Chris L.

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Hong Kong

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August 23, 2012


What kind of gamer are you? Wanderer, Storyteller, Munchkin, etc.

Storyteller. I'm more interested in creating interesting, rather than powerful characters. So I'm likely to invest more effort in coming back with complex back stories and outfit my characters with abilities that "feel" cool rather than "work well".

With what system would you most like to play?

Pretty much the only systems I know well are 3.5e and 4e. Personally I prefer a mixture of both - in terms of play style I like the 4e for its more consistent, thematic approach to multiclassing; but I also prefer the 3.5 treatment to classic races such as Gnomes and Elves. I'm generally not picky at all and am willing to try out any new systems at your suggestion!

In what setting would you most like to play?

One of the good things about being brand new is that I'm open to new experiences - I will say "no" to very few settings. Dark fantasy (Eberron/Pathfinder/Planescape), Cyberpunk, Steampunk... anything goes with me. My only preference is to keep the tone realistically dark.


I like watermelons.

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