Right Rev. Richard...
Godalming, GB
Post #: 29
Notice how God has cleverly arranged it so that poor people usually die earlier than rich people because they can’t get the same medical attention. If you’re poor then He clearly wants you upstairs early. So it would seem that He needs more supporters like crazy and it also seems that health, intelligence and sanity aren’t factors in the afterlife either.

Praise The Lord!
Georgi L.
London, GB
Post #: 1,898
Wow rev, you've had a busy morning - did the lord kick you up the backside and tell you to save us heathens? It is very entertainingdevilish

Now, I'd like to ask you, what about monarchy? Why do they have the "divine right". We have Graham Smith from Republic, as our speaker in January - is he going to burn in hell too?
Right Rev. Richard...
Godalming, GB
Post #: 30
I cannot speak for Graham Smith, I can only pray for his soul along with the rest of you.
I also pray that the Good Lord doesn't actually answer my prayers because that would just confuse all the other voices in my head.

As for the monarchy, they do indeed have 'Divine Right'. The Good Lord set the precedent when he helped the Jews conquer the Canaanites with His Almighty Wrath. The Jews, not being completely stupid, saw what God could do and also took note that, in fact, the Canaanites weren't such a bad people but got squished anyway.

They then realised this is exactly what Kings can do, not on the same scale of course, but in their own way they can follow the example given by God Himself. So since then Kings have the "Divine Right" to squish anyone that upsets them. This includes land owners, people with too much money and the husbands of hot wives who would otherwise object to letting the King having his way with their wifely bits.

Of course, unlike God, Kings can get carried away and often tried to kill / conquer lesser Kings and their Kingdoms. I am sure that God foresaw this sport and this killing / pillaging / raping was all part of His Great Plan. He always sets us good examples to follow.

The notion of 'Divine Right' continues to this day. It's what the mafia and the drug cartels aspire to - and, with God's grace (and just like our royalty in days long past) with enough killing, rape and torture they too will enjoy the benefits of 'Divine Right'. And then I am sure that once they're established the Pope would be most interested in granting them special blessings and indulgences - for a suitable fee of course.

Praise The Lord!
Guildford, GB
Post #: 764
Begs the question - who started the first mafia? The Pope was selling protection (from God's wrath / the devil) long before the Italians took the business model private. A lucrative business model originally invented by the Jews. Who would believe that?
David S
Shepperton, GB
Post #: 170
Another thought - this triggered by the forthcoming remembrance ceremony at the cenotaph.

Religions are notoriously divisive and constantly prone to internal squabbling... until faced with the common enemy ... us!

It's rather quixotic that they preach immortality and are yet fearful of the mortality of their own belief systems.

user 8153883
London, GB
Post #: 5
go to bed
Georgi L.
London, GB
Post #: 2,134
go to bed
ROFL! Sandra, posted at 8:37am ....were you up partying all night, you minx?cool
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