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Lyle S.
Houston, TX
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all emphasis below added by myself not by the writers......

to _______


hey thanks for sending. due diligence finally pays off. i will share with my fellow skeptiks. THE WORLD WON'T END IN 2012..but it could end sooner confused
but alas i will feel remorse KNOWING that i won't have any chances of partying with a bunch of hot alien girls.

isn't that what the movie KNOWING is all about? well now i guess it would be pointless to go see it.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 12:20 PM, __________ wrote:
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Copied from the net.

This what i was looking for!



The Earth’s “passing” through the galactic plane on December 21, 2012 is in reference to how we view the sun and galactic plane from the vantage point of the Earth’s orbit. Twice a year – on or near June 21 and December 21 – the sun appears to align with the galactic plane (as seen from Earth). That is not to say that the Earth is literally or physically passing through the plane of the Milky Way galaxy.

To envision the orbit of the solar system around the galactic center demands a change in perspective. Astronomers estimate that the sun (and solar system) takes some 225 million years to complete one full revolution around the galaxy. And according to the astronomer Karen Masters, we pass through the galactic midplane about every 35 million years.

From the accounts that I have read, the solar system lies north of the galactic plane, and is continuing to move north of the galactic plane at the rate of 7 kilometers per second. It’s my understanding that we won’t pass through the galactic plane for millions of years to come. For one example, I quote from the astronomer Ken Croswell’s article The Brightest Red Dwarf (next to last paragraph), “As they orbit the Milky Way, stars bob up and down through the galactic plane like horses on a merry-go-round. At the moment the Sun is a bit north of the galactic plane and moving northward at 7 kilometers per second. This velocity carries the Sun—and us—upward 1.5 astronomical units each year. In 15 million years, the Sun and our descendents will attain a height of 200 to 250 light-years above the galactic plane. After that, we will plunge back down."

In short, it doesn’t look like we’ll be literally passing through the galactic plane on December 21, 2012, or anytime soon! You can read more at Astronomy Answers 21 December 2012

From: Lyle
Subject: Re: 2012 info

hmm....i dunno but i kinda think investigating 'prophesies' is less than scientific.

which of the words in your two emails are actually your's a bit confused if these are your comments. the type is identical and no quotations are used. pls clarify your own words.

as for "higher density of stars close to the galactic plane leads to more impact events" comment...i think there are several known mass extinction event initiators....not just asteroid impacts and/or cosmic collisions. This statement seems to be a lot of conjecture and not detailed with factual info. but it's blood racing...

My friend chris saw KNOWING yesterday...What did you think of it Chris???

Did you see it yet David? maybe we can see it for free with the passes you sent out this frday or saturday...lemme know.

2009/3/26 <______>

Read this guy.

For many years i have known about the Mayan Calendar coming to a end on December 21, 2012. Much of my of biblical knowledge of prophecies
and predictions from other sources such as Edgar Cayce go back to the early seventies. My background in math an science as well as my life time fascination for the heavens
and ancient cultures has also filled my brain with many facts and trivia. In recent years, global climate change controversies and renewed interest in the Mayan Calendar have
combined with scientific facts to further picque my interest in the reality of December 21, 2012.

I decided to do more research on the coming years and attempt to separate fact from fiction. I also decided to organize my findings and questions on this blog.

Just today, I was having a discussion about what I had read recently and I mentioned the increased levels of solar activity and that I had just read they may peak in 2012.
That led to a discussion of the Mayans, possible contact with alien civilations, the biblical concept of “the rapture”, increased UFO activity after World War II and theories that
modern day UFO visitations may correlate to planetary changes on Earth and the possibility that the aliens are here to save earthlings when Earth is destroyed.

Sound weird?

Consider this. We had seen the previews of the movie, “Knowing”, but I knew little about it. Well, as fate would have it I saw the movie today. The discussion we had earlier
was the theme of the movie. That leads me to my next question. Was this movie an idea of the government to gently indoctrinate the public to the idea of problems on Earth as we approach
the year 2012?

After you read some of the theories and facts that I will present to you soon, this may not sound so far fetched.

Consider the following:

For the first time in approx 26,000 years, the solar system will pass through the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy as predicted by the Mayans. First of all, how did they know this?

Now, for a snippet of fact that apparently many people are not aware of from Wikipedia:

“The Apex of the Sun’s Way, or the solar apex, is the direction that the Sun travels through space in the Milky Way.. The general direction of the Sun’s galactic motion is towards the
star Vega near the constellation of Hercules, at an angle of roughly 60 sky degrees to the direction of the Galactic Center. The Sun’s orbit around the Galaxy is expected to be roughly
elliptical with the addition of perturbations due to the galactic spiral arms and non-uniform mass distributions. In addition, the Sun oscillates up and down relative to the galactic plane
approximately 2.7 times per orbit. This is very similar to how a simple harmonic oscillator works with no drag force (damping) term. These oscillations often coincide with mass extinction periods on Earth; presumably the higher density of stars close to the galactic plane leads to more impact events.”

Did you catch that?

“These oscillations often coincide with mass extinction periods on Earth”

Now I watch a lot of History, National Geographic and Discovery Channel and I do not recall hearing about this.

Stay tuned as I Investigate December 21, 2012, the Mayan Calendar and numerous other phophesies and scientific facts.


A former member
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"Guatemalan Highlands-According to a team of leading Mayanist scholars, who today announced the findings of a 10-year study of the ancient mesoamerican civilization's complex and elaborate hieroglyphic based writing system, the 2012 Mayan Calendar will feature a kitten hanging from a tree branch accompanied by the words "Hang in there, baby!"

The Mayan Calendar, considered by many to predict the end of the world on December 21, 2012, is well known for the sometimes controversial images chosen to represent various calendric cycles. As of late, the calendar has shifted towards more acceptable pictures, ranging from babies sitting in flower pots and other containers to anthropomorphized animals. The calendar has certainly come a long way considering that just 1500 years ago it was common to find depictions of human sacrifices and horrifying drawings of the Mayan gods of death and putrefaction.

"I couldn't be prouder of the accomplishments of my team," archaeologist and lead researcher Dirk Fletcher explained. "The cat is just adorable, and it's something that everyone can relate to because we've all had days like that, you know. I can't imagine a better image to represent the horrendously violent and bloody destruction of all humanity.""
user 7881900
Spring, TX
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I'll be at next week's meetup if I can scoop up all my brains that just exploded.
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Affects of the Larry King/Jenny McCarthy episode?
user 7881900
Spring, TX
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eww, that too! I don't know why I watched it. I'm sad and mad.
Lyle S.
Houston, TX
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I saw Monsters vs Aliens this weekend....and oh i just cracked when i saw that tiny poster of the "Hang in there, baby!" kitten in the otherwise empty cellblock for Ginormica. truly ominous!!! a sign that the end was not exactly what she had expected! laughing

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It's a good thing I don't believe in the Mayan's Calendar otherwise I would have to get smart and build a spaceship shooting for the star trek stars biggrin
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