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From: EllenBeth W.
Sent on: Saturday, June 9, 2012 4:21 PM
This is from Rob Curry-


This reminds me of the old saying about cutting off your nose to spite  
your face.

In addition, it's very troubling for me to see the outrageous attacks  
being presented by a few disgruntled individuals and some others who  
are clearly operating with a combination of minimal information, raw  
animosity, unsubstantiated rumors, or even outright falsehoods. Such  
claims need to be subjected to critical scrutiny.
I am especially disappointed after reading Steve Schwartz's  
preposterous comments. here are just four of them that I feel deserve  
a second look:

ONE: Steve makes up facts and repeats lies

[EllenBeth Wachs] seems to have destroyed that good group by  
(apparently) registering the AOF name and/or logo in her own name,

What is the source of this silly rumor? As chapter director for the  
St. Petersburg Chapter of Atheists of Florida, I am aware that It is  
in fact false.

When you present a claim, especially one that is either extraordinary  
or accusatory, then you ought to be prepared to offer the evidence  
upon which you base your belief. In this case, there is only Steve's  
boldly stated assertion, without any visible means of support. How  

TWO: Steve tries to start a damaging rumor

I wonder who has control of the [HFA] bank accounts,

That would be the HFA treasurer, Bob LaSalle. Same as before. Who else?

Really, this kind of insinuation should be beneath you, Steve. Please  
do not let your personal animosities run away with and distort your  
better judgement.

THREE: Steve demonstrates the danger of mixing hostility and confusion

I have also stopped ALL my contributions to the Atheists of Florida  
and the Humanists of Florida until all this mess is cleared up. The  
lawsuits have all been filed and are going through the courts.

Clarification for those who may otherwise be  misled by the above  
sloppy association:

The HFA is not involved in any lawsuits. None, period.
Note: Atheists of Florida is regrettably in the midst of a crisis due  
to an individual unilaterally interfering with the election of "at  
large" members to its board of directors last November. Although five  
active local chapters are carrying on with the prudential affairs of  
that organization, this has also been obstructed by the same  
individual seizing corporate funds (nearly $90,000.00) and relocating  
them to a different bank. Civil action is pending. There is also a  
possibility of criminal complaints being filed depending on the result  
of a careful review of new evidence which has come to light.

FOUR: Steve continues with his obnoxious insinuations

And I'm concerned about the big names that EllenBeth is bringing to  
the conference in her home town (Lakeland). Who pays the speakers  
(like PZ Myers) - IF they get money, and how much, and where did the  
money come from.

Others are quite reasonably pleased that nationally known speakers  
like PZ Myers (who was the recipient of the AHA Humanist of the Year  
Award in 2009) are coming to Florida in September.
While I think EllenBeth deserves credit where it is due, let's be fair  
and recognize that this PZ Myers and all our guests are being brought  
to Florida by the entire organization!

The line-up at this conference is not only exciting, but promises to  
be entertaining and informative, inspiring and motivational. A wide  
variety of speakers are expected to deal with the conference topic  
(Humanism vs. Theocracy) in diverse ways that reflect the reality of  
the diversity among Humanists. Together, this will highlight the unity  
within that diversity of opinions, attitudes and approaches--because  
we all are part of the same struggle to educate others on how Humanism  
represents the values we so desperately need for a peaceful, free,  
secular society that promotes the American ideal of liberty and  
justice for all.

The money, as typical with such conferences, will be raised by the  
conference itself. Really, what is the point of snidely insinuating  
Because HFA is nationally recognized, due to the tireless, selfless  
efforts of our current leadership team, we are better able to attract  
such extraordinary people of this calibre.

I encourage everyone to look into the conference in greater depth and  
detail. With Amendment 8 on the ballot this year, we need to be  
focused on how we can work together rather than become foolishly  
distracted by bitter, pointless infighting.

Some of the speakers I'm really looking forward to are:
•	David Niose: President of the AHA.
•	PZ Myers: Biologist and author of Pharyngula Blog.
•	Shelley Segal: Australian singer and songwriter enchanting the  
secular movement with her heart-felt songs.
•	Teresa MacBain: a.k.a. the "Agnostic Pastor." Her coming out as an  
unbeliever made headlines nationwide on CNN and NPR.
•	Jerry DeWitt: The first "graduate" of the Clergy Project and the  
Executive Director of Recovering From Religion.


Rob Curry
[address removed]

Quoting EllenBeth Wachs <[address removed]>:

I am very dismayed that blatantly false information is being
disseminated with absolutely no attempt at verification. I expect
better from people claiming to be skeptics and humanists.


Why do you find it so easy to trash people's reputations? People
throw out enough garbage something has to stick, right?


ALL THE LAWSUITS??? I have exactly one lawsuit pending right now and
that is because careless, calculating and unfeeling people felt it was
appropriate to defame me  WITHOUT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE all because I
demanded they act in accordance with the AoF bylaws.


I am so sad people can do this.

Read Hancock's Petition. Read our response.

Stop jumping to conclusions with no evidence.

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