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IMUPC is a Meetup photo club, organized to meet the needs of/and for all levels of photographers with all makes and models of cameras...from film, point & shoot, the most sophisticated of the DSLRs, and now the I Phone!!!   This club exists to foster a platform for its members to learn and grow thru additional informal educational opportunities by sharing their knowledge and skills with other members.  The club provides opportunities thru various meetings, photo shoots, taking part in local galleries, etc..  The club offers a fun monthly photo challenge for those members who want to take part.  The club attempts to assist with a variety of community projects and services.  Fun and a sense of good will are prime in all endeavors.

Over the past few years, since IMUPC was first conceived, it has strived to offer a variety of offerings and opportunities to its membership.

Most recently, we moved from our home at the "Attic" (2nd floor of the Carriage House a part of the Propylaeum) to its new location at the IU Health Building (950 N. Meridian).  The Atrio Café has graciously offered us total gallery space in their dining area; and offered us use of their attached conference room, complete with projector and screen. 

With building security issues, I have decided to hold only Post-Processing group meetings at this location (at this time), which will take place between 6:30 - 8:30 pm on the 4th Thursday of each month.  To satisfy requirements of building security...members planning to attend this group, must:

 1) RSVP no later than 12 noon of the Tuesday prior to the meeting

2)  Sign in (and out) at the Security Desk...1st floor, Lobby

3) Parking will be across Illinois street in the Employee "Silver Lot".  This lot is monitored for safety and is the lot the Security Desk staff have designated for us.

4) There will be no late "drop ins".  If your name does not appear on the Sign-In list at the Security Desk, you will not be allowed to attend the meeting.

5) The meeting will start at 6:30 pm.  Plan to arrive before that time.  If you have a problem, please call and let the security folks know.  (I'll fill this number in shortly).

Monthly meetings (2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm), unless noted otherwise..  Locations for these meetings are as follows:

July and going forward, will be at the Grindstone Charley's Speedway.

I found that trying to shift the meeting from east side to west side causes too much confusion...both for members and locations where we had planned to hold our meetings. So, we will be consistent with the location...and use the Speedway location...back room.

This restaurant is very accommodating and their food prices are quite reasonable. 

Wall Hangings:

Atrio:  With recent changes in Security requirements, I will be changing this.  I will be posting specifications here.

Indiana Landmarks:  We will not be having a show at the Indiana Landmarks this year due to a high demand of space as a result of this being a Bi-Centennial Year.

Central Library (May):  Contact Jim Eickman if interested no later than the end of April.  The theme is "Homeless".  This will be a rather big show with Jim being the featured artist and the rest of us filling in the many other spaces.  There are a lot of other spaces!  (Hint:  What are you learning from the Vivian Maier and Dorothea Lange videos?  What about "Street Photography"?  "What about Black & White"?

This is a great opportunity!
Dues: $20/year effective after a 30 day Trial period.  After the 30 days, if not paid, Meetup electronically and automatically deletes the membership.  Once paid, the renewal date becomes one year from that date.    

Families:  Only one member needs to pay dues. Other members of the immediate family may attend any/all meetings, activities, photo shoots, etc.  Exception:  Drawings are only for the paid member.

Single members:  You may bring up to two guests; but if the guest continues to come past the two times, they are expected to join on their own.

Special giveaways/drawings, etc.: These are only for paid members.  Exception:  the Christmas Party, where everyone gets something...even the kids!

"Where does the dues $$ go?" and "How is this Meetup Group structured different from other photo clubs?"

Don't ask "Where does the dues $$ go?" please.  Every once in a while, thank goodness not often, I am asked.  I do not keep records as I have way, way, too much (an overwhelming amount) paper work now. 

Structurally, we are not an organized for-profit nor a not-for-profit.  We are simply a "group" who jointly enjoy photography in some form or the other.  I am and have been the organizer (owner) of this group for over 5 years.  I joined in March 2010, and took over as organizer in August 2011.  We do not have voting committees (president, secretary/treasurer, etc.).  I do not want to get into that type of political structure.  Instead I have a philosophy and expectations I want to be assured are maintained.  So, I will be asking various members to assist with various roles to keep this group on track and running smoothly.   There have been some wonderful folks helping in the past, some have moved on and some are still with me.  The volunteer offerings keep coming.  So, we must be doing something right!  I believe it is an innate desire toward helping one's fellow man... (in this case, with photography).

