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The Greatest Fallacy

From: William E. G.
Sent on: Saturday, May 18, 2013 4:27 PM
The Greatest Fallacies Ever Perpetrated on the American Citizens!
Is it not interesting that the word fallacy does not include outright lies?  Misconception; myth; error; mistake; delusion; misjudgment; canard; misleading notion are all accepted—yet the actually in the political arena that would cover them all is outright lies.
Attempting to watch the testimony of the IRS at the congressional hearing—I only lasted through the opening façade; glad to be here, thank you, and ‘all of the other (BS)’ that is American politics today. Instead of the reality—this nation is going downhill exponentially and what are we going to do about it?
My problem, we are having a hearing; I’ll begin it with lies, and we’ll work downward from there!
What is the reason? This was as insane as asking the bureau of budget for an accounting statement as all of their data is based on the results of a Ouija board séance; or from the random number generator in the statistical evaluation of a computer program, such as Excel.
I always find it interesting that congress has no problem dealing with lies as the foundations of everything they do. Unless one considers that they usually live in a world of lies, so the identification of a lie from their perception of reality may be impossible.
It made me start thinking of all the other fallacies, the designed lies, that have been sold to Americans and for that matter all of mankind in general.
History is fraught with examples; take Moses for instance. Follow me, I know the way, and after all we can always find a gas station! Well 40 years is a hell of a long time to be lost; I don’t care who you are. How about the wonder of Joseph, come on brothers follow me to Egypt, the land of milk and honey. While in the small print, we’ll tax the hell out of you, and when you need help from the government, we’ll charge you for everything. When you’re broke don’t worry, you can become a slave and sell yourself into bondage—ah the wonder of communism.
American is no exception. A people from England that had experienced a reformation of political and religious upheaval for 600 years come to this continent, they have colonial—self-rule—for 200 years with no problem. Then declare independence with an Articles of Confederation of the 13 united ‘STATES of AMERICA’ retaining states sovereignty and restricting centralized government—the most wondrous form of government every designed by man are hoodwinked to accept the idea of ‘enumerated’ government…sort of like an ‘intelligent Democ‘RAT’…impossible as government is totalitarian by its very definition.
So the way, the first fallacy of a sales job in this nation—the Federalist Papers…this won’t hurt a bit, don’t you trust your government; after all it’s just the people—was perpetrated on the American People.
The result of course, centralized government, and once you have centralized government the government controls the people, not the people controlling government.
It is utterly amazing that the design of Antonio Gramsci, to destroy the Christian heritage of this nation is so advanced by the actions of the very government of this nation. How in the world, the ignorant in this nation—based on racism and racism only…elected one because of the color of his skin…not any ability, as he none to begin—and as he has shown—has not gained any since.
That is, unless of course we call the nihilism of this nation—by these cultural communist actions—as something positive. 
The list keeps growing larger and larger as you just sit back; and view history of the world, and specifically this nation—not by any deep research—but from a casual journey of the mind reviewing what every American should know.
One of the most interesting dichotomies in our history is Thomas Jefferson. How interesting that a man, who wrote such philosophical political analysis of both the Virginia constitution, and later the American constitution, was himself the instigator of two things that will always be deal breaker for many. First, the insanity of understanding that government must be accountable; then coming up with the way that our government by application would not be accountable…the political parties. Entities that exist without any way for the public—the citizens—can control their actions, except their choice of personal pocketbooks. Even this has been circumvented and disregarded by the very actions of government legislation; ‘theft’ in subsidies, government spending, and the millions of forms of…let’s call it by its true identifier, graft…of spending the ‘largess’ of the public treasury to buy ‘votes.’
Jefferson then while president we overlook the absolute disregard of the ‘constitutional’ design of this nation—by the ‘Louisiana Purchase’—that we in this nation accept with the same ideology of the communist…the end justified the ‘means.’ Content it expanded this nation. While we never stop to think, putting the observation of ‘truth’ to the equation. Accepting it was done without any justification existing in our nation’s design.
Taxation itself is another fallacy of this nation that has also not been dealt with; and if it would have, we can only wonder if we’d be so immersed in immeasurable debt we today have.
This is truly strange, as what we should know of our history, all Americans, is that from the first meeting of representative from those 13 states United—was to address the taxation of Britain on the ‘stamp act.’ In fact the first meeting before even what we called the first congressional congress, was identified as the ‘stamp act congress.’ Thus this magnified the identification of taxation, the theft by government, through taxation from the people. 
The next fallacy of immeasurable understanding that if you can’t see taxes directly, then it is alright. Was this not the same as the ‘stamp act’ that was so repulsive? Then why when the constitutional government of the ‘ratified’ states placed tariffs and excise taxes was there not an outcry—nor was there even the acknowledgement that it would separate those states into those who paid, and those who by government protection benefited. Why did this not create a separation of those united—states—at this very moment in our history?
No we lived in another fallacy, that fallacy of—let’s compromise—so while this taxation problem had South Carolina in the early 1800’s threatening succession; we used the political cesspool of congressional ‘compromising,’ the act of ‘pushing the problem under the rug’ until it grew to such proportions it led to this nation’s greatest calamity; the ‘war between the ‘STATES.’
