Pathfinder Society and Replay

From: Kurt
Sent on: Saturday, February 23, 2013 11:49 AM

ALCON (All Concerned),

I recently brought up the issue of Mod and Scenario "replay creep" with the Management at PFS.  The basic rule states that each player (real person) can only possess one Chronicle Sheet/Module or Scenario for participating as a player.  Each GM can only possess one Chronicle Sheet/Module or Scenario for GMing said Mod/Scenario.  Bottomline is that you can only have a Player Chronicle Sheet and GM Chronicle Sheet/Mod or Scenario.  For example, I could possess a GM Chronicle Sheet for Midnight Mirror and a Player Chronicle Sheet for Midnight Mirror.  There are exceptions to this rule, but they do no affect you after 1st level.

With all that said, Management was not flexible or open about amending this rule.  The outcome of this rule is as such; some of you at some point will no longer be able to play some mods/scenarios because you have already played them.  The more mods you play the less you will be able to play in the future.  In other words, many of you will become dependent on only being able to play when a new mod comes out.  UNLESS, you GM, which delays/slows/spreads out the "replay creep". 

I will be asking people who do not GM to GM so that we can "spread the wealth" a bit and slow down the "replay creep" (which is what I am terming it as).  Unfortunately, due to my Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Paizo, I cannot give these mods out (I believe I can only give out a physical copy).  If I ask you to GM and you agree, you must acquire a copy of the mod/scenario on your own.  So, please, keep that in mind.



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