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Girlfriends Get-Together::NYC Meetup Group Pages

Girlfriends Get-Together::NYC Meetup Group *FAQs*

Welcome to the Girlfriends Get-Together::NYC Meetup Group! Each and every day, I get tons of emails regarding the 50 or so Meetups I organize each year. In an effort to help you to understand how this group is run, and its keys to success, I have compiled your "Greatest Hits". Read on!

Here are your Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who are the Organizers of this amazing group?

A: My name is Danielle. I am the Organizer of the group. I host nearly every event that you see on our calendar. I am a native New Yorker and absolutely in LOVE with this city. I try to be a tourist here as often as possible, taking in all of the sights, sounds and experiences unique to my fabulous city. I also travel whenever time (and money) permit. The combination of my love of travel with my love for New York one of the main reasons for starting this group. I hope to create new, unique and fun experiences for you as often as possible. With this group, hopefully you will be able to indulge in this city, indulge in some "Me Time" and, in time, indulge in the world.

Recently, a few new Assistant Organizers joined the team. Our AOs are Jackie, Jennifer and Robin Gyrlwonder. Each is an experienced organizer prepared to offer you fun and unique experiences in and around New York City. We also have Carol, my Mom. She is wonderful and FABULOUS and amazing. She is my support system with this group and in life and (in case you couldn't tell). I love her very, very much. I would not be able to do anything that I do without her.

This is a great team! Feel free to shoot any or all of us a virtual "Hello"!

Q: What is the age range for this group?

A: This group is open to anyone of any age. We have members ranging in age from 21 - 61 years old and a little of everything in between.

Q: Are there any requirements to be a member?

A: Just three: You must be a woman, you MUST complete your profile and you must want to be involved. Now the first and third requirements are self-explanatory (I think), but the second may require explanation. I need a photo of you to be able to recognize you at events. It also helps you to recognize each other. Now, I have many women who say, "I prefer my privacy. I don't want my picture posted on the Internet." Understood. In that instance, just post a picture that is reflective of who you are. For example, if you are a teacher, upload a picture of an apple. Then when we meet at an event and you introduce yourself, I will say, "Apple Lady!" and I will never, ever forget your name or face for as long as I live. Okay?

Q: How much does it cost to be a member of this group?

A: Membership is FREE! Individual events usually have a cost which will be detailed in its event description. Additionally, associated with each outing, is a $5 event fee collected in person on the day of the event.

Q: Now that you've mentioned the $5 Event Fee, what exactly does this Event Fee cover?

A: This is probably the question I get asked most often! Event Fees cover everything associated with what it takes to host a great event. Oftentimes there are venue fees, bar guarantees, tips to staff, permit fees and so much more than you could ever imagine. Event Fees also cover pricing gaps and miscellaneous expenses, not to mention, Meetup fees (Yes, I pay to have this group. Meetup does not pay me.) I have hosted over 200 events between my seven groups and have found that charging this fee allows me to host events that go a bit above and beyond the others out there. Please know, these $5 fees will never make an Organizer rich, but they do allow me to properly plan and execute events. And aren't well-planned, fun and fabulous events what you are all here for? wink

Q: How often do the Girlfriends Get-Together?

A: I try to plan at least two events per month, but we've been known to have as many as eight. It all depends on my schedule and what I can come up with.

Q: What types of events do you generally host?

A: We do everything! We've been on the trapeze, to the spa, mechanical bull riding and everything else in between. Travel is definitely a huge component of what we do. We are explorers, both within New York City and without! The main purpose of this group is meet new female friends, have great unique experiences and to get away from your everyday. We all need a little time to indulge in ourselves. This group tries to give you a little bit of that.

Q: How often does the group travel each year? Where do you go?

A: Our goal is to take at least one domestic and one international trip each year, 5 - 7 days each, maybe even one cruise. In between, I'll try to plan smaller overnighters and weekend trips. Big girl slumber parties, if you will. Wherever we go we try to bring the spirit and fun of our fabulous women's group which makes for a wonderful, amazing time away!

Q: I see that some of the members have been labeled GG::VIP, Traveling Diva or Ultimate Girlfriend. What do these labels mean?

