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Did you know that "ghosts," as far as seances, hauntings, etc., gained popularity in the 1800s when the Spiritualist movement gained traction? Mostly, Spiritualism sprang forth from the grief during and after the Civil War-for family members never knew what happened to their loved ones who went off to the war and were never heard from again. Spiritualist Mediumship, and the idea that people-mere mortals-could contact the dead directly-developed before and during the time the Fox Sisters http://en.wikipedia.o... two young sisters in their cabin began having direct contact with the spirit of a murdered peddler buried in their basement. People came from miles around to hear the girls conduct "rapping" sessions with the spirit of the peddler via knockings on every wall of their cabin. Soon the girls were on the speaking circuit and the United States became drawn into the pastime of talking with the dead. This country was absolutely grief stricken when Spiritualism hit its all-time popularity. Who doesn't want to believe that "life" exists beyond death.

I've researched the subject of contacting the dead-including the physicists who began working hand-in-hand with the mediums of the 1800s. There are four 100+year-old Spiritualist communities that exist today: Lily Dale, NY, Harmony Grove, CA, Chesterfield, Indiana and Cassadaga, FL., that still exist today. Not to mention the Spiritualist communities and churches throughout the world that are in excess of 100-years-old. Training in classic mediumship techniques can help you become more intuitive - perhaps only to an extent of being able to "sense" something enough to aim a camera and take a picture. We all have our skill sets, and we hope to be able to bring yours out and teach you how to apply them.

We're big on evidence in this group-and the proof is in the pudding when you have state of the art technology. We use our technology to document contact from beyond. We're trying new techniques all the time.

As world issues become more critical, I do believe the veil between the living and the dead is becoming thinner. I believe consciousness exists after death, and I'm also a big fan of String Theory. Physics is a huge part of the answer to paranormal events - incidents that occur when the dead are able to touch our world. Let's face it - ghosts do exist, and eventually, maybe more sooner than later, you'll be one of them.

This group educates the curious.
You will learn:

• How to use mediumship and scientific tools to document paranormal phenomena.

• Meet us at designated areas where we will show you techniques to use mediumship and state-of-the-art tools and the theories behind them.

• Learn the history of "ghost hunting."

• You will learn how to investigate a property to conduct your own pre-investigation before the paranormal investigation.

• If you are interested, you will learn how to develop your mediumship and intuition skills.

• You will learn investigation techniques.

• You will be asked to make, or purchase, some kind of tool/s to use during investigations. Just being "sensitive" doesn't cut it with this group. You need to collaborate "feelings" with fact.

If you've ever wondered if THEY exist - yes, Ghosts Happen. This is a straight-up group looking for proof of consciousness after what we know as death. We have public meetings and we do private investigations (free of charge) in homes and offices. We do what we can to help people. We do what we can to gather evidence.

Please, if you're serious about this subject, join us. We invite skeptics, but you must have respect for the subject matter, investigation techniques, and the people who conduct this kind of research. Under 18? Please contact me directly. We have an online show beginning in the Fall, so we're looking for some very talented people with a sense of high adventure to become part of the core team. We welcome people from all faiths and backgrounds. What we're not looking for are drama kings and queens who who go into convulsions because a spirit has entered them, or someone who is going to start freaking out. I have been involved with many investigation groups and Spiritualist circles - I know talent when I see it, I know the real deal, and I know a fraud when it shows up. Please don't waste our time, we're looking for sincere people. We DO NOT like primadonnas. Please, if you're hearing voices because you're off your meds, do everyone a favor and get a refill.


• Post a photo of you (alone) - no two-people pictures. You can also use an image that represents you. Please be serious and DO NOT use cartoon characters (especially copyrighted ones). Always have a photo posted, or you will be dropped w/o warning and your attempts to rejoin will be futile. No children in photos, including you as a child. I don't have the time to be asking you if that's you, or your kid in a photo (we get both all the time).

• You must be a member in active standing. The way Meetup determines this is if you RSVP for an event (even if you RSVP "NO." If you are not an active member for three months, you will be removed. Every event is an opportunity for you to RSVP and stay in good standing. I hate it when people sign up for a group and don't participate. It's also bad for the group when you have a bunch of people who haven't visited the site in six months. I send out a warning once a month to members who haven't RSVP'd in three months. They have an opportunity to RSVP for an event. If you do not take that opportunity, you will be removed. I don't like excuses (or to be asked that you're the exception), once you're removed - you're gone.

• You must have an active email (no email blocking), or you will be removed.

• Only one person per membership. NO GUESTS at meetings unless posted. Many of our meetings have waiting lists, it's not fair to invite guests when we can't accommodate members.

• PLEASE do not join because your lover or friend has an interest. Join because YOU want to learn more. Applications stating, "I'm joining because my girlfriend is," etc. will be declined.

• Attend some meetings, or don't bother signing up. Don't answer anything except "Yes" to this question on app.

• Answer all the questions in your application (or you will be turned down).

• PLEASE do not ask to be an exception/rules are rules (Really).

