What to expect at Saturday Hackternoon June 30?

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Sent on: Thursday, June 28, 2012 11:01 PM
We have Saturday Hackternoon at Hacker Dojo on the 30th.

Currently we have 8 RSVPs.

Obviously, if you are looking to meet a lot of new people, Hackternoon
lacks that critical mass.

But, the Hackternoon Meetup still offers value.

To me, Hackternoon reminds me of Starbucks.

I don't go there to meet new people.

I see it as a place with WIFI where I can get stuff done.

Also it is a great place to work on a project with a coding partner I
already have.

Hackternoon is better than Starbucks though.

The WIFI is better/faster.

You get a table with power.

You get a lot of elbow room.

You are free of distractions which often surround a coffee shop.

If you are looking for a coding partner I list some websites below
where you can troll:

github.com, stackoverflow.com, sdforum.com, vlab.org, linkedin.com,
facebook.com, ...

The scheduled start time is 1pm.

I noticed that we have some new members so I offer some thoughts on
what to expect at Saturday Hackternoon.

We will be in the first large room on the first floor called 'Savanna'.

This room will be used by both Hackternooners and Hacker Dojo members
not in the Meetup.

A great way to make a new friend is ask, "Are you here for Hackternoon?"

A good followup question is, "What are you working on?".

If they are friendly you will find out quickly.

At the Meetup, if you want to code-solo rather than partnered-up, that
is both okay and often done.

Finding a Hackternoon-partner at the Meetup is usually a challenge but
has happened many times.

If you want to attract a Hackternoon-partner I offer some tips:

 - Attach your photo to your Meetup profile
 - Attach your photo to your hackternoon.com profile
 - Post a project at hackternoon.com which looks both easy and interesting

meetup.com/Hackterno­on has over 700 members.

Study the profiles.

If you see someone in there who would make a good partner, send them
an invite to partner up on Saturday.

Also look outside of Hackternoon and invite someone to pair with you
at Hackternoon:

 - http://www.meetup...­
 - http://www.hacker...­
 - http://www.meetup...­
 - http://www.meetup...­
 - http://www.meetup...­
 - http://www.svandr...­
 - http://www.sfruby...­
 - http://www.meetup...­
 - http://www.meetup...­
 - http://www.meetup...­
 - http://www.meetup...­
 - http://www.meetup...­

Most people on meetup.com are open to invites.


Meetup.com was created for people to meet each other.

I look forward to seeing you at the next Hackternoon.

-- Dan (Hackternooner Founder)

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