A: Great question! These are members who have been super-supportive of the group and it's endeavors. GG::VIPs are members who have been to at least 9 events. These members have their Event Fees waived FOREVER!!! Travelin' Divas have traveled to at least 3 destinations with the group. Ultimate Girlfriends have accomplished both! In addition to no more event fees, when you reach this milestone, you will receive a special gift from me to you to show my gratitude and appreciation. Fabulous!

Q: I have noticed that you plan many of your events on Sundays. My schedule only allows me to participate in events that are scheduled during the week. Why aren't more events held then?

A: Well, as an organizer, I have to schedule events when it is convenient for me, as well as for the membership as a whole. I have found that Sundays are most convenient. Many of our events are at least half a day, making Saturdays and Sundays much easier. At least once a month we will have a weekday gathering, but, currently, most of our events are scheduled for either Saturday or Sunday.

Q: How can I find out more about the details of an event?

A: This may sound silly, but I say this with all seriousness: reading the event description is usually the best way. The event description will detail cost, payment arrangements and deadlines, refund policies, meeting details and any other information pertinent to the outing. You are, of course, always welcome to email me with questions, but before you do, please read (and re-read) the event description carefully.

Q: I paid for an event and now I am unable to attend. Can I get my money back?

A: It depends on the refund policy associated with the event. Conditions under which money will be refunded are spelled out clearly in the event description and you should always make sure you understand the refund policy before making a payment. I usually allow for a certain amount of time during which a refund will be issued, but if your refund request falls outside of that time frame or if the event is non-refundable I suggest trying to get someone to take your place at the event. If you are having trouble finding someone to replace you, please do not hesitate to let the Organizer know and she will try to help. We will do our best to make sure that you do not lose your money.

Please note: If the date/time of an event is changed due to unforeseen circumstances, an email will be sent re the change and a refund will always be offered. If the event is of the non-refundable variety, refunds will be issued if requested within one week of the email notifying you of the change. For all other events, you may request a refund, if requested within one week of the event. Additionally, if an event is canceled, refunds will be issued automatically, no request necessary. Refunds are usually sent immediately, but never more than 7 - 10 business days of the request/cancellation of the event.

Q: I prefer not to use PayPal or Amazon Payments to pay for this event. Can we meet in person somewhere so I can give you the money?

A: Unfortunately, no. PayPal and Amazon Payments are the only options for payment at the moment. They allow me to keep track of payments and issue refunds easily. Both payment methods also accept checks and credit cards making them very valuable payment resources. In time, as it becomes more necessary, I will open up a Post Office Box for the group, but in the meantime its PayPal, PayPal, PayPal, oh yeah, and Amazon Payments.

Q: Do I have to RSVP for an event to participate? If an event is full, can't I just show up and join in?

A: NO!!! I plan our events according to the number of RSVP's I receive. If you show up and I am not expecting you, you will affect the reservation and agitate the organizer (ME!). Preferably, RSVP if there is still room or, if an event is full, just put your name on the wait list. If someone drops out or if space becomes available, you will receive notification via email, giving you the opportunity to RSVP 'Yes' and participate in the event. This is the best and only way to properly manage an event and to make sure that everything runs SMOOOOTHLY!!! wink

Q: If I am not able to attend an event, what should I do?

A: In the event that you are not able to participate you should change your RSVP from 'Yes' to 'No', as soon as possible. If you are due a refund, under the terms of each event, you should let me know immediately. I do take attendance at each event and if you fail to show and have not changed your RSVP you will be marked as a "No-Show". Three "no-shows" and you will be removed from the group. This policy is in place and applies to every member. No warning, no conversation, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! This policy was implemented after months of people failing to honor their RSVPs. It is extremely inconsiderate to a) hold a space that a fellow member could better use; b) make me have to take the time to change RSVPs all of the time; and/or c) have me prepare an event for X people when the number is really Z. It is, dare I say, selfish.

Now, after hearing all of that, don't you think it's just easier to take the three seconds to change your RSVP?

Q: I see that most of your events are in held in Manhattan. I live in Queens. Is there any chance that you will be hosting an event in Queens any time soon?

A: It depends on what is going on there! Most of our events are held in Manhattan because it is the most convenient location for all of our members to get to and, truthfully, most of New York City's cultural exercises are centered in Manhattan. However, lets not forget that this group is all about travel and excursions. That said, we are certainly not beyond traveling to get where we want to go to do what we want to do. The idea is to experience as much as we can, so we cannot afford to be tied to just one location.

