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Mixing religion with politics spells disaster

Daniel S.
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Kissimmee, FL
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My letter (below) was published on the Oct. 4 opinion page (page A14) of the Orlando Sentinel. I expect there may be some negative reaction. If anyone would like to send a letter of support to the newspaper that would be helpful. You can go to Orlando Sentinel.com/letters to do so. Letters must be no more than 250 words. No attachments. Be sure to include your full name, home address and phone number. --Dan
P.S. -- The newspaper version is slightly edited. The headline is the same as the title listed above.

Our morals are an innate part of us. Since pre-historic times they have promoted group cohesion and
therefore survival. Today's Johnny-come-lately religions merely adapt and endorse basic concepts
against things like murder, theft and adultery. Important details, such as the number of wives allowed,
may vary but the concepts are the same. The "prophets" decide the details and give them force and
acceptance with the declaration IIGod said!"
Mr. Richards declares that "God is the final decider on what is right and what is wrong." But Mr.
Richards, who is to decide what God is saying? You? Me? The Bible seems to say different things to
different people. Should we go back to polygamy? Should we stone disobedient children at the city
gates? Should we smash the heads of the enemy's children against the city walls? I don't think so.
History shows that whenever religion gains access to political power the result is almost always
disastrous; witness many Muslim governments, early American history and the Dark Ages of European
Christianity. That is precisely why the Founding Fathers established the new and blessedly inspired
concept of separation of church and state. To quote James Madison, "Father of The Constitution," 'The
number, the industry, and the morality of the Priesthood, and the devotion of the people have been
manifestly increased by the total separation of the Church from the State."
Daniel S.
user 4619933
Kissimmee, FL
Post #: 70
The headline is "Mixing religion with politics spells disaster"
Joe M.
user 69649832
Orlando, FL
Post #: 1
Very well written!

Our world badly needs many free thinking writers of this sort to help people realize that we are all this mess together and we can help each other in many ways without wasting time praying to imaginary gods. Also, government will be better for the people when the government officials are sincere in their efforts to help, and don't use religion as a vote attraction tool, because it works in reverse as distraction tool and really hurts society!
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