IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH--& GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS RIGHT AWAY: URGENT! URGENT!! WHOLE FOODS MARKET "CORE VALUES" TRUST ALERT!!! Whole Foods Market charging high prices for food that is "natural" & could be contaminate

From: Norma Jeane Y.
Sent on: Friday, February 10, 2012 1:53 AM

I'm VERY concerned about this. 
The news story a couple of weeks ago about Whole Foods Market & Monsanto "cutting a deal" was painful for me to believe when I first heard about it.  NOW, the fuller story is coming out.  I've been a VERY loyal customer of Whole Foods from the Very Beginning in Winter Park 13 years ago--going to their Grand Opening -- & shopping there consistently 2-3 times per week.  I have told hundreds of people about Whole Foods.  Now--I feel like they're starting to "Sell me Out."  (I was there the last 3 days in a row shopping.)  If we can't trust Whole Foods, WHO Can We Trust in the health food grocery world??
This NEW article written by Ronnie Cummins, president of the Organic Consumers Association has come out -- containing a link to the first article he wrote on January 27, 2012 -- breaking the news about Whole Foods & Monsanto "cutting a deal." (I remember seeing the film a few years ago about Monsanto and their evil plotting to contaminate & control the very seed supply of the farmers in Canada--where they were willing to kill for greed.) 
This second article tells people how to make their voices known and gives a link to a website to let Whole Foods Market know how its customers think/feel.  I'M SIGNING IT!  Please read the first & second article & add your voice to the Fight to Have Healthy Food--Uncontaminated by GMO's (genetically modified foods produced for maximal profits--Power & Greed Motivations--with total disregard for the consequences to people's health)!
I am VERY dismayed about this.  I was hoping to hear from you that it isn't true.  NOW, I have to recognize that sadly--but not tragically--unless we do "nothing" it is True -- and I can wait no longer to alert other people on my email circle list. 
[I have told James, my co-householder, for years not to be "taken in" by the "All Natural" or "Natural" hype on labels because it can mean just about "anything" -- and that unless it's labeled "Certified Organic," it's not reliably better than conventional--& there's no reason to pay higher prices.  Just because something "looks good" or has the word "natural" in the advertising doesn't mean it's got healthy ingredients inside.  It could be "pumped up" on the agricultural equivalent of sports steriods (GMO's).]
It is hard for me to acknowledge that Whole Foods Market would Betray its "Core Values."  But apparently it has -- & is.  And I feel betrayed by Whole Foods Market!
My mother (Dorothy L. Young--who passed on 13 years ago at the age of 87) was an "Early Warning System" for 50 years of her life to let people know--from Post World War II on to the end of her life--about the dangers of pesticides in & on our foods.  My mother could never have dreamed of what evil Monsanto has cooked up now--to contaminate & control the very SEED of the food we eat--world over. 
What kind of people must these Monsanto people be?  Obviously people with NO sense of morality at all -- only $ GREED!  And they don't care about their lives either or their children or grandchildren's!  They only care about power & control & money! 
Please--Please read both of these articles by Cummins (there's a link) in the link below to the first article) -- & make your voice known also -- to protect your own health, the health of your children & grandchildren -- & the health of our entire civilization & ecosystem & Beautiful Planet!
Thank You.
--Norma J. Young



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