Some Good Books on the Subject

Here is some books that come highly rated. I haven't read all of them yet, but I do have read some of them (in Kindle format) and would totally let you borrow one (if you happen to have a e-reader).

Self-Improvement (popular writing)
• Wiseman, 59 Seconds (2009)
• Steel, The Procrastination Equation (2010)
• Halvorson, Succeed (2011)
• Dixit & Nalebuff, The Art of Strategy (2010)
• Burns, Feeling Good (1999)

Social Groups and Social Effectiveness
(popular writing)

• Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence
People (1936)
• Goman, The Nonverbal Advantage (2008)
• Ferrazzi & Raz, Never Eat Alone (2005)
• Petz, Guide to a Successful Meetup Group &
Meetup Events (2011)

Rationality (popular writing)
Yudkowsky, The Sequences (2006-2009)
• Muehlhauser, The Cognitive Science of
Rationality (2011)
• Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow (2011)
• Stanovich, What Intelligence Tests Miss (2010)
• Ariely, Predictably Irrational (2008)

Self-Improvement (academic writing)
• Weiten et al. (eds.), Psychology Applied to
Modern Life, 10th edition (2011)
• Roth & Fonagy, What Works for Whom?
2nd edition (2005)
• Lopez & Snyder (eds.), The Oxford Handbook
of Positive Psychology (2011)

Social Groups and Social Effectiveness
(academic writing)

• Myers, Social Psychology, 10th edition (2009)
• Sprecher et al. (eds.), Handbook of Relationship
Initation (2008)
• Miller, Intimate Relationships, 6th edition
• Fiske & Macrae, SAGE Handbook of Social
Cognition (2012)

Rationality (academic writing)
• Stanovich, Rationality and the Reflective Mind
• Baron, Thinking and Deciding, 4th edition
• Hastie & Dawes, Rational Choice in an
Uncertain World, 2nd edition (2009)
• Bazerman & Moore, Judgment in Managerial
Decision Making, 7th edition (2008)
• Holyoak & Morrison (eds.), The Oxford
Handbook of Thinking and Reasoning (2012)

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