• You must figure out the Meetup system on your own (Seriously).

• Do not show up to meetings unless you're a member (or make arrangements beforehand).

• There are NO guests unless otherwise specified (or you've made arrangements beforehand).

• Training sessions are ONLY for people who wish to be certified (Don't waste your time, or our time. If you're not serious about learning, stay home and watch TV).

• You can't join under a company name - you must be a human.No pics of company logos (No soliciting. You will be turned in to Meetup, and they don't take this kind of thing lightly).

• Sign up for paid event and don't pay - even if you don't come - you're out (I am tired of paying for dinners we've agreed to pay for because people space out, or just blow off the event). On our paid events, we agree to pay the restaurant for a certain number of people to get a set price and a meeting facility. Even if you don't pay, but have RSVP'd, your seat goes into consideration for the set price. If you don't pay, everyone else's price per seat goes up. If you do this, you will be banned from the group.

• Anyone who doesn't show up for a waiting list event with 24-hour notice gets a no-show - 3 no-shows, you're out

• Please don't use an inappropriate pic of you looking like an exotic services ad on craigslist. We get prostitutes (seriously) trying to join as many groups as possible to get "exposure" to expand their business. Even if you're a wannabe and just look like a whore (please no down-shooting your cleavage), please use some discretion.

• Please, don't use this group to date-around. Relationships are great - I'm happy to see people meet each other and be happy, but please don't use this as your very own relationship kitty litter. We all get along and the last thing we want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable. I will take complaints to heart.

• PLEASE treat each other the way you wish to be treated. If we could all live this way, the world would be a much better place. And as long as this group is my world, I will make sure this happens. Complaints will be taken seriously.

• Please read all of this so you won't have to send me emails with a zillion questions. Please view our past calender events to see what we do. Please do not expect me to spend 20 minutes compiling an email, or ask me to call you to clarify something. If I feel you're high maintenance BEFORE you're a member, you won't get in. We're pretty picky, so choose the words in your application seriously (really).

• DO NOT misrepresent yourself if you are a member of this group. DO NOT mention this group if you are doing your own investigations. If you are reading this because someone has come to you saying they are a member of this group and contacting you to conduct an investigation, please contact me personally via my email link. All of our group leaders are marked as such on their membership profiles. Also, we fully train anyone going on a private investigations via many, many training sessions where they earn certificates. NEW MEMBERS - People who need help are NOT going to want people who aren't trained and don't know what they're doing in their homes, or places of business. If you're joining this group to conduct private investigations - think again. There are people who've been members for a year who haven't earned full certification. It's a lot of hard work.

I know that by now I must sound like a total bitch, but these rules are here because I've come upon the same issues time and time again. This is a free group, set up by me-as a resource to others. Be nice, be polite-and treat myself and other members of this group as you wish to be treated, and we'll all get along just fine. If you don't get accepted within a few days, check this list (before sending an email to me - I won't answer questions obviously covered here). If you've followed all of the above, send a message, sometimes meetup glitches and I don't get meetup emails.

About Sally Richards:
Sally is a photojournalist and author of more than two decades. She has been many things in her lifetime including a venture catalyst in Silicon Valley. She wrote the first book about surviving the tech bubble...before it happened. She loves technology and is quite the nerd. She drowned when she was eight in a surfing accident where she saw no light at the end of a tunnel, but rather felt billions of lights as her soul seemed to explode out of her body and become one with everything. It was the best feeling she'd ever felt, and was rather pissed when a total stranger rescued her and brought her back. She would later recognize this experience as something Einstein would describe as atoms becoming one with everything in the universe at the time time of a body's death. As a child and adult she stumbled across a number of bodies, murder scenes and accidents that would impress even Jessica Fletcher. She was hit by lightning in 2005 in a pre-Katrina storm, and is still dreading getting her fillings pulled out so everything she eats won't taste like aluminum foil when she uses metal utensils. She also found she had a few extra skills she didn't know she had after that incident. Sally has studied for several years at Harmony Grove and at Lily Dale New York, where she conducted gallery style readings (think John Edward) with hundreds of people under the canopy of the ancient forest from the sacred stump. She collects no money for her services. She uses two of her Queensland Heelers in her investigation work. She believes that everyone has the ability to be intuitive and that people have skills, some of them well-hidden, to reach beyond the veil that seems to exist between life and death and parallel universes. Sally feels gifted to not only be alive and functioning, but to also be able to teach others how to use technology, intuition and common sense in paranormal investigations. She constantly strives to document paranormal activity in an effort to bring the subject into mainstream science.

You can find out about Sally via a few of her most recent interactions with the world:

Read about some of Sally's favorite San Francisco hot spots for paranormal activity

Read Historian June Morrall's interview with Sally about the real facts behind the Moss Beach Distillery - facts both Unsolved Mysteries and Ghost Hunters missed. Investigation that would have debunked the entire Blue Lady story without even stepping into the building. The story is included in June's upcoming book The History of Moss Beach (published by Arcadia).

Sally's recent appearance on FOX news

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