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Everyday we read stories about negligent companies poisoning our planet, so just recently I was really dismayed to find that after all the excellent work the Green movement has done to help preserve life, along comes a bunch of irresponsible artists determined to undo all the good work.

I can't believe that so much toxic sludge was released onto the streets of London in the name or art, because it can't be safe for children, adults or pets in the local area. And, so now I feel really saddened that nobody was given a chance to object to having this muck spread on our streets, blocking our sewers and getting into our water.

Does anyone know who I can complain to about this? I really think these artists should be locked up.

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It does seem to be incredibly irresponsible, although nearby residents should have had the right to object in the same way objections are heard by Council for local planning applications.

Your best bet is to give Southwark Council a call and see what information/documents they can give you about this and what consultation they did with local residents. Their main switchboard number is 020 7525 5000 and building control and planning is on 0845 600 1285.

The ILO's International Chemical Safety Card states "It is strongly advised that this substance does not enter the environment." It might be worth pointing this out to the Council but make sure you're talking to the right person first. If you get an address for objections, let me know and I'll draft one too.
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Unfortunately, complaints are based on numbers. Unless you get a grounding of people complaining about this with you, the council will likely say 'k thanks!' to your letters and then disregard them, particularly if they have anything to gain for the art work, i.e., monetary gain from people visiting the art and surrounding events, shops, etc.

The other unfortunate thing is the chemicals are already out there now. I'd suggest you try to prevent future things such as thing rather than stop ones which are done already... For instance, the textiles/clothing market uses tonnes of chemicals. The top I'm wearing (which I bought in a charity store) has a pattern in it which my friend, who studied textiles, informed me would have been cut using acids...

Point is, if you believe in it, go for it but you need to do it in numbers...

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An additional point, Copper Sulphate - which is the chemical used to do that art work - is used in swimming pools (Source: http://en.wikipedia.o...­) It is toxic to some fish, but probably not to humans and animals unless ingested in large doses, but the same can be said for toothpaste, surely...
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