Group Policies

We’re a fun family of active lesbian professionals that do not require a bunch of rules. However, the following help manage expectations and keep us all on the same page:

1. Lesbian ONLY. Only individuals that identify as gay or lesbian. Anyone not identified as gay or lesbian will be removed (with prejudice).

2. Professionals ONLY. One needn’t be a doctor, lawyer, architect, or have an advanced degree (or any degree). Retired and unemployed professionals are still professionals and are welcome. Managers, directors, business owners, secretaries, thespians, artists, professional dancers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, digerati. We're a mixed bag of many different levels and types of professionals.

Professional is somewhat subjective but we use the following definition as a guide:

1. a person who belongs to one of the professions; one of the learned professions.
2. a person who is expert at his or her work.

3. No photos. Taking photos of members is prohibited. Many members are camera shy and leery of having their digital image blasted onto the Internet. Only the group organizer, assistant organizers and the pre-approved Photographer will take photos and will post them only to our group website. Anyone wanting their photo(s) removed should email the group organizer.

4. Three month rule : any member that does not attend a meetup within their first three months of joining LPSG may be removed from the group (without prejudice).

5. Six month rule #1: any member that has not attended a Meetup for a period of six months may be removed from the group (without prejudice).

6. Six month rule #2: any member with a non-working email will be removed from the group (without prejudice) and from Meetup if the member doesn't log in to the Meetup website for six months after having trouble emailing them.

7. No cyber-trolling. This isn’t a dating service or a hookup group or a place to use this site to create sub-meetups for private use. We are building an open and positive LPSG community here. Please respect that. As long as it's not a meetup event for a separate group, or an event for self promotion or private gain, feel free to utilize the message board "Invite" thread. Do not advertise separate community events on our meetup event pages. Do not troll through the member profiles emailing and posting greetings with dating or hookup intentions. Please consult Craigslist for these services. Any member found to be cyber-trolling, member collecting, etc., will be removed from the group (with prejudice). This is not meant to discourage our members from using our site to communicate - we encourage all members to stay in touch and to get to know each other using our website as a tool.

8. Always RSVP. Even if your RSVP is NO. A Yes RSVP is great, but a NO is okay too. And REMEMBER, a RSVP is a social commitment. Your hosts and organizers go to great lengths and often personal expense to make these events fun and enjoyable. It is also important that we accurately forecast attendance with our host venues. If you are unable to show up, please update your RSVP a minimum of six hours before the start time of the event. RSVPing also keeps you from receiving ALL of the reminder emails for an event… so RSVP early. Chronic no showers will be removed from the group (with prejudice).

9. Crazy aunt rule. Ours is a family and like all families we have many different shapes, sizes, personalities, interests, etc. All of us get along better with some than we do with others – that’s natural. What’s required is that everyone be respectful, even when you believe the person to your right reminds you of your crazy aunt. Trouble makers and drama queens will be removed from the group (with prejudice).

10. Group harmony. If a member proves to be harmful to group harmony, disrespectful, hurtful, threatening, or contrary, they will be removed from the group (with prejudice).

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