Skeptics: Special Guest Speaker Tonight, Sat. 23 coming so far!

From: cole m.
Sent on: Saturday, May 12, 2012 7:02 AM

I know a lot of members don't read my emails, PLEASE read all of this.  23 members are coming so far!

"Out of the Void" an Autobiography by KC Known Vern Barnet this coming Saturday, May 12, 7pm at perkins.  

Lets show our thanks for a fair man.  I would like to encourage members to RSVP for Vern Barnet this coming Sat.  It is very difficult to get people to report what we are doing in KC.  PLUS: He has some questions for us this night to get to know us better!  I don't know that this is a possibility, but I'm hoping for another article about our groups.

Vern has stood behind the atheist community long before I became active with our groups.  In his 900 plus columns in the KC Star Vern has always shown the nonreligious in a fair and positive light. He recently helped with Ask an Atheist/ Ask a Christian project by writing a promotion article and it helped greatly.  He is also writing a follow up story on the event. This, and other reasons, is why I'm asking people to attend this event about his life to show our thanks! 

Vern founded the KC Interfaith Council.  Since 1984 an atheist has never been allowed on the council.  The first time Vern and I met over two years ago he asked me to help change this.  It took about 8 months but I was able to change the bylaws to include an atheist with the help of Vern and a Unitarian Minister. 

If Vern doesn't hear from me for a few months he contacts me so we can schedule a meeting to catch up.  During these meetings he always enjoys what we are up to in the groups.  I believe this influences some of his writings. 

I know Vern and I will work on future projects together, so PLEASE HELP show our SUPPORT in his efforts to SHOW we atheists/nonreligious as good and productive people.

RSVP here and learn more about our friend Vern:

Cole Morgan  [masked]

"Out of the Void" an Autobiography by Vern Barnet this coming Saturday, May 12, 7pm at perkins.  

To RSVP go to:

How did a fanatically fundamentalist boy become a militant atheist in his youth, develop a love of both mythology and science, write the longest dissertation in his theological school's history (on the Buddhist theme of the Void), pursue a career in the ministry, found the Kansas City Interfaith Council, and develop a post-modern perspective that embraces both Christianity and all species of atheism? Vern Barnet sketches his spiritual development and invites others to consider their own.
In addition to over 900 Kansas City Star columns, his articles, poems, and reviews have appeared in publications such as The National Catholic Reporter, The Journal of the Liberal Ministry, and The Chicago Literary Review. He edited Worship Reader: An Anthology of Liberal Religious Worship Theory from Von Ogden Vogt (1921) to the Commission on Common Worship (1980) (Congregation of Abraxas, 1980). He served six years on the editorial board of Unity Magazine. His book of sonnets, Love Without Desire (Moose Magic Press), appeared in 1992. From 2005 through 2008, he wrote a monthly column for Camp, a Kansas City gay newspaper,
Cole Morgan [address removed]  [masked]

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