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Our group started from a group of friends that get together regularly to socialize, party and hang out with each other. We all know each other from being introduced by each other's friends. We encourage anyone wishing to attend our events to bring along a friend, coworker or neighbor. If everyone does that, then we all get to meet new people each week. Feel free to e-mail your friends and pass along this info. Everyone is welcome!

Our group is a fun-loving, happy and friendly group. You won't meet a stranger here! We look forward to meeting new people and welcome them with open arms.

Don't be shy about coming alone if you don't have someone to bring along! We will personally introduce you to our friends and make sure that you meet everyone in the room, if you so desire.

Be prepared to have some fun when you come to our outings! We love to laugh (as you can see in the pictures in our photo album!) and we don't take life toooooo seriously. All of us are productive cititzens with good jobs, families and real lives but we love to "let our hair down a bit" and get crazy and have fun!

Want to join us?

If so, please RSVP and come to one of our events! Have questions? Email me at FenaBiz@gmail.com or even call if you have a question that can't be answered through email. 224-622-2052

We look forward to knowing you better. You could end up being one of our best friends, do business with one of us, date one of us, co-habitate with one of us or even marry one of us! All the possibilities are there!


A guideline of expected conduct in making friendships and dating within our group.

This is YOUR group and YOU made the rules!

Here is what YOUR group came up with!

1) Please honor your RSVP! If you reply YES it is expected that you will show up. If you have to change plans, please send a personal e-mail or phone message to the organizer at least 12 hours before event. If you RSVP Yes and don?t show up three times, the 3 strike rule will be used. After the third time you will be blocked from events. The organizer understands that there are emergencies but some people are RSVP?ing and just not showing up! It is unfair to the organizer for all the work and planning that she/he goes through to make a successful event. THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS. When the organizer is spending his/her money and valuable time to put on a great event for such a small return of money it is unfair/unkind to not honor your RSVP.

Spend a few minutes looking at people's profile before coming to an event in hopes of getting to know them better. See what you have in common.

If you are here to find someone to date, take the focus off of desperately looking for a guy or a girl! If you come to events with a different focus you would be amazed at what can happen!! People are more attracted to people that are relaxed, well liked, having fun and smiling! If you are all bent out of shape and looking for someone like it were a mission, YOUR body language is going to portray that and you will make it more difficult for people to approach you.

People that you meet through our events could prove to be your best friend for many years to come! They can become your support network when times are tough. When we go through break up of a marriage, relationship or widowhood, most of us lose our support group of friends. Friends First is a TOOL to help you make new friendships and relationships!

3) Set and respect boundaries with those that you are conversing with. If someone is contacting you and you are not interested, be polite and kind and let the other person knows that you are not interested. If you are rejected, do not take it personally. If the person is not interested, they are doing you a favor! The person is not wasting your time and being honest with you. You have to ask yourself this question: If this person is not interested in me, why would I want to waste my valuable time in pursuing him/her? Redirect your interest elsewhere so that you can meet the right person for you.

4) Be honest about who you are and what you look like.

Be honest about your age and marital status. If you are married and you are here for friendships, that is okay! In all likelyhood you and your spouce are members together. Just be up front with the singles that you are married. Married friends are always welcome as long as they disclose that they are married. We love our married friends and some of us may be those married friends one day!

If you are going through a divorce and just split, that is okay. Many times people going through that process truly need friends to talk to and start new friendships with.

Pictures that are old and don't represent who you are today are unfair. Being dishonest about who you are and what you look like, your age and relationship status is so unfair to your friends online.

If you are in a sensitive work situation where a picture of you on a social networking site would be frouned upon, please contact me to get permission to post a picture of something else other than your face on the site. I do understand that some of us are in key positions that their companies would not appreciate seeing their top brass on social sites. FenaBiz@gmail.com is where you write to ask for permission. Once permission is given for you to have that picture up, I will approve your membership.

5) Invite others into our group. YOU should be marketing YOUR group! If everyone brings someone new, they might be your friend's new friend or might be just the mate that one of your friends has been looking for all their lives! Some of the people that others have brought to our events have become some of Fena's best friends even when the original friend fades away. It is all about connections!!!

If you are having fun at our events, don't you think that your friends would have fun also?

6) Be welcoming and kind to everyone!!! YOU are the ambassadors of our group. Fena is the organizer and she sets the tone for our group but, YOU are the group!
If someone is new, it is YOUR job as well as hers to stick out your hand and introduce yourself or introduce the new person to others. YOU help make the first impression of this group!

7) Don't judge a book by its cover.

No one likes to be judged! Last time we looked, no one is perfect! The person that attends might not be the right person for you for friendship or dating but they might be the perfect person for someone else in the room! Don't be unkind and talk about anyone to others in the group, you may find out that the things you are saying are to someone that is his/her good friend! (It has happened.)

8) Report safety issues to the organizer. I

If someone is bullying you, sending inappropriate e-mails or anything that is disturbing, please notify the organizer immediately. The person causing the conflict can be banned by the organizer.


9) Friends First are a NEUTRAL Zone....the DMZ. If there is fallout of friendship or dating, everyone is still welcome to Friends First. The group belongs to every one of us that are in the group. When there is fallout, Friends First is still YOUR group. There is no room too small that each of the grieving parties can't find an opposite corner. Sometimes it may take time to get over a break up or fall out but you are both welcome at the events.

10) NO SLAMMING! The organizer won't allow this, nor should anyone else! If it is overheard by the organizer or one of the members, they will say something to the offending person. If someone is slamming someone else, just politely say to the person, this is not the right place or time to be discussing this. Encourage them to take it privately outside the group. Empathize with their pain but state that the action won't be allowed.

Think of it like this?If you take one rotten apple and throw it in the barrel, it will eventually contaminate the entire barrel, ruining the whole barrel!

This is not to say that you can't talk to your close friends about a friendship/relationship gone bad. Just do so in private OUTSIDE the events.

11) Don't drag your new or old friends into the fray. We know that there is hurt and confusion and feathers ruffled. Healing takes time but when someone comes to the events and starts slamming someone AND dragging their friends into the situation, it is not a good thing. Just because it didn't work out with that person doesn't mean that you won't meet someone else through Friends First or that the other person won't either!

We all want to know that when we come to an event that it is something positive and fun, and one that we look forward to! NO ONE wants to go to an event and hear someone whining about a friendship, business deal or relationship gone wrong. THAT takes away the fun of the whole evening and taints the entire event!

Use this wonderful tool to enrich your lives with GREAT friendships that can become your family and your support group. Remember: FRIENDS ARE THE FAMILY THAT YOU CHOOSE.

Fena D'Ottavio

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