HERE?S LOOKING AT YOU KID - A Year End Evaluation

From: Kent S.
Sent on: Thursday, December 6, 2007 9:24 AM
From the Weiman Consulting Letter


I love the end of the year. Aside from holiday parties and spending time with friends and family, it is a wonderful time to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of the past 12 months.

There is something powerful about reviewing what you?ve accomplished and what obstacles got in your way. Looking at your goals and measuring your performance against where you had hoped to be.

Almost everyone reading this newsletter is in a senior leadership position. That means that you will be doing plenty of year-end evaluations of others. And you?ll probably receive feedback from supervisors, a 360, or even a Board.

But there?s something else you can do: You can look at yourself. Here?s how to do it:

Clear off your desk. Put everything away. Turn off your cell phone. Turn off automatic e-mail checking if you currently have it turned on.

If you created your own development plan for 2007, take that out and skim through it. But you won?t necessarily need it to do this self-review.

Write the following 7 questions down at the top of a sheet of paper, or copy them to a document, and answer them in order.

1. What was my most significant achievement this year? (In writing your response, include why it happened, who was involved, and why this was your most significant accomplishment. Did it support a major value? Achieve a top goal? What made it stand out?)

2. What was my most significant disappointment this year? (Why did it happen, what was your role, who else was involved?)

3. What values did I live most prominently this year? (What core values do you think you successfully promoted through your own behavior?)

4. What values do I prize, but didn?t live up to? (Were there any values that you wanted to promote more through your behavior, but didn?t?)

5. Whose lives, through my behavior, did I improve this year and how did I improve them?

6. Were there any people who were hurt by my behavior this past year? How and why?

7. What one activity did I do regularly this year that had the greatest leverage on helping achieve growth? (Think in terms of your impact and influence throughout the organization, throughout your team, or your interactions with key internal/external stakeholders.)

When you?re done, you should have a thorough assessment of the past year. If you did the exercise correctly, you scanned your memory for many activities, events, meetings, conversations and more that make up the fabric of executive life. As well, you should have a sense of the value you provided to others and your entire organization, as well as some clues as to where you need to focus your attention in the year ahead.

In other words, you really looked at yourself. And captured in writing what you saw.

Save your answers. During our January (yet to be scheduled) meeting of the New Iowa Entrepreneurs Center we?ll invite a guest who will speak about how to use the key take-aways from this self-review as you plan for the year ahead.

All the best of the holiday season to you and those you love.

I wish you great prosperity in 2008.


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