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From: Ronnie H.
Sent on: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:08 AM
It is interesting to me to see so many who consider themselves "skeptics" being so terribly unwilling to be skeptical about the worldview that is fed to us by our mainstream media. Being skeptical of the central myth of the Christian religion, or being more broadly skeptical of any belief in something "supernatural," defined in ways specified by the recognized religions, should make one more easily able to critique the "supernatural" set of social constructions that still keep us all in thrall--the conceptual systems of law, governance, economics, et cetera that, like the Platonic world of "God," "sin," redemption," and so on, does not exist at all except in our collective human minds. When we primates began to speak about our forms of social organization, we set up patterns that were probably beneficial at the time, but some of these have grown into monsters of our own making--just witness the ever-growing war machine, the accelerating processes of industrialization that are fueling climate change, polluting our aquifers, increasingly impoverishing the land. We need to un-think some of these entrenched habits of thought in order to create new patterns that will allow us to live more intelligently on this Earth.

What is behind all this destruction? It's hardly just a "conspiracy" of a handful of pitiful little men cooking up their own war games, of whatever persuasion one might want to brand them. It's much larger than that. The ideology is a pathological way of thinking that has spread around the world, focusing our attention on money as the new God, making us blind to the real world of living organisms and other possibilities of relating to them, sustaining our lives without having to bow down to those who would claim to be of greater "worth" because they have accumulated a larger number of symbolic blips in a computer bank somewhere. But this ideology only "works" when combined with a willingness to obey supposed authority instead of thinking for oneself, to "go along with the crowd," even to the point of denying the information provided by one's own senses, as shown by, e.g., the famous Solomon Asch experiment.

I went into philosophy many years ago to try to understand why we humans were being so destructive of the biosphere we all live within, and it is those larger sorts of factors that I target in my writing. But I had no idea of how widespread and stubborn that willingness to yield one's own thinking to someone else's imposed set of beliefs was until I observed the shameful post-9/11
behavior of large numbers of people in this country--even to the point of explicitly defending torture as a morally acceptable option, on the basis of a very primitive emotion stimulated by the propagation of the myth that our "homeland" was under external attack. I am especially disgusted at the many academics who know enough physics to be aware that several hundred thousand tons of mass cannot be instantly converted into massive clouds of dust through the operation of fire and gravity alone, and who choose to look the other way rather than challenging the story that was sold to us.

I have never been one of the "people who see conspiracy in just about any event," and I never spent time obsessing over how many shooters killed JFK, nor have I even looked very far into Area 51, evidence for contact with extraterrestrials, or (sorry Steve) remote viewing (although I think that phenomenon, if real, ought to be investigated further). But to praise the cutting off of intellectual inquiry ("If only people would accept that there are things that just can't be accounted for") into things that are quite real and tangible--like the solidity of concrete and steel, and Newton's laws of physical motion, as applied to the inertia of physical objects--in order to maintain belief in something I consider to be just as "supernatural" as a belief in the Christian God, the belief in a benign, paternalistic government that would never do anything to harm its own citizens (never mind the people outside its borders), seems hardly befitting a group of this sort.

The videos I sent yesterday are valuable in that they focus attention on the dissolution of the buildings and the dust cloud produced. If you just LOOK at what happened, you realize that, whatever brought the series of events about, it obviously was not a matter of the smoldering fires in those buildings bringing about sagging of steel to the point of successive floor "collapse." Something happens very rapidly, shooting dust high into the air, as building structures kind of dissolve, the parts still visible descending in free-fall. You know that solid structures do not behave that way! Of course the scene is frightening--when you witness the laws of nature seemingly violated before your very eyes, it's understandable that fear of something unknown and terrible would descend upon you--the Devil himself has attacked us, later to be vanquished in the form of Osama bin Laden as our cultural mythology would have it. One might think that cooler heads would prevail, more than ten years after the event. But so far the enormous social pressures still prevail--it's been quite an education in group psychology, for those who have been watching all this from outside the box.

Best regards,

On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 8:31 PM, Ronald Scribner <[address removed]> wrote:
It's good to see that someone like Adam has some common sense and learning on the collapse of the towers.  There will always be people who see conspiracy in just about any event.  If only people would accept that there are things that just can't be accounted for or is just happenstance (like there was only one shooter in Dallas in 1963). 
Good for you, Adam!

On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 12:47 PM, Adam Nehr <[address removed]> wrote:
Sorry to be a wet blanket but tthe towers collapsed due to the steel losing tensile strength due to heating as a result of the aircraft impacts.

I analyzed launch films for NASA and worked in ordnance testing for McDonnell Douglas before that. I have experience in controlled implosion and have studied hundreds of ordnance test films.

Any theory suggesting the use of explosives, thermite, controlled demolition etc are proposed by people that are unskilled or uninformed on these subjects.

Controlled demllition of a structure requires extensive preparations that cannot bedone covertly.

Before anyone begins to consider the inside job theories they should ordnance expert who has experience and then consult a motion analyst like me that has ordnance experience. The video confirms without question that the collapse was due to aircraft impact and the subsequent structural failure from heating, nothing more.

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Subject: [atheists-36] Dustification
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For some of you who might still be interested in the topic, here's a recent closer examination of the "what" in "what happened to the Trade Center Towers on 9/11?"

Here's a short version. I don't know what to make of some of the speculation that is raised toward the end, but I think just looking at what happens makes it clear that this was not the result of fire heating the supporting steel to the point of a gravity-induced "collapse":

Dr. Judy Wood brings out details that I wasn't aware of in this longer version:

I really do think the convulsion of denial around these events is generated by the larger question--if the official explanation is false, now what?
If we admit that the powers running the world are not exemplars of benign paternalism after all, where does that leave us, and what is to be done?

Love to hear some ideas about that.


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