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CODEX Alimentarius and your Representatives

Columbia, SC
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Greetings, all.

After last night's reference to CODEX Alimentarius at the Sunday potluck, I feel compelled to share with you two letters that, I believe, sum up the prevailing attitude in Congress about CODEX - which is blissful ignorance of the subject at hand.

On January 16th of this year, I wrote Congressman Ander Crenshaw (Rep.) who represents my district in the lovely city of Jacksonville. I decided to ask him some very simple, yet important questions about where he stands on health freedom and the CODEX Alimentarius guidelines that will effectively thwart this health freedom of ours. The letter can be found here, on our files page.

I received a response from Congressman Crenshaw on February 8th of this year, just before I was getting ready to move out of my apartment. I cannot say that I was completely angry with his response, since he did state his support for health freedom. However, for all of the chances I gave him in my letter to to say something to denounce CODEX, he did not take the opportunity to do so. Because he did not denounce CODEX, I am of the opinion that he is unaware of it, and perhaps might even have no desire to enlighten himself on the matter (ever the cynic that I am).

An interesting read is his response to my letter which can be found here, also on our files page.

Has hope withered on the vine? Do we have little recourse when only one Congressman (ie- Ron Paul) has even taken the time to vehemently denounce health slavery, extended food regulations, getting rid of organic standards, a poisonous food supply, and even potential licensing for growing food in your own backyard? (all part of the CODEX plan). When local Department of Health do-gooders visit Douglas Farms in St. Augustine, and tell them they cannot sell sprouts to Blue Planet without bleaching them first ... may I ask if these guidelines are hitting a little too close to home now?

I only ask these questions because I feel that they are important. And, I encourage everyone else to begin asking questions to those Representatives like Ander Crenshaw (and many others), as I have decided to construct a detailed response to send to his dopey response letter to me above. Please, everyone, consider those who represent you, even if you do not/did not vote for them. If it is estimated that 1 letter to a Congressman can represent 17,000 voters, then it is simply a "numbers game" by how many letters we send to generate that voltage needed to wake these invalids up.

Find your Congressional Representative by zip-code

Meet your Congressional Senators

Find Your State Representative in Tallahassee by zip-code

And, of course, your State Senators in Tallahassee by zip code

More to come in the future.

Columbia, SC
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And the future hath arrived!! :-)

Here is a very strong introduction (Dr. Rima Laibow, Natural Solutions Foundation) to the background of CODEX, right up until her potential explanation of the role of the World Trade Organization (very important facet of CODEX, especially with their ability to set up "world courts" to rule on "trade disagreements")

I will call this Part 1:


Columbia, SC
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Dr. Laibow demonstrates how CODEX has defined nutrients as "toxins", and must put on its Superman cape and save the world from overdosing on "nutrients" (wtf?)

Dr. Laibow also refers to "DSHEA", the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (passed in 1994) which prevents items like CODEX from being implemented here in the U.S., though there are many in Congress looking to shoot holes through this if they can (for reference, the text to DSHEA can be found here: http://www.fda.gov/op...­)

I will call this Part 2:



p.s. - a question to ponder:

With regards to law (common law or legislative law), what is the difference between these two statements?:

"what is not written is permitted" versus "what is not written is forbidden"

Our answers (and potentially asking this question to others) may hold the key to this CODEX issue.
Cindi T.
Satsuma, FL
Post #: 30
Ian, this is such scary stuff. I just want to forget about it and hope that it will go away. It isn't, is it?
Columbia, SC
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Cindi, your question actually deserves two answers, so I will break it up into such. As for the first answer, it is in times like these I would like to quote (paraphrase, actually) the infamous Tom Robbins:

"It is those who gave up on magic and spirituality that instead decided to put their faith in government and big business"

As scary as this is, much of these problems are far beyond "16,000 page CODEX documents" and "food code mandates", and really can be summed up by a few sentences/paragraphs:

Society at large has lost touch with the notion that individuals should be the foremost agent in all active decision-making when dealing with their private lives. The further away from the individuals that these decisions are made, the less freedom is at hand for the individual, and likewise, the less ability there is for the individual to become a proponent of change socially, economically, and politically.

As an example: if the CODEX guidelines were a municipal/city government issue, and let's say Jacksonville approved them, then the logical choice would be to move to another city that didn't have such oppressive laws. This may seem like a drastic move, but the mere possibility acts as a "check". If CODEX is removed from the local level and instead left to the States to decide, well, then we would have to deal with Tallahassee, and our "check" would be to move out of state. If CODEX is instead a federal issue in Washington D.C., then what would our options be? Move out of the country? Very few people are prepared to make such a move.