Q: I am a Mom. Can I bring my kids along?

A: It really depends on the event. I am a Mom, too, and love hanging out with my little girl, but I also know that most of the events we engage in are really not appropriate for children. But, never fear! I will be planning more events that allow for those of us with children to bring our little ones out. So, instead of "Me Time", it will be a little "Mommy & Me Time".smile

Q: I would like to bring a few friends along on this outing. Is it okay?

A: I do allow each person to bring one guest to an event. However, it isn't necessary. The idea is this: If you participate in the entire event, all of the fun, great conversation, wonderful food and people, you will get to know more people to hang out with in the future! At the end of the day, this is a social networking group. The whole idea is to get to know new people and to expand your social circle. The best way to do that is to leave your crew at home. And, if they are really interested in participating, encourage them to join the group. The more the merrier!

Q: I am married, but love NYC! Can I still participate in your events?

A: Absolutely! This group is for all women regardless of age, race or marital status. Whether you are a mother (like me!), a wife, a singleton or coupled up, we have something for you. Please come on out and join us!

Q: Do I have to rate the event after the outing?

A: I would like for you to. Your feedback is important to us, especially if it is constructive and complimentary. ;-) No, really. I love for you to rate the events. I am confident in the job that I do and in the great group of women that assemble for each event. Your positive comments will only help me to make the group that much bigger and better! Keep the ratings and the feedback coming!

Q: I am having a birthday party at a HUGE club this weekend. Can I post it on the message board?

A: Sorry, but no. It is really easy for the message board to become inundated with a great deal of frivolity. The message board policy is simple: I do most of the posting. Though true, you also have opportunities to post on the message board. One of the reasons this group has been such a hit is that some of us (me included!) don't have travel buddies for every trip we want to take. Well, here's your chance to rustle up some company. Feel free to use the message board to post ads for travel companions. You are also welcome to post any travel deals, nifty destination/resort information and/or New York fun finds you come across along the way. For this stuff the message board is all yours!

Anything else is a no-no! Any and all submissions to the message board will remain only at the discretion of the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to delete postings at will and without notice.

FYI: If you're feeling frisky, and wish to post despite being informed of the above, your posting will be removed and you may follow right behind. You've been warned [insert ominous music here]!!! Besides, there is an easier way to let people know about what you have going on: Email me and if I think it is something the membership will be interested in, I will definitely let them know! Thanks!

Q: Hey! I was just kicked out of the group! What's up with that?

A: I don't remove people from the group lightly. So, if you were removed, one of five things happened: 1) You accrued 3 or more "No-shows". Truthfully, this is the most common cause for removal. For more about our "No-Show" Policy, see above. 2) You have failed to upload a photo after being a member for more than a month. This is another biggie. See above for more information; 3) You are a man (yes, ladies, this does happen and more often than you'd think); 4) You behaved inappropriately/rudely/poorly, made another member feel excessively uncomfortable or had an all-around unpleasant attitude at an event; and/or 5) You sent the Organizer or another member an inappropriate, rude or unsolicited email (these types of emails are unwelcome under any and all circumstances!). Please know that I welcome your feedback. Legitimate complaints and/or constructive suggestions are not considered rude or inappropriate, but are encouraged in my quest to make this the best Meetup group possible.

Q: This group looks like fun and the Organizer looks like she has a great time doing what she does. How can I become an Assistant Organizer(AO)?

A: If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Organizer(AO), great! Each AO schedules her own events according to her own schedule. The only thing I ask is that you schedule at least one per month. You are responsible for posting your event, arranging all of the details and communicating with members regarding event arrangements and information. No one is made an AO right away, but feel free to get in touch with me, anyway. I encourage you to attend a couple of events to see what we do, how we do it and to see if we are a good fit for you. I am always looking for personable people to host events. If you are interested, contact me: I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Q: Can I contact you if I have a question that is not covered here?

A: Of course! Though I think I have covered everything, you are always welcome to email me. Thanks to the wonders of BlackBerry science I am very, very reachable. Feel free to email me with your questions, comments and suggestions. I can be reached at and I will respond as soon as we can. Please keep this in mind before you email: The tone you use in an email will directly correlate with the tone of the response you get back. I put a great deal of time, research and energy into all of these events and do it to show you a really great time. Please be as considerate of me as you would expect me to be of you.

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