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U.S Treasury being sued for "In God we trust" on banknotes

Georgi L.
London, GB
Post #: 1,333
March 12, 2013

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, along with 19 other plaintiffs, is suing the U.S. Treasury for stamping "In God We Trust" on currency. Honorary FFRF board member Mike Newdow is acting as legal counsel in the suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Feb. 1.

The complaint alleges that the religious verbiage is proselytizing, discriminatory and a per se establishment of monotheism in violation of the Establishment Clause.

The complaint, a tour de force of historical research, unequivocally shows that there was a purely religious purpose and intent behind putting God on our coinage. Newdow quotes representatives who voted for the addition as seeking to use the money to proselytize around the world. Rep. Herman P. Eberharter (PA) said: "[T]he American dollar travels all over the world, into every country of the world, and frequently gets behind the Iron Curtain, and if it carries this message in that way I think it would be very good. I think that is one of the most compelling reasons why we should put it on our currency. ... the principles laid down by God and the teachings of our way of life should be kept alive in the hearts and minds of our friends enslaved behind the Iron Curtain."

Georgi L.
London, GB
Post #: 1,334
Just bumping this as Meetup had something wrong and posts aren't showing.

Don't suppose this will get anywhere, but just the fact that they've started the conversation is FANTASTIC isn't it? GAD is on the currency, and on the wall of every law court in the US gad we trust....I mean, REALLY???!!

Should be a good one to follow...
user 60360252
London, GB
Post #: 34
It’s outrageous. I heard it’s a relatively recent development – 1950s?? – in an attempt by some silly people running America wanting to distinguish themselves from the ‘godless’ Soviets. It’s obviously completely unacceptable in a country where state and religion are meant to be kept separate.

Also, you wouldn't have thought many religious people would be keen on having religious statements printed on money. Isn’t worldly ‘money’ the root of all evil and blah blah blah? I am an atheist and I wouldn’t want to be associated with the US dollar and/or money and all the baggage that that comes with that. Still, I guess it’s another way for them to flaunt their religion.
Group Organizer
London, GB
Post #: 482
It's also a post-puritanical way to marginalise people. We all know the sub-text, 50's America remember, is that it refers to the white (principally) protestant (but also) catholic god and you can only really be an associate member if you are from another religion (i.e. background/colour). On the other hand it's a way to also claim a majority over atheists (read communists), so in my view it's a targeted hate-phrase aimed first at atheists but then at 'lesser gods'. Basically a pecking order of ideology. There is an awful lot of polarisation in the States.
user 13818794
London, GB
Post #: 17
I have been delighted and promoting for some time that we have Darwin rather than God on one of our bank notes, long may it stay that way and great that some Americans are finally protesting.
Guildford, GB
Post #: 556
Such irony ...

In every US court is written: 'In God we trust'.
...and yet the courts rely on evidence.

Many in the NASA Apollo space program gave thanks to God that the astronauts returned safely from the trip to the moon - having not been fried by radiation from the Sun or killed by a micro-meteorite. They also gave thanks for God's beautiful Earth (neglecting God's hostile space).

The US currently also has a serious gun control problem. Many US citizens baulk at the idea of giving up their guns. A gun is a tool designed to make killing and/or maiming very efficient.

Oh the irony...
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