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Trails that are safe to solo hike- suggestions?

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Bear Repellant Spray is strong stuff! You can get a can at REI for ~$35 and it has a shelf life of several years. Small price to pay for personal protection. Some people recommend buying two cans and using the first to practice with so you know how to use the other when the times comes. You don't want to spray this upwind, if possible! Be advised, though, you cannot take this on a plane and some parks (e.g., Yosemite) don't allow it.

A lot of women hike with their dog(s), too, but a little yorkie isn't going to cut it. If someone makes conversation and asks where you're headed to, don't be specific (i.e., "I am going to ____.") Instead, answer ambiguously - "Not sure - haven't decided yet" or, better yet, say something like "I'm meeting my boyfriend/husband in a few minutes - he's on the way/waiting for me/right behind me." A lot of books are available in the public library on hiking, written by women, that have sections that describe various strategies women can employ for self-defense. Knowledge is power!
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Thank you, Joe! I am knocking the dust of my library card this weekend. Joe, in all sincerity, I am much obliged to you.
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Jo, you're very welcome. I'm glad to help. smile

In case you don't know this, you're not limited to the selection of books at the local branch you visit. If you go onto the Houston Public Library website, if you find a book at a different branch that you would like to request, you can have it transferred to the local branch nearest to you. When it arrives (usually in just a week or less), they'll notify you by email so you can go in and check it out. That saves you from having to drive all over town and burn gas to get the books you're interested in. The library system has a fleet of trucks that move things between branches constantly, so let them transport it for you.

I also have a Harris County Public Library card and access their website in the same way so I have access to their resources.

Finally, there is a program called the Interlibrary Loan Library (ILL) system. It's not a physical library or a place you can visit, but rather an internet-based system that you can access through the HPL or HCPL websites. Through this program, you can broaden your search and obtain books from participating libraries from all over the country/world! They'll transport the books to your local branch for temporary loan. Sometimes they'll ask how much you are willing to pay, but payment is not required. I've always put $0 and received hundreds of items (not just books) from all over the country. It's not very well known, but it's a great way to access free resources using those hard-earned tax dollars we pay. biggrin Your local librarian can explain the ILL system in more detail if you're interested.

Using local and ILL libraries, you'll have no problem in finding LOTS of books on personal protection, self-defense, hiking, backpacking, camping, or whatever you're interested in. Have fun!
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Boaz A.
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I am just listening to the book - Wild by Cheryl Strayed. She hiked the Pacific Crest Trail alone - one month, ? miles). I got the download / CD from the library. I recommend it to hikers. I am really enjoying it. http://www.pcta.org/...­ . Boaz
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