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PATRIARCHAL attitudes & expectations lead to sexual abuse and male violence

Sue M
Group Organizer
London, GB
We will never get to the basis of cruely and violence and distorted attitudes towards women, children and sex - if we do not challenge the basic attitudes of the mass patriarchal political religions - Christianity and Islam.

Attitudes lead to Human Motivation and Behaviour - Good or Bad

Gang culture, Religions promote elitism - its sects and cults - promote tribalism, nationalism - conflict, conquest and atrocities, genocide & oppression.

The same old fallacies are repeated over and over again, and serious atheist discussion is still largely undeveloped. Confusion is encouraged because it generates more heat than light. That is what the media want.

These religions are political - they collude with oppressive regimes -  Divide and Rule -  this is why they are so strong,

Patriarchy is a male supremacist ideology, the superiority and dominance of men. It is base on the ownership of women and children by the men who are responsible for their upkeep.

The oppression and violence, towards women and children is based on the male supremacist attitudes taught by  the patriarchal religions  over centuries, Christianity and Islam. Religions have embedded their distorted attitudes to women and sexualty and shaped cultures.

It  is based on the ownership of women and children who are expected to be subservient and obedient. And deserve to be punished if they are not.
Sue M
Group Organizer
London, GB
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This reply was sent to me:

"Anyone who has lived in the Netherlands, and who has taken any interest in their culture, could not fail to be struck by the effect on interpersonal relationships of their thoroughgoing sex education programme: which our last government tried to introduce here, but which was blocked by the religious institutions in parliament. That ten and eleven year old girls don't understand what is the final the object of 'grooming', and are led like lambs to the slaughter, should be a matter of shame for our whole social conscience. 'Innocent' in this context equals 'ignorant': and martial-arts' training is no substitute for this lack of essential life knowledge.

This is no excuse for the beasts carrying out these heinous crimes; but it does indicate how the door is left wide open for them to operate. When that first contact is made with a girl, her only defence is her knowledge: her education.

Wilfred Gaunt"
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