Message Board Click Here

­Restaurant Review For the Day - Dined at Fraiche last night and I've posted my review on our message board if anyone is interested. Click on the title to read.

Recipe of the Day - Pambazos­! A Pambazo is a sandwich made famous in LA by Nina's Foods and is a Mexico City sandwich that is amazing! They are super messy to eat, but oh so good! I might make one for lunch today and add a fried egg to it.

Darrell's Test Kitchen - At SK Market, I bought some cooked carnitas they had on sale for $3/lb. The Hispanic lady before me requested several small pieces that looked deep fried and delicious. Next to them was a large pan of whole pork butts and shoulders with the meat still on the bone. The girl behind the counter gave me a large single hunk of meat off the bone and I thought it looked very tender, moist and juicy, so I didn't complain. I also bought my $1 bag (5/$1) of bolillos (French roll) that I ALWAYS buy every time I go here as they are always fresh, big and tasty. I simply couldn't wait and after I loaded up the groceries, I took a bolillo and made a sammie with the carnitas. It was yummy, but incomplete without any condiments, dressings, seasonings it wasn't complete. The next day, rather than making it pulled pork, I cut it across the grain zapped it and made a hot carnitas sammie with it and cut this way, the meat was super tender rather than stringy and made a very nice meal.

Okay Warren... Here's how to make Turkey Jook... My folks have a giant soup pot that will actually fit a whole turkey carcass... but not many people have a pot that big. So if you don't, I recommend using the neck, giblets and cut up the carcass and try to fit as much as you can. Or maybe do half and if you have a second big pot, do the rest. Add a whole onion rough cut, a few cloves of garlic, 5-6 slices of fresh ginger, 2-3 stalks of celery, 2-3 bay leaves, a few whole peppercorns, a couple of carrots for sweetness, peeled and quartered. Okay, I'll confess sometimes I'll toss in a boullion cube instead of salt. Start by boiling hard for a few minutes uncovered, then cover and reduce to a simmer. Check to see if the meat is falling off the bone. I'll stop simmering when the cartilage is soft and edible which I love to eat. Figure at least a couple hours, if you are in a bind for time, you can boil it harder but then you have to watch it closely, partially covered.

Normally jook is made with leftover rice, if you don't have any leftover rice, you can either make a fresh batch when you start cooking or the way my dad makes it, he'll dump uncooked (or cooked) rice when the carcass is almost done cooking. My way which is unusual for my family is to strain the broth and remove all the bones and veggies and return the broth to the stock pot. This takes more time but I do it this way so that my jook is boneless as I've almost busted a tooth on a bone or almost caught a small bone in my windpipe a few times and because I'm so particular, I'm always the guy to make the jook for the morning after Thanksgiving for our family. Before adding the rice to the broth, time to taste and season with salt and some soy sauce as necessary. slightly under season as people will be adding soy sauce and other sauces and condiments to their own bowl of jook. The consistency/texture is subject to personal preference. I love it really thick but with a little bit of tooth like a porridge yet I want the rice really broken down so sometimes I'll reserve maybe 20% of the rice and add it 10-15 minutes later. My mom likes it a lot more watered down and more soupy. I just add a little boiled water to water down her bowl when I serve her so she won't complain. While the rice is cooking (on low simmer) time to remove the meat from the carcass and set aside. You should also look for scraps from the dinner and dice it up. You will add the meat to the jook a few minutes before serving so that the meat is heater through and has lots of flavor and texture still instead of being boiled to a tasteless death.

Time to gather the condiments. This is where the home cook has a huge advantage. 100% pure dark sesame seed oil, pickled ginger, hot sauces, red vinegar, oyster sauce, scallions diced, cilantro, sesame seeds toasted, black sesame seeds if you have them, soy sauce, finely diced Virginia or Black Forest ham, sweetened black vinegar, pickled Thai chiles, Thai crushed chiles... The possible condiments is nearly endless. Compared to a restaurant that might provide 4-5 condiments/sauces. Everyone in my family prepares their own bowl of jook differently. I like the heat so in goes the hot sauce and I love the savory so in goes the sesame oil and seeds, cilantro, green onions. I will also do alternate flavors sometimes do a few spoons with pickled ginger, then with diced ham, then with chiles... So one bowl of jook, I can have it taste many different ways! Again, no restaurant can provide all the condiments you can have at home. But if a restaurant did do so, they might want to charge $10-12/bowl and no one is willing to pay that much for a bowl. It's a peasant dish and when upscaled, is heavenly... I suppose you can go fusion, add kimchee to the mix or chorizo or whatever. Oh... as good as turkey jook is... DUCK JOOK is unbelieveable!

My jook has a nice depth of flavor because of the turkey, but for those in a hurry, you can use chicken broth or boullion cubes for a quick prep, but of course it won't have that extra depth of flavor, the umami or Je ne sais qua (undescribeable) flavor. But having lots of great condiments goes a long way to making a decent bowl of jook.

Frugal Foodies - Post your groupons/vouchers on our forum that you wish to sell, buy or share. It's been working as I've sold a couple here.CLICK HERE

Upcoming Events - Check out our LA Foodies Calendar HERE­ and our Asian Foodies Calendar HERE­

Deal Of The Day -

Daily Deals
Restaurant.com­ 70% Discount - Code = MEAL
CowboysLivingSocial.com - Cowboys & Turbans is Indian & Mexican Fusion Cuisine in Silverlake
Dealpop.com­ - Speed Dating
Groupon.com­ - Go Karts or Brit Pub food San Pedro
BloomSpot.com­ - SimonLA
Tippr.com­ - Taste of the World Festival $10 for 2 Gen Admission Tix. Saves service fees.
BlackBoardEats.com­ - Vinoteque 30% off! One of my fav places
Bogopod.com­ - Like BBE and Great Work Perks, free discounts, no prepays


Okay, that's it for today!

Darrell Lee
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