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Around West Point KY

Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 544
....as to being on large water/rivers..and racing and stuff.
This is a pretty interesting crowd.
Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 559
Oh my...have not hit the Ohio as hard lately as did today.:)
I'm so grateful for living near it.
Stuck by the bank going upstream and then down.
Cranked it pretty hard upstream and met some folks on the bank cooking out and had some brats and a few brews...and then stuck very close to the bank when coming back.
Was very careful about being on the cold assed Ohio on a beautiful relatively warm day.
Someone in our crowd posted a safety thing about the need to be aware (beware), of warm days and cold water...some time ago, and they were spot on.
This time of year, and after some rough lessons..:)... I do not paddle without a plan for getting quickly to shore, warm, dry, etc.
Hope others will heed. :)

Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 560
Mud, mud, mud everywhere.

Put in today at the sorta ramp...slipping and sliding a little.
Thank goodness for the knee high nrs boots that I have, (bought a day after buying the less costly little short ones which were cheaper and seemed to be precisely 1/2 inch less tall than the depth of the water that John and Jason had me fording through some time ago). :)
Got everything down to the water. Planted butt in the boat. Swirled feet around in the water and rubbed off the big clots of mud.
Did a serious workout paddle...and then went up the Salt River for a bit.

Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 572
West Point report


Been paddling a bit down around here for the last 9 months. :)

There has been a change in local water access status.

The old boat ramp just up the Salt which was kinda run by the City of West Point where one could kinda pay or not to the $3 donation launching box has a new landlord. The fellow that oversaw that and lived there previously had health issues and passed. He was a nice fellow .

New broom has come to the boat ramp...Name is Joe. Looks like he is putting some serious effort forth towards making that a nice place to camp/fish/launch.

What caught my attention was the offering of campsites and firewood for a what seemed a fair price..Might offer a good time for folks to come out and hit the Salt/Pond Creek/Ohio and have a nice place to come back to and camp.

I've found WP a great place to paddle...
Find 4th St in West Point and go straight for the River.

Find the little turn around (end of 4th St) and park and carry your stuff down the bank for free if you don't mind humping the boat down a ways

This put in is about 100 m downstream of where the Salt meets the Ohio.


Jim K
user 9599326
Louisville, KY
Post #: 573


Whew! Am one smoked muldoon.

Had the occasion to do today what have wanted to do for a little bit.

Get in the water with a couple young hard core wannabee paddlers....and flip...rescue...t-rescue...self rescue...swim the darned thing to shore rescue. They ate it up. We did this not too far off of the Ohio's bank and I would not have any part of this unless they were squared away with their training to date.

What have I done?...:))...now they want to schedule the next outing.

Would not believe how much time I spent in the water, demonstrating...getting rescued...and repeating it all again. I would and will do it again in a heartbeat.

We spent a lot of time also talking about how to not only screw up on the water...but also how to do it on the Ohio too.

Shut it ....some of you...:) no helicopters....and we talked about that too...:)

Great day with some fine folks.....am signing off to go hang out for a little bit at one of the several campfires happening in this area.

...and I'm so grateful for the folks that have helped me learn to paddle and are present on this site.

JimK...waterlogged training dummy :) and perpetual student

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