Everyone should know what happened next; Lincoln—if not the worst, close to the worst president—this nation ever had; ran on a platform of ‘I will collect the taxes.’ We all know what happened next.
Sadder yet was the absolute fallacy of the ‘dictator, the tyrant actions of Lincoln, to unilaterally make such ideological conclusions—‘preserve the union at all cost.’ What insanity, our government’s design was to protect the rights, ‘natural rights’ of the individual above all others. Now killing people to insure they kowtowing to the federal government have never quite been clear to me. How that preserves individual right, among them identified in our very ‘Declaration of Independence’ life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is accomplished by ending that very natural right of ‘life’ from our creator, by military action of destruction. This is more than my limited capacity of comprehension can understand. I can only see this absolute misuse of government power, by aggression, as an example of a tragedy greater than any Shakespearian melodrama.
Sadly the ‘war between the states’ led to some of the greatest fallacies this nation has ever experienced; the idea that swearing allegiance to the federal government, not to the same constitution that is our design—which led to untold misery and destruction, tragedy unparalleled in human existence.
Today our nation has the same continuance of fallacy after fallacy perpetuated by the greatest perpetuator of lies ever known to mankind; the ‘United States’ federal government.
It is a strange epitaph of history that we can do through it finding fallacy, compounded on fallacy. Each and every one another that is just nothing but what can be confirmed by the simple observation of identifying our problems in this nation; can all be traced to not philosophical ideals, or principles of this nation; but the exact opposite.
They stand out in absolute horror when we list them. Lincoln’s state capitalism; Woodrow Wilson ideology of taking that wedge of our nation’s destruction started by Lincoln, and then pushing it in harder, expanding the crack—leading to the very scenario we are now experiencing.
Think of how the progressive period of the advancement of communism, centralized government was enlarged beyond comparison to any other period in our nation’s history. Destruction even greater than the nihilism of our current situation; for Wilson changed the very fundamental foundations of this nation—with the greatest insanity…except electing our current president…that this nation has ever done. Why people in this nation don’t realize that the passing of the 17th amendment was the absolute death knoll of this nation is beyond me. Think of it, the very principle of enumerated government is based on—the preservation of the ‘many states’ United as this nation. When the states were given the power to elect by their own political position those who would be that conscience to preserve that power—the Senate of this nation. While today we have no conscience in government, we have two houses—one the regular house—and the other the super house, what used to be the senate, now acting as another congress, not the conscience of this nation.
What are the results? Today we have government without any fiscal or monetary policy; for who is there today to stand and in opposition and say—no this is wrong! Where is the voice that says, no we are not the nation of what our actions of this nation are today—we are, or were a nation based on principles that have long ago disappeared from our society. There are none who stand as Socrates, demanding that ‘truth’ as his God told him—Socrates' ideals—should be the measurement of all the actions of this nation and its principles, beliefs, and philosophical philosophy, not this absolutely ridiculous dangerous cancerous choice of ‘relativism’ of some observation today is our design.
Who cannot check off the errors one by one? Their first action we’d easily identify is the creation of the Federal Reserve, where the government by a singular action abdicated their responsibility for preserving the value of wealth of all Americans. Passing the responsibility off, while at the same time opening up the Pandora’s Box of not only monetary destruction, but a complete abdication of fiscal policy, changing our government from enumerated to a totalitarian sovereignty of immeasurable proportions. Where today the debts of this nation’s obligations are insurmountable, and no one is even considering this fact.
The fantasy of fallacies is a continuum. Think of a nation based on ‘equality’ of all men…as our Declaration Declared; all men are created equal…have watched this nation’s political legislation create legislation the inverse of this very premise. We know this legislation as ‘Civil Rights’ which is the greatest fallacy of all; for how can any legislation of laws, based on ‘RACISM’ be called creating equality of all. This is beyond the rationalization of anyone who engages reason.
This of course led to another fallacy that should have been identifiable from the very beginning. While the Republican Party had advanced the concept of equality, making the system of what is the wonder of this nation work; the Democrats used a different ideology. In their world, power, the control of government, this behemoth monstrosity created by ignoring our own enumerated restrictions as the very tool to advance the ideology of centralized government—the same as the dementia of communism. So they used the greatest tool, ignoring reason, and advancing the greatest fallacy of irrational proportion on this nation—what we call civil rights legislation. While they also at the same time, expanded their design destroying other aspects of this wondrous American nation; changing immigration policy to not preserve this nation—but to advance the ideology of separation; the cultural hegemony of the ideology to destroy this nation. The simple designs of Sun Tzu, known throughout time immemorial, divide and conquer.
Who can understand the fallacy of the ‘War on Poverty?’ Think, for just a sextillionth of a second and what is the answer to correct poverty? There anyone who uses reason that cannot answer this. Is it not simple, a productive job, producing something someone else would buy—and by that effort becoming one of the majority of this nation, who work daily, and provide these goods and services that are our wonder.
Their answer, a true fallacy; to give to those for political consideration—from the largess of the government treasury—to preserve that ‘beholding’ to their political party. Think of that, rejecting that which is preserving you endowed rights, to accept that which is the communist design of government; could there be a greater fallacy?
