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2050: The World in 38 years

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2050: The World in 38 years

The issue is like this:
1- Europe (during the Age of Enlightenment) cleared many things (issues) that people could not understand, those issues were mysterious to many, issues like floods , earthquakes , rains , droughts, diseases , etc, such issues had , long before , ignited imagination of many people consequently creating Gods , Satans , etc …
2- Modern colonization ; probably started by nets operating and originated from the US around the year 1945 and spreading worldwide, re-introduced the idea of religion again to the world , however this time what so called holy books were encrypted to suit conquerors objectives , demands and eagerness for total submissions from nations
3- Crimes, slavery, misery, distribution of wealth and power, oppressions, etc , were not only welcomed among common people but also encouraged and blessed under the name of such religions and gods , however , this time , physical appearance of colonizers was replaced by (computer programs ; some call them the Matrix) and nets that require total secrecy from members , so there is no obvious enemy to fight ! Adding to that this fact; majority of populations worldwide are members of these secret nets already!
4- Nowadays ; it seems that we are controlled by what some may call (the Matrix) , such Matrix is replacing gods ; it seems also that ; somebody some where is behind such Matrix , this is technology , but it seems that it is incomplete technology and it causes misery either intentionally or maybe because of the lack of proficiency in designing such Matrix
5- Chances are ; such misery is intentionally done ; however ; it seems also that many people are happy , so , each individual should be asked separately about how he feels , asking myself this question whether I am happy or not ; I answer ; this is the worst age of humanity , and I have been miserable since 40 years ! I noticed that misery started around me in the year 1970 and still going on …. no signs of improvement , not now , not after 38 years !

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these links apropos our discussions last night:

Sustainable Energy – without the hot air

David J.C. MacKay
This remarkable book sets out, with enormous clarity and objectivity, the vari-
ous alternative low-carbon pathways that are open to us.
Sir David King FRS
Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, 2000–08
For anyone with influence on energy policy, whether in government, business
or a campaign group, this book should be compulsory reading.
Tony Juniper
Former Executive Director, Friends of the Earth
At last a book that comprehensively reveals the true facts about sustainable
energy in a form that is both highly readable and entertaining.
Robert Sansom
Director of Strategy and Sustainable Development, EDF Energy

2­­ Why do societies fail? With lessons from the Norse of Iron Age Greenland, deforested Easter Island and present-day Montana, Jared Diamond talks about the signs that collapse is near, and how -- if we see it in time -- we can prevent it.

http://www.peakprospe...­ by Chris Martenson

the full documentary, broken into about 20 parts, is over three hours, but you can view a 45 min summary first as well.
The Crash Course seeks to provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy bith physical and financial, so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face.
A note of caution: Much of their website content is behind a paywall.
John M.
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here is another good link that describes the psychological aspects of thinking far ahead:


5 pages long. Robbie, what do you think?
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Well it's 20 years old now so how much of it can be applicable comes into question, particularly with the undercurrent now of anti laissez-faire capitalism, which has moulded into an anti banker-elitism.
People are far more wary of free markets and the power they give to singular individuals.

Now he does hit upon a property of psychology, as perceived by the general public it must be said, that we should be the founders of a greater golden age, we should be the ones to shape society into a "better" one.

However there isn't a single organisation that hasn't got that mantra. Doctor's, politicians, boy scouts they all want to make a better world. The issue is that when confronted with a position that is not our own, we assume that it is wrong. "It isn't my position, and I am right, I am making the world a better place, you are standing in the way".

This dichotomy of thought is ignorance, a lack of knowledge and desire to not possess any.
The only remedy being to expand one's knowledge.
Now psychologists are not trying to be the philosopher kings of old, there isn't a singular purpose to psychology other than the pursuit of knowledge itself.
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