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Tom D - RIP (formerly Tom D.'s health)

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Greetings all.

Tom not feeling well, if it was supposed to be a secret, would qualify as one of the worst guarded secrets ever.

I do know, it was his attention to make an announcement to the group on Feb 13, which I don't think he did. Sooner or later though, his appearance would have given away the secret as a few of us noticed he was looking a little bit gaunt.

I also know, he wished to blog about his experience and I offered some blogging suggestions for him to consider.
This is the extent of what I know - what I feel I can comfortably discuss in a public forum, at this time.

Fairly common knowledge is he went to the ER yesterday and received treatment for dehydration and electrolyte imbalance and is feeling a bit better. Since we are his gaming family, I felt it would be okay to start this discussion so everyone of this extended family can keep Tom in their thoughts/prayers.

Hurry back Tom.
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Thanks for starting a discussion for this topic. :)

Tom told me it's ok to talk about what's wrong, but I'm not sure how many details he's comfortable with my disclosing. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and went to Roswell last Thursday to have a feeding tube put in to stabilize his weight so he'd be able to tolerate chemotherapy.

He was supposed to go back to Roswell yesterday morning to have a mediport put in, and then he was supposed to get his first chemo treatment yesterday afternoon.

Unfortunately, Tom got much weaker after Thursday's surgery, and continued to weaken further throughout the weekend. Monday morning he was too weak to leave the house.

His doctor told me to call an ambulance and have him taken to the nearest ER. He was in the ER at Buffalo General for about 6 hours yesterday. They treated him for dehydration, high potassium and high blood acidity. Tom started feeling better within moments of receiving treatments to correct the blood imbalances.

Apparently the weakness has been caused by some infection that he's been fighting, though it's unclear right now what that is. Pneumonia was suspected, but so far his lungs look clear. One reason no one realized there was a secondary problem (including the nurses who visited Friday and Saturday) was because his temp went down instead of up, which is the norm.

So he was started on antibiotics and admitted to the ICU. When I called this morning I was told he was in stable condition, and I'll be going back up there this afternoon when I get out of work.

The doctor told me that if he responds well to the antibiotics, then he'll be strong enough to start the chemo, probably in a few days. She also said that he may not respond well to the antibiotics. That would be bad. She advised me to contact his family.

There are other medical concerns which further complicate the situation, but the immediate crisis (blood imbalances) is past, the secondary crisis (infection) is being treated, and the tertiary crisis (cancer) will be addressed by one of the best medical teams in the world if the antibiotics work.

Please pray if you pray, and think positive thoughts if you don't.

Oh, the title for Tom's blog was going to be: "Circling the Drain".

I thought about starting my own blog when it became apparent that he just didn't feel well enough to post anything. Mine would have been called: "Two Crips and a Cane", and would have detailed the comical misadventures of a physically handicapped woman trying - and failing miserably - to help a critically ill man do such ordinary things as: getting out of bed in the morning! (had to call in reinforcements), getting out of a chair to use the bathroom! (backstopped the chair with a storage chest), walking to the bathroom! (short female with bad hip "steadying" large dizzy male), and yet more wackiness.

We started referring to my apartment as the "Crip Crib". :D

The nurses thought we were hilarious. Heck, so did we. :)

Ok, will keep folk posted as new developments occur, and will try to answer any questions asked.
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As a former Nursing assistant, I know there are lines that can be easily crossed when discussing anyone's condition. I also knew you were more free to discuss them than I.

Seeing how not everyone is in the Facebook loop, this could be the official TDU notice!

As far as the blogs go, he can appoint admin to watch over it and/or post in his absence. Perhaps the two of you can both work on it together.

Let me know if you need help or advice.
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A quick reminder for everyone that we can all let our computers help science research in a number of ways.

I host several teams if anyone is interested. Read about some here: http://charlieswebtea...­
or visit the forums:­
Feel free to message me if you have questions.
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Please keep us updated on Tom's condition. Perhaps there is a room number we could send cards/thoughts to?

Any word on his prognosis if they can get the infection under control?
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I was able to visit Tom yesterday. He is now up on the 13th floor, and was willing to accept visitors (or at least accept me as a visitor!)

He specifically asked that I "say HEY" to the Tuesday group, so...

Everyone, Tom says "HEY"!
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He had some complications today and got moved back to the ICU. Likely they just moved him a little too soon.
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Several of us went to see Tom last night. He is now in the Medical ICU on the 6th floor.

Things are really not going well and his spirits are low. If anyone has thoughts of going to see him, I would suggest that you do so sooner rather than later.

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The discussion over at The Buffalo Boardgames Meetup Group is here:

If you're going to go see him, now is the time.
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I received a call from Charles and Jennifer. Tom passed away, peacefully and without pain, just before noon today.
We'll post more details as they become available.
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