Here is where the fallacy of centralized government becomes self-evident. In the world of reality, not fallacy, when one makes a mistake; the logical reaction is to; correct that mistake. Who in rational thought would not agree?
Yet what did the Republican Party when regaining power, did they correct the problem? No it was the farthest thing from their mind. For you see, they also began to believe the fallacy that it was preserving their political power in controlling government that was more important than preserving the philosophical ideals of this marvelous nation.
The result, the Republicans created an even greater fallacy; the legislation of using government dictate—through legislation—to compound the error of civil rights. Their design was, ‘Affirmative Action.’ I’ve never read a more direct or concise explanation of this travesty than of the American…by choice…of 80 year old Donald Kagan who is retiring from Yale. When younger he had been directed to create an Affirmative Action program by the college president to comply with the insanity of Richard Nixon’s presidency. His answer is classic; ‘You’re a liar and I’m not, but I believe this order is illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional and I will not carry it out!” Oh if only we’d had senators representing the state, voting for this nation, instead of their political party’s position.
That’s the fallacy of political parties, they forget that it is this nation our representation is designed to protect, not their political party or their own political position of power.
It is not the advancement, this doubling down that we wish from our political parties, it is the compliance, the preservation of this nations wonder.
These fallacies still persist to this day. Think of the president telling student to go into government, without having even the slightest concept that government is an expense—a drawback, a loadstone of taking from the productive in society, to feed those who provide nothing to that society—this is a retardation, not an advancement.
We look at the problem we have with unemployment and take the fallacy of government assistance, not the realty of job creation.
We see the actions of immigration; we must have immigration reform, without even beginning at the problem, the causation of the problem—that we have no immigration policy, and that with a nation of altruism of government social program, and no concept of ‘PRESERVING’ this nation’s demographics of culture who we are—we really need reform? Or is it reality we need not this fallacy of we are the United Nations of world culture, but the bastion of liberty, and freedom the world so desperately needs?
Another fallacy is this nation’s acceptance of an ideology that has flunked the litmus test of rational mankind since the beginning of time. The fallacy that islam is a religion, and not just an extension of theocracy governance of some nations. Allowing this invasion of foreign ideologies into this nation, under the guise of religion they’ve never achieved. It is a fallacy, one who studied nations and theologies, ideologies, and dementia as Alexis de Tocqueville told us, who was also enamored with the great American experiment, said this of the dementia of islam; ‘I studied the Quran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. As far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the muslim world and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion more to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.’
An Algerian historian, André Servier in French Algeria at the beginning of the 20th century made the most eloquent observation of islam I’ve ever read: ‘Islam was not a torch, as has been claimed, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use of a barbarous people, it was - and it remains - incapable of adapting itself to civilization. Wherever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse towards progress and checked the evolution of society.’
Though this fallacy is not something new; in the reformation of England, in the struggle of ‘evaluating’ what is and is not a religion, from the 10th to 16th century concluded this simple litmus test of identification: "so long as, that was, they themselves also practiced peaceful ways." Islam failed that test then, and still fails the same criteria today.
One can go on and on, there are so many fallacies that this government and this nation have accepted—none of which are our design.
We forget the simple truth; this nation is the product of the matriculation of the ‘Western Canon’ the 6000 years of man struggle to advance the ideals of civilization, and the liberty of mankind.
This wasn’t some magical task; where man lived under some fallacy that ‘we are who we have been waiting for!’ This was hard work, many mistakes, mistakes after mistakes, corrections after corrections, each incremental step advancing mankind toward a future of possible wonder.
It is this nation, this absolute miracle of America that is that wonder, that miracle. That design of our genesis is that culmination of that long journey achieving that point in history when man—attempted to control the danger of government, and attempt this, our nation, the greatest experiment ever of mankind. That unbelievable wonder of can man, in his own decision, govern themselves.
We are the only nation that has attempted such a journey. The only one that has ever made a design to attempt such, or even contemplate how it could be possible.
This journey is in danger; that danger is obvious.  We as a nation accept the fallacies of far too many instead of the objective reality of history and the mistakes of mankind.
We were created as a nation to reject the errors, and advance the successes. While presently we are reversing that trend. That is our mission; that is our task; we must follow the path of our beginnings, and as a child with correct upbringing, step forward to our rights as Americans for a greater tomorrow.
We desire not some gift from our government—for we are not idiots, knowing that government has nothing to give they have not stolen from society before. It is our destiny to once again control the destructive power of government; and return this nation’s path to the advancement of that illusive target of liberty and freedom for mankind!      
Dan Short
There is no greater ignorance advanced by man than this statement: "We do not talk about religion, politics, or money!"
No wonder Plato warned us; "he who has no interest in politics is condemned to be ruled by inferiors!"
Our present—mea maxima culpa—the greatest mistake, this nation has ever made; electing our current president is the perfect example!
NOTICE:  Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight and it can happen to ordinary Americans like you and me. You have no recourse nor protection save to vote against any incumbent endorsing such unlawful acts.

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