Extra meetup this month (midweek evening) as requested, plus July comp open for voting...

From: Georgi L.
Sent on: Monday, July 9, 2012 6:54 PM

Hi all, 1/ As requested, here's the extra midweek meetup this month as a trial run: Midweek meetup 2/ The July competition is now open for voting. (Just select 'MORE' from the top menu, and select 'POLLS"). Vote for the person with your favourite entry. Closes 14/7. Entries are below: Steve Lawlor:

"I'm just having a blood transfusion, do come in and have one too, it's no trouble at all".


"Happy christmas, would you like to join us pulling christmas crackers, and opening christmas presents".


"We are just sacraficing the last JW, would you like to take their place"?

Richard Francis:

Opening the door naked and welcoming them in?!!!

Adrian Rox

Pretend to have Tourettes Syndrome.

Barry Ryder

"Oh, hi! Thanks for popping round. I've just been disfellowshipped and...."


"My my. What pretty things you are. So gullible too. Mmmmmmm. Tell me, do you like standing naked in warm custard? Are you wearing your frillies really tight under your clothes? Are you feeling frisky too? All of my club members are coming around in a moment for a ... an 'adult' party, once they've found a suitable sacrifice of course. Are you virgins? They DO so much LOVE Jehovah's Witnesses though. Have you seen my tattoos? Would you like some? You DO party don't you? Such lithe, clean sanctimonious bodies. Mmmmmmmmmm. Oh DO come in. GEORGE! FETCH MY SILVER NIPPLE CLAMPS, PUT THE CUSTARD ON, GREASE UP THE CANDLE STICK AND GET THE NEW WHIP OILED WILL YOU? WE HAVE VISITORS! Please, please come on in..."

Derek Sewkumar

J.W. ..They ring-my -bell. " I open the door like a fool that I'am , Hi we are J.W's we are of the sheep of jesus-church. I reply I 'am mus-religion from the mosque of allah "We do death to infidels and all that kind of jazz too!
And the only sheep that I know of around here is from the halal-meat pakistani-butcher-shop! ..The J.W's but islam means peace. I reply back the only peace that I know is pieces of chop-up-halal-sheep-meat at discount prices . The J.W's do a usain bolt to my front gate. 


JW's: Hello we're here to spread the good n...
You (interrupting loudly and excitedly) ...DID YOU SEE, Did you SEE???
JW's (Eagerly looking round, confused) ..No, No...what... what was it???
You: So you didn't see ANYTHING? Hmmm - That's because you're not Jehovah's witnesses, you're Jehovah's GOSSIPS! (shut the door!)

Alex D

Greet JWs with a big smile and ‘dressed’ as Satan (maybe naked in red body paint?) - with horns & a goatee, and holding a pitchfork (with toast on?) 

(side note from Ginny - I think we should get Alex to actually film this being done if he wins ;-))


"Sorry, I'm not interested - I don't have a drug/alcohol addiction that I'm too weak to shift without swapping it for the crutch of religion instead."


"Sorry, I'm not interested - I'm already quite happy with my life." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hope to see many of you at the picnic on Sunday, and there are also updates about Alom Shaha's booklaunch on the LAAG site now. Cheers, Adrian, Martyn, Ginny

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