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Erlang Anyone?

Shawn M.
Carmichael, CA
Post #: 11
I am curious if there are any local Erlang users. I am starting to pick it up to work on an idea I have and was wondering if there are any users in the area.
Chris O.
Shingle Springs, CA
Post #: 7
I haven't found anyone programming Erlang but there are a handful of us at StreamSend writing Scala, which is similar.
Shawn M.
Carmichael, CA
Post #: 15
Oh ok, thats good to know. i havent really found much anything local for erlang. Seems there a meetup in Frisco, but I dont want to drive that far. The target goal is for a couple small apps, and the main idea is for a game. This would be for the server side code handling all the traffic between players. It seems like erlang would be a great fit. Then again from what I have read scala has benefits too, especially over java.

But for the real time capabilities I want to do, so far from what I have read, erlang seems like the best bet. Before I discovered erlang (im still learning it), my other options were either scala (which ive only read a few chapters on), or python or node (both of which I am comfortable with already to some degree).
Ross S.
user 44688992
Stockton, CA
Post #: 1
I'm not sure of the details of what you are trying to do. But based on the description of Erlang, have you taken a look at Go (golang.org)? It might be a good fit. Onlly thing it doesn't do is link dynamic libraries. It actually can through C within Go optoin. Other thing is that Go has a strong user community (groups.google.com/groups/golang-nuts) which is very nice.
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