Evolution of Just for Fun Games and other info

From: Kerry H.
Sent on: Thursday, July 26, 2012 10:42 AM

Although the Wed night game group was originally started to play more "party" style games, we have had quite a few new members lately who have come interested in Euro games.  Last night, we were able to split into two groups, one playing Dominion and one playing lighter games.

 I would like to welcome back some people who tried our Wed night group once and indicated they were looking for more nerdy games than we were playing. I think we have enough traffic on Wed nights to accomodate both the longer Euro games and the shorter sillier games. So if you are named Michael (jk) and want to play Settlers or other nerdy games, please join us on the 2nd and 4th Wed nights at Harvest Cafe in Hudson. Plenty of room for all of us! (And BTW, you are encouraged to order food and drinks during games, but some folks come early and sit at the bar, chatting and having dinner. That is a pretty nice way to spend an evening.)

Courtney, the group organizer, will continue her Friday night D&D game, but that is at her house. If you are interested in joining one of the more hardcore game groups that meets at her house on the weekends, you will have to first get vetted through the Wed night groups at Harvest Cafe when Courtney attends.

Also, Michael is looking at hosting a Saturday mid-day game group at Harvest Cafe in August, but isn't sure he can commit to a date. Harvest Cafe told us we are welcome any Saturday day EXCEPT August 11th, so if Ann or Joe or someone wants to host a nerdy game on one of those Saturdays at Harvest, please let Courtney know and she will create an event.

And don't forget to let love rule and tip your server.

Your Cylon hostess,


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