The current CODEX plan is neither of above scenarios, but instead akin to a "world government" based in Geneva Switzerland. If this goes into place, what are our options? Are there any planets worth moving to?

When decisions were removed from the individual to the city, from the city to the state, from the state to the feds, and from the feds to some faceless "world government" - at each step of the way the individual lost control over something as sacred as deciding what food to place into their mouths and the mouths of their children (ie- instead of "CODEX", substitute "all political decisions" far and wide, and you will witness the same loss of freedom).

I can dream that current day Americans would begin asking very pointed questions about where such authority of government comes from, and even if we need the notion of government ("world government", I would even venture to say, is an extremely bad joke that should not be considered, at any time, ever. Out own feds have proved uselessness on a grand scale many times over as well). CODEX simply gives those who argue against the existence of government another blatant reason to perpetually do so.

tbc ...
Columbia, SC
Post #: 221
Part II

Once the philosophical framework of individual autonomy is entrenched, it is then on to more practical matters, which is society structure and actually, what I call, "playing by the rules". Society can be broken up into these components, in order of importance:

1 - people
2 - Constitution
3 - Government
4 - bureaucracy (FDA, USDA, etc.)

Without "people", communities and cities would cease to exist. As such, contracts are prepared to protect society's most valuable asset: the people who live there. Here is what our own Florida Constitution says about our ability to live freely:

"Every natural citizen has the right to be free from governmental interference into the person's private life" (FL Constitution, Article I, Section 23)

Call me crazy, but that seems pretty clear to me. The tricky part is getting our elected representatives to abide by it when they take oaths swearing to uphold and defend this very Constitution. Looking even further at what our own government laws state (notice that government is below the Constitution, meaning that it must adhere to Constitutional restrictions)

“No provision of any of the Uruguay Round Agreements (international trade agreements), nor the application of any such provision to any person or circumstance, that is inconsistent with any law of the United States shall have any effect.” (19 U.S.C., section 3512-a-1)

Once again, domestic standards of each country are paramount (not subservient) to international standards and guidelines. How should the FDA, the "bottom-rung" of our little chart above, behave and play with all of the other children? Probably by this:

"Recognizing the considerable synergy between its domestic policy and its international policy priorities, FDA is sharpening and focusing its planning for enhanced alignment of FDA and international standards."(FDA Register, October 11, 1995 (Volume 60, Number 196, p. 53077-53084)

oh and ...

"Where technical regulations are required and relevant international standards exist, WTO-member countries shall use them as a basis for their technical regulations"(same document)

So to get technical (which I sometimes do), it is apparently not the people, conferred by their own Constitution, who desire world-standards for food "regulation". Nor is it the policy of the government (whose laws are designed to protect individual private property) who desire this either.

Instead, it is the FDA who sees that it is a good idea to thwart U.S. and Constitutional Law to harmonize our statutes with other international bodies of law. All from an entity barely 100 years old. I often wonder how humankind even made it to the year 1907 without a body to regulate food. It's as if we, as a species, came crawing into the 1900's, sick and feeble, thankful someone could "save" us by telling us what to do, what to eat, what constitutes a "food" substance and a "drug" substance.

So yes, my long-winded story paints the FDA as a group of regulatory scumbags (and well, they are) but I also believe it is our representatives to blame as well, who have allowed the FDA to inflate past the point of bursting without doing the true patriotic move, which is to reduce their funding to rope in the ridiculous power they wield.

And what do they ask of us, as citizens? Nothing much ... except our silent and obedient consent. Oh, yes, and our vote too ..... we can't forget that :-)

Ian (always the cynic)

Columbia, SC
Post #: 222
And yes, I have to quote him yet again, because his words ring so true, it's quite scary ;-)


Natural Solutions Foundation: do you support a division of the FDA into two separate agencies?

Ron Paul: No, I favor reducing the power of the FDA, not "rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic" by dividing the FDA bureaucracy.

Natural Solutions Foundation: If elected, what steps do you pledge to take to end these harmonization activities of the FDA, USDA, FTC and EPA?

Ron Paul: "I will seek to stop U.S. participation in the CODEX process and make it clear to the United Nations and the World Trade Organization that my administration will not change one comma in American law to make any of the bureaucrats at CODEX happy."
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