Course datasets

Downloading the dataset

The airline delay dataset can be found here. The site is slow, please use this link for faster download.
You can also use the enriched dataset provided by Raj

Preparing the dataset for R

Take a look at a data sample

Before we start running a big RHadoop task let's copy some data on a csv file:
bzcat 2004.csv.bz2 | head -1000 > 2004-1000.csv

Loading the data on HDFS
first make few directories directory
hadoop fs -mkdir /user/cloudera
hadoop fs -mkdir asa-airline
hadoop fs -mkdir asa-airline/data
hadoop fs -mkdir asa-airline/out
Now load the data
hadoop fs -put 2004-1000.csv asa-airline/data/

if you want to move all the data unzip them and put then in the asa-airline/data/ directory

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Introduction to k-means December 5, 2012 11:09 PM nikolaos v.
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