If you look at our list of Organizers for this year (2016), you will see some new names added, some dropped from last year, and some who've been on the list for several years.  All this has to do with what's going on in the club, what's being offered, and who's willing to help.  Tom McFarland has been on the Organizers' list for over 5 years.  I hope he never tires as he does a fantastic job...and the Monthly Photo Challenge is one thing I believer everyone enjoys.  I'm here to say, that would be a hard position to replace.  Eric Scott Miller also has been on the list for several years.  He stepped up to work with us re your post-processing ambitions.  He does a superb job and is quite patient with all us novices!  

The list goes on (I tried to limit this some, but it's a bit difficult to do as everyone is an individual and each seems to have something different to offer.   They can, and they do!  I love it!!!).  Some offer expertise in specific areas that are not frequent and make me aware of special offerings, classes, valuable information that members may need/want to know.  Rad Drew is a perfect example of this.  (Speaking, I just got an email from him telling me about some special offerings which some I will post for members to look into.)   Rad offers I Phone classes, many of which I've taken, and will continue to take.  He also lets us know when there are "free" offerings; and when he and his partner, Sally Wolfe, or his wife (Nancy Lee) offer travel classes (I'd love to do one of those someday!)  Rad also offers other classes and personal instructing too.  Matt Corsaro, Stan Gurka, and Kevin Kiley are all instructors at Focus On Studio in Carmel.  They offer a variety of specialized studio type classes (I've taken several)  and we even had a series of dates last year for our members.  I also just finished a great class with Kevin Kiley, who commented that he'd like to get involved more with our club when in town...(Kevin goes back/forth between here and Ecuador).  That group offers ton of good information and advice; they've worked with me/us re use of their studio and let us know when they have monthly "Open Houses" there where you can go and shoot or network "for free".  Their classes are excellent ones...(you need to attend some!  I have!)  Tom Stephens presented on Astrophotography last Christmas 2014.  He tapped on a lost interest and I will be going to the Indianapolis Astronomical meeting January 30 with hopes of joining and getting more of you involved in this great type of photography.  (For Christmas this year, I purchased for myself an inexpensive telescope...inexpensive compared to what some cost!)   If you're interested in looking into this, join me/us at one of their either Butler Holcomb or Link (near Mooresville).  Tom has offered to 1) show us his telescope setup in his home (sure to be amazing) and also 2) take us on some  "nature" tours as he is a biochemist by schooling and will give us a more in-depth understanding of what you might be photographing.  He also is well versed in water photography and astrophotography.

Jim Eichman...some of you know and have had the pleasure of meeting him last fall when he presented on "the Homeless" at the Milano Inn.  Have you noticed  that the videos we've been seeing and going to be seeing have a lot to do with street photography, black & white, and some "homeless".  Jim will be presenting again in May at the Central Library.  Mark your calendars.  That will be a huge exhibit and he has asked us if we would like to take part.  Jim needs to know no later than the end of April if you want to participate.

And, I don't want to forget Don Fitzpatrick.  We met Don last year when doing a Walk & Talk at the Stutz Building.  Since then he and his wife, Christine, and I have become very good friends.  Don is an artist, videographer, cinematographer, photojournalist, and photographer.  He is limited on his time, but said he'd like to come occasionally and is more than willing to share his knowledge.  I feel truly blessed! have all these folks doing all this, "What does Carol do?"  This is another "don't ask".  I guess you could say I'm an organizer and facilitator.  I do almost all the "behind the scenes" work, I work at getting people lined up to do what needs to be done; places for us to exhibit, etc., etc., etc....and I network a LOT!

I work hard at trying to provide you with a wide array of opportunities, experiences, networking, education, challenges, ...and friendships all associated with photography.  I do this for my love of art and photography, but probably more so for personal reasons that has nothing to do with photography or money.  Having worked in the healthcare field most of my working life, I know the extreme importance of being around people you enjoy being around and doing things you truly love.  So exchange the words "people" with "you" and "things" with "art and photography"..  There, you got it!

Do those who offer their time get paid?  How I wish I could offer that, but can't.  I have several members who are quite skilled and knowledgeable and offer their expertise and help make this group run successfully.  Neither can I or you afford to pay their valued salary.  I offer them free membership, which is a pittance compared to their worth.  With their help, putting this all together in some form of organized structure, takes an untold amount of time...and you guessed it...more money than dues could ever begin to cover.

So....back to the beginning question of "Where does the dues money go?"

