Is THIS!? what we want here in the U. S.: All Abortion Criminalized?

From: Norma Jeane Y.
Sent on: Sunday, June 2, 2013 1:03 AM

A 22-yr. old El Salvadoran mother, Beatriz, is fighting for her life this very minute because ALL abortions are criminalized in El Salvador--even for medical necessity as it is for this woman.  More than 15 doctors say that abortion is the only way to save her life imminently threatened by kidney failure.

If the religious extremists in this country led by congressmen like Paul Ryan ("& Co.") have their way, this could be you -- or your sister, mother, aunt, etc.--whose life is threatened by a pregnancy.  What would Ryan say, "It's 'God's Will?'"
God/god gave us Brains to think for ourselves and create the technology -- and Hearts to have compassion to USE the technology to SAVE lives--the lives of adult women when those lives are threatened by another life-in-process trying to form within them -- even in airline safety pre-takeoff instructions, flight attendants tell the female passengers to inflate their flotation device first--& then their child's --knowing that the mother's life is necessary first to preserve the life of the child! 
Once again, the Catholic Church which dominates El Salvador is showing it cares more for its "precious dogma" than its even-MORE-PRECIOUS Parishioners!
I cannot respect a religion that doesn't realize that "God is LOVE" -- & that laws should be based on LOVE.
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From: Dan
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Subject: Fwd: Tell El Salvador the world is watching. #SaveBeatriz
Subject: Fwd: Tell El Salvador the world is watching. #SaveBeatriz
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Beatriz's life is still in the hands of Salvadoran authorities

El Salvador: Stop dragging your feet!

The Salvadoran authorities must act now. Urge officials to comply with the regional court's ruling and to grant Beatriz a life-saving abortion - right now. Before it’s too late.
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Dear Daniel,This is a crucial moment: we need your immediate help to tell the Salvadoran government that they are running out of time to save Beatriz. She's the young Salvadoran mother still waiting for government authorization to receive a life-saving abortion. In the face of a ruling from the Salvadoran Supreme Court on Wednesday denying Beatriz this critical medical procedure, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights told El Salvador it must immediately provide her the treatment she needs to save her life and preserve her health. The Salvadoran Minister of Health has said Beatriz will receive the treatment she needs. So when will she receive this treatment? Why is she still waiting?She's still waiting because in El Salvador, abortion under all circumstances is criminalized. Her health is deteriorating by the day. She's in the early stages of kidney failure, and more than 15 doctors say an abortion is the only way to save her life now. Demand life-saving treatment for Beatriz in El Salvador.If Beatriz went ahead with an abortion now, she, as well as the medical professionals administering the treatment, face arrest and years in jail. This case is simply mind-blowing. Shouldn't the law protect people? A young mother's life is on the line - why won't officials comply with the order from the Inter-American Court and immediately grant her the treatment that she needs to survive? Words aren't enough from the Health Minister; Beatriz needs immediate action on her behalf! Beatriz still has a chance, and she needs your help. Please take action right now to help save her life. To date, the authorities have now received nearly 200,000 signatures asking for Beatriz to receive the treatment that she needs and has asked for.I want to let you know that Beatriz is receiving these messages, and wishes to thank all who are supporting her.We're in this all the way. Let Beatriz know you're right there with her, fighting for her right to live. Please, keep fighting for Beatriz. In solidarity, Cristina FinchManaging DirectorWomen's Human Rights Program
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