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It's always a worthwhile endeavor to get a bunch of self-proclaimed nerds (i.e. "off-beat" folks) together socially...

...after all, we're getting more and more like cockroaches every day...

...and you should never underestimate

The Awesome POWER of Geeks in Groups

(...ooh, that comes off like it should be a Muppet Sketch, doesn't it?).

Let's face it... we are an eclectic collection of weirdos, just looking for an interesting place to hang out, fun stuff to do, and the company of other misfits who have the distinction of actually being able to relate to us.

There is no specific age range, relationship status, or social class requirement to be a part of this group. Just be willing to play nice, and communicate communally with a working mind (ask questions, be curious, initiate some good dialogue, share ideas, etc.) …just use your basic social skills, really. (And, don't worry, for those special folks among you for whom those might occasionally be a struggle, hey— not to worry... we got yer back… we're all friends here!)

We do have your initial request to join be approved upfront by a live organizer, which is really more or less a formality to make sure that everyone who wants to connect to us is a real person, genuinely interested in meeting people socially (not trying to sell something), in order to protect our members from spambots and other annoying marketing harassment (we figure you get enough of that elsewhere, we do our best to try not to subject you to any more here).

The group was created with the intention that it could and would be self-directed. If there is something you want to do, suggest it. If others want to join, great. When you get your brainchild to tip the scales of popularity, we'll get it up on the calendar, and everyone who wants to can partake in your kind of fun! (Yeah, I know, right? Scary, eh?) Members can feel free to use this site as a forum to propose happenings to meet up and geek out. We will schedule events when enough folks are interested and someone steps up to be the point… or else don't be surprised if and/or when you just might find yourself suddenly an Event Organizer or Host. But, never fear, we have faith in you... You can DO it!

So, step up, stand back, let 'er rip, and let's let the good times get on the move, already!!

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