If you surmize that I'm getting rich, please know, that the amount I receive from dues is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what I am pulling out of my own pocket.  So...I ask you, "Please do not ask me that question.."   Examples of costs:  Projector, laptop, tables/chairs, food, studio portrait equipment, backdrops, occasional food with plates, water, soft drinks, videos, books, Christmas gifts, flash drives, cards for some's cameras, easels, picture frames, matts, tape, markers, and the list goes on and on.  And, some speakers are free, some expect a gratuity.  Some locations where we have photo shoots are free, some cost (I don't always pay these...but do on occasion).  Last year I gave away some classes for FocusOn Studio and even paid for us to have several evenings there to practice.  When we have our shows at the Indiana Landmarks...I've paid double to have extra nice hors d'oeuvres to make the evening special for you and your friends and family.   As you can imagine...just preparing al this, takes an untold amount of time and effort and stick-to-itiveness.  I don't get paid for that...  It's all volunteer.  So, if/when I hear "Where does my dues go?", don't be surprised if I get a bit out of sorts!

I lowered the dues this year to $20 from what I felt was still a small amount at $30....because it hurt deeply last year when I had a dear friend (x-friend now) at the time ask that question.  My goal is not to make money off our members...  My goal is to provide all of you with the opportunities I spoke of above...and I hope to somehow and in someway, repay you in an amount much greater than any you have given to help support this club.  The goal is to get involved, and help yourself by helping others...


Opinions expressed by the Indy MU Photo Club members are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of the Indy MU Photo Club or its organizers. Indy MU Photo Club is not responsible for and does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information supplied in the website.

In addition, Indy MU Photo Club members are responsible for their own photo submissions. By submitting, members certify that photo(s) are original and do not infringe on any third-party rights. Indy MU Photo Club is not responsible for the ownership or rights to or for any photos.
Membership Expectations:

1.  The Organizer is the owner of this Meetup group, called "Indy Meetup Photo Club", also "IMUPC", and the one who establishes and presents the philosophy and direction of the club, the MISSION STATEMENT.

2.  All leadership positions are appointments made by the Organizer.

3.  Members, especially those in leadership positions, are expected to be knowledgeable of the Mission Statement and actively support it.

4.  All members, regardless of type, amount of equipment, or experience or knowledge, will be treated equally and fairly.  There will be no exceptions to this.

5. Integrity of the club will be maintained.  Obscenity, offensive language, intimidation, snide, sarcastic, hurtful and/or derogatory comments, and/or inappropriate behavior either at or against the club, the leadership, or any of its members will not be tolerated. Those members may be removed from the membership, and it will be at the sole discretion of the organizer as to any future action toward those members.

6.  IMUPC will not host or be associated with photos that hint or imply inappropriate or indecency.

7. Boudoir photography can be beautiful; it can enhance gracefulness and charm; and by many considered an artful credit; but to others it's considered quite offensive, especially if taken too far.  Since it borders on the fence; this club will not permit boudoir photography as a part of any of the club's agendas or on any of its associated websites.  Concurrently, if a member has a link posted to/for their own website, and that site contains such, that site neither may be permitted.  This club makes no judgments toward anyone wanting to pursue that area of photography...just not in this club setting.

8.  Guest speakers are invited to attend educational meetings based on anticipated wants/needs of the membership.  Respect and full attention is always an expectation of members.  Any member who is disruptive may subject himself for dismissal either from the meeting(s) or from the club.

9.  Members who step-up to lead an event are more than appreciated and given full authority for the event as long as their plans are presented to the organizer and approved.

10. Once given authority, members who sign up to assist the event host, must follow the direction of the event host.

11. Captions must accompany all pictures uploaded with exception of rules for the Monthly Photo Challenge - otherwise photos may be deleted.

12.  Dues have been changed to $20/year and will remain as such unless it is felt they need to return to the $30 level.

13.  To participate in any meetings, photo shoots, etc., dues must be paid, unless in the pre-membership Trial (30 days).  This is only fairness to those who faithfully pay dues.

14.  Members who bring guests, are responsible for that person and their conduct.   Age limit is 13 yo and older.

15.  All cell phones, laptops, notebooks, I-Pads or any other electronic devices must be turned off and put away during meetings  Use of these during a meeting, show disrespect and the person(s) involved will be asked to leave. Anyone may subject himself to dismissal from the club by continuing use.

16.  Leadership members are expected to attend and take part in the Annual Gallery Show.

As the organizer of this fabulous group, I wish to thank everyone and every contribution, sacrifice, and effort made toward making and improving its growth and health.  THANK YOU!!!!

OUR MOTTO:  "Helping Yourself by Helping Others"

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