Explanation of Member Levels

I've adopted the following member levels to help differentiate experience levels, roles in the group, and other fun characteristics. These are intended to be both fun and practical. They are practical in the sense that they help me better keep track of member experience levels and better organize and target events based on those levels.

I hope you all accept them in the spirit which they were intended! smile I'm open to suggestion for the defining and assigning of new member levels.

Please Note: maintaining the member levels for each member profile is not something I constantly stay on top of, so they may not always be in sync with your actual experience.

  • Foal: A new member that has not yet attended a donkey leading orientation session or has attended less than two regular walking/hiking events.

  • Fence-Sitter: A member who has been with the group for "a while", but has not yet attended an event. "A while" is subjectively determined by me and relative to the time of year and number of opportunities to attend events that have passed. This is not meant to be a pejorative label as I realize that many reasons prevent people from attending. My goal is to schedule the kind of events that allow and encourage all members to attend. While I appreciate having a group with a large number of members, the measure of the actual success of a group is the number of active participants, so, let me know what I can do to help you get off the fence! smile

  • Weanling: In the equine world, a weanling is a horse/donkey that has just been weaned from it's mother but is not yet a year old. In our meetup group, this is a member who's attended the Donkey Walking 101 but not yet had enough experience after that to be considered a yearling. In other words, one who only had the opportunity to be oriented but participated in additional sessions beyond that.

  • Yearling: In the equine world, a yearling is a horse/donkey that is between one and two years old. No longer a foal but not yet an adult. In our meetup group, this is a member who has attended an orientation session and/or several events, but does not yet have enough experience to demonstrate a proficiency and comfort level handling and walking the donkeys.

  • Jennet or Jack: In the donkey world, a jennet (or jenny) is a female donkey and a jack is a male. (A "gelding" is a fixed male. Females are typically not fixed and so there is no corresponding term). When these terms are not paired with foal or yearling, etc, they indicate a fully adult donkey. In our meetup group, these terms apply to those who demonstrate proficiency in donkey handling and walking but are not experienced enough to be able to provide a leadership or training role in orientation or walking events. This type of member generally, has been an active member of the group for a year or more or has matured early through outstanding participation or previous experience.

  • Herd-leader: A female with leadership responsibilities in the group. (Sorry guys, in the donkey world, the gals are always the herd-leaders. But, don't despair, you can be a herd-sire).

  • Herd-sire: A male with leadership responsibilities. You're got the experience and confidence to bray out your leadership qualities in the group. (Whether or not the jennets actually acknowledge those qualities is a different story wink)

  • Mule: Role to be determined but seems like it'd be a good one.

Other Roles/Titles:

  • Chief Jackass: Reserved for Steve

  • Big Bray of Sunshine: A volunteer for the Little Brays of Sunshine therapy donkey organization.

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