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Columbus, OH

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January 13, 2013

Tell us why you joined IgniteTech

I founded Ignite Tech to help create an energetic and dynamic community of people launching and growing tech and Internet ideas and projects. In turn I hope these ideas will lead to more launches of full-blown ventures and companies that create new wealth.

How can we best help you ... launch a new idea, grow an existing idea or venture, startup investment opportunities, employment with a tech startup, general networking ... etc.?

I hope IgniteTech can become a catalyst for launching all sorts of tech and Internet ideas. In addition to IgniteTech, I'm also conceiving and launching digital media content and programming experiments under "The Looney Executive" banner. So I hope IgniteTech can help me to vet, launch, and test these experiments.

Tell us your story (the condensed version please!). Who are you and what area of tech and Internet startups hold your passion and interest?

In the early 90's I enthusiastically launched my first startup, a tech services company in the DC area. On the one hand it was a temporary moment in heaven. I'd launched my own startup! But a few short years later it was my gateway to Hell as I witnessed the crashing and burning of my first baby. ... Welcome to the World of Business! ... Since then my adventures include: 1)Working as a tech consultant on dozens of projects; 2) Consulting with dozens of small businesses; 3) Crashing and burning a 2nd time; 4) Creating and hosting a business TV show; 5) Creating and hosting multiple podcasts shows where I interviewed tech entrepreneurs, investors, and executives around the U.S. My main passions and interests include - 1) Helping build a dynamic tech startup community; 2) Conceiving and launching ideas for entertainment-based content and programming targeted to a business audience; 3)Mobile apps; 4) Gamification.

In a Mogul vs Mogul gladiator tournament of tech entrepreneurs who do you think would be the final two gladiators and who would emerge victorious as the greatest tech entrepreneur of all time?

It depends on what you mean by "greatest" (and yes .. by you I mean "me" because I'm the one that wrote the question). If greatest means the person that created the most wealth then maybe Bill Gates and Larry Ellison square off. If it means most prolific creator of ventures perhaps its Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, or Elon Musk. ... So as the bell sounds for the championship bout, the final 2 gladiators will be ... Steve Jobs vs Thomas Edison ... Both gladiators get rocked and knocked down by the other. But Jobs prevails in a 12th round split decision. Edison's camp immediately demands a rematch. Not wanting another round with Edison, Jobs offers all of them iPhones, iPads, and the yet unreleased iTV.

It's not all work, work, work all the time! We also like to have some fun too. So I'm curious ... Who or what makes you laugh (comedian, TV show, movie, certain writer, particular situations ... etc.)?

Comedians - C. Rock, R. Pryor, G, Carlin, J. Rivers, B. Hicks, R. Gervais, S. Silverman, Louis Ck, D. Hughley ... TV - Dark Shadows (I laugh now but it scared the hell out of me when I was a child); Frasier; Barney Miller; 2 1/2 men; The Bernie Mac Show; Daily Show; Cosby Show; Family Guy; Buffy; Girlfriends ... Movies - Hot Tub Time Machine; Barbarians at the Gates; Blazing Saddles; Airplane; Monty Python and the Holy Grail; The Hangover; Being There; Let's Do It again; Cooley High; Fast Times at Ridgemont High; The Nutty Professor (E. Murphy version) ... Situations - Old dudes with age-inappropriate women; Slightly delusional self-important egomaniacs that run businesses; When naive entrepreneurs think their first startup will get a $1,000,000,000 valuation within 6 months of launch


I'm a business adventurer! I write "The Looney Executive" blog, host podcasts, and produce live events focused on the world of business. I've also crashed and burned 2 tech ventures. But my motto is ... Experiment, Fail Forward and Have Some Fun!

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We're over 210 members now. IgniteTech's mission is to facilitate connections between founders, tech talent, and others wanting to build a dynamic tech startup scene in SW Ohio.

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