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Laughter Yoga is laughter with breathing exercises, and now is being incorporated into the business world all over the United States. Companies have reported better communication, increase in sales and productivity, better teamwork, decrease in illness and a reduction in employee turnover. Scientifically, your brain, when thinking positive is 31% more productive than at negative, neutral or stressed states.

We think it's just fun! Laughter Yoga in our personal lives is a great, memorable experience that connects us with others.

Laughter Yoga creates positive energy and improves communication between people. It helps create a more constructive work environment by increasing positive emotions, which help people develop emotional intelligence. Laughter Yoga can provide a great boost for long conferences by helping to increase the attention span, learning skills and concentration powers of its participants.

The playfulness of Laughter Yoga stimulates the right brain activity which hosts a person’s creativity. New ideas and insights about problems in the workplace, or new ideas and innovation can be produced through Laughter Yoga.

At work, performance on tasks normally depends upon the employee’s mood. Laughter Yoga has the power to change the mood state within minutes. This happens when neuropeptides called endorphins are released from the brain. When this happens, emery levels become boosted and performance is increased.

In addition to helping in the work environment, Laughter Yoga helps release stress. It is less time consuming and is an exercise routine which reduces all areas of stress: physical, mental and emotional.

It’s proven that stress levels are higher today than ever before in history. This causes high tension and burnouts in the workplace. Even the most highly talented and skilled employees have problems performing well if they are stressed.

Since business people are very busy and have no time to exercise, Laughter Yoga is perfect because it brings physical, mental and social well-being in the shortest period of time. Ten minutes of Laughter Yoga is equal to thirty minutes on the rowing machine. Laughter Yoga stimulates heart rate, increases blood circulation, supplies oxygen and removes waste products. In addition to this, it helps lift depression and reduces blood pressure.

Laughter Yoga is fun and easy. There are no skills or postures to learn. No special equipment required, and you can feel the difference after your very first session.

Laughter Yoga is also offered for groups outside of the workplace too (http://http://onelead...). Please ask us about Laughter Yoga for at your site.

So come on, join us today!

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