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The Denver Improv Comedy Meetup Group is an opportunity for its members to become official organizers and co-organizers of improv comedy meetups.

Let this Meetup be your excuse to coordinate improv meetups that you've always wanted to do. I am the most recent organizer (February 2008), the improv Meetups that I've always wanted to do are introductory walking improvisational comedy games done outdoors in urban parks. By "introductory," I mean that improv introduces not only improv, but also other topics. I like the idea of exercising outdoors while laughing, learning and being with other walkers and non-walkers (like bench sitters) who have similar topics of interest. An urban park setting is great for both walkers and non-walkers.

I was a Walk Co-Host for the first (non-Meetup) Improvisational Comedy Topic-Talk Walk on January 30, 2008. In February 2008, I became the new organizer for the Meetup group Topic-Talk Walks (TTW): Meetup Metro Denver! (http://walkers.meetup... and http://TopicTalkWalks... )

This TTW group is an opportunity for improvisational comedy artists and audiences in all topics of interest to explore and develop outdoor walking improv games as an introduction to many topics of interest. Each TTW group has 6 to 15 walkers who walk (or are sitting bystanders) for 1-hour in an urban park setting. Improv games are used to initiate topic introductions and discussions for the second half of the walk. Improv artists may become the best TTW Hosts for walks covering a wide range of topics. My hope is that together, we will discover a way for TTW Hosts to be paid in-kind and/or in cash for their services as TTW grows

To express my gratitude to the previous organizer of The Denver Improv Comedy Meetup Group, I have kept the name of the group the same, and below I have put quotations around the previous organizer's message about this Meetup.

"This meet up group is for those people that love improv comedy.
Plays Well With Others performs once a month but there is improv
almost every night of the week somewhere in Denver. Maybe you just
prefer to watch or maybe you want to find out where to take classes
in Denver. We hope you join our group and enjoy."
- previous organizer of The Denver Improv Comedy Meetup Group

Please help the members of this Meetup to know what you would most enjoy by answering the 5 questions I added to our profiles. As new organizers and co-organizers step up, this information will help them discover a match with their personal favorite improv Meetups. Feel free to answer "Other:" if your interests either do not include TTW, or include additional interests.

I am both a new member and a new ?fill-in? organizer of The Denver Improv Comedy Meetup Group. When I first visited this group's web site, the screen said this site was going to close in 3 days, and needed a new organizer. I didn't want to see this group close. That?s why I became your new ?fill-in? organizer. I?m looking forward to passing the baton to a more qualified improv organizer.

I?ve always enjoyed improv as an audience, and occasionally as an amateur improv artist with family and friends, but I?m not a trained improv artist, or even a dedicated improv enthusiast. Eventually a more qualified improv representative will volunteer to take my place as organizer. I would be happy to be a co-organizer if this group has an interest in the TTW improv format.

Would you like to see a local example of an improv artist style that I think would be an excellent example for a TTW Walk Host? The A.C.E. improv artists Linda Klein and Barbara Gehring are a good example. Why? Well, in addition to loving laughter, I love positive innovative and creative improv. What do I mean by "positive innovative and creative improv?" I think the preview of their "Girls Only" production is a good example of what I hope will be the introductory improv style for TTW walks. You can view the "Girls Only" preview on YouTube at

Here's hoping we'll have a chance to improv together.

Your "Fill-in" Organizer - Fran Rew

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