Celeste S.


Hampton, VA

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September 8, 2012


What are your favorite games?

The games I am most familiar with are White-Wolf's World of Darkness, D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder. I am also entirely happy to be introduced to new systems. As far as board games, I love Catan, and anything strategy related (Monopoly, Risk, etc.). I enjoy board games that cause player interaction (think raucous laughter and lots of good natured jibes) rather than games that cause division and competition (think silence with short bursts of rules arguing). This may explain why I remain ambivalent about Magic.

Are you more of a board gamer or pencil and paper gamer?

I get antsy if I don't have a good pencil and paper game to occupy me, but I truly love board game nights that last long, and loud. I'd have to say I lean more towards pencil and paper, but it's very nearly balanced.

What's your RPG game play style? I.E. Rule lawyer, casual, straight RP, HARD CORE...

Hmm. I am definitely story oriented, and many of my D&D/Pathfinder characters tend to be support characters because I get the most satisfaction out of character interaction and development. However, I am familiar with the incredible satisfaction that comes from simply beating something in the face with an incredibly powerful, combat-oriented character, and do have times where I am looking more for combat related stress relief rather than mental stimulation in the form of interaction and diplomacy. Mechanics are my weak point, but I try very hard to make a point of at least knowing exactly how to use my characters or where to look up the mechanics I need at any given time. I know this is my weak point, but I try very hard not to hold up the game while I search for obscure (or not so obscure) mechanics.

Do you like beer and food? If the answer is no, kindly gtfo.

Neither my husband nor myself drink beer, however food is always good and we're not going to complain about anyone else drinking beer. If we want something, we can bring it ourselves. If this disqualifies us, let me know and I will gtfo. Still here because I'm hoping the disqualifier was "beer and food" not "beer" or "food."


Hello, my husband and I are new to the area. We've both been gaming for about eight years now; primarily White-Wolf's World of Darkness, D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder. We'd love to meet other gamers, and start playing again